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Welcome to Stone Bridge Club
Coronavirus update
Coronavirus update

In accordance with the latest Government advice, the Club will be CLOSED until further notice.


Last updated : 16th Mar 2020 22:22 GMT
Why not.... - Updated
Why not.... - Updated

Bored?  Sitting at home with nothing to do?  Why not have a go at Online Bridge?

You can sit at home in the comfort of your armchair and play bridge against real people; with your normal partner as well, if you wish.  There are a number of sites offering this facility, but probably the best 3 for UK players are: -

Bridge Base Online - a very large online club that is free to join.  You can play casual bridge for free, but tournaments are run on a pay to play principle. The EBU are organising a number of regular sessions through the week, but these will cost about £1.30 to play - no tea and biscuits though.  Go to the EBU site for more details. 

Bridge Club Live - they are much smaller, but hence probably slightly easier to try out.  If you are an EBU member they are/were offering 50 days full membership. If not, you can pay £1 for a month's trial membership and then about £8 per 3 months. They run knockout scratch and handicap tournaments through the year,

Funbridge - this was originally a learning site but now appears to have extended into competitive play, possibly against robots.

If you need help - most of the sites have good help pages, but if you are stuck, e-mail me and I will try and help.

For what it's worth, I've got accounts at the top two and regularly play on both.  Incidentally Stafford have created a Club section.

Both Bernard Magee (now £12 per month) and Andrew Robson (£8 - £12 a month) have created on-line videos for you to watch several times a week.

If you need any help or tips, please email me (see link above) and I will try and help.  If you are currently active on any of the sites and don't mind your Alias being published (to other members of the club, again please let me know).


Last updated : 25th Jun 2020 23:46 BST
More Online Bridge
From Des King @ Nantwich Bridge Club: -
As a fellow bridge enthusiast, and Officer/Tutor at my own local club, I thought I would contact you regarding what I and a group of other bridge enthusiasts have been doing in relation to our members and, also now, for members of our other local clubs mainly within the North West Region (from Poulton, Wigan, Bolton, Chorley, Preston to name just a few).
As a group of volunteers, we formed a NEW ONLINE BRIDGE CLUB known as the Friendly Online Bridge Club (FOBC).
In a nutshell we have come up with a way for our bridge playing members to continue to learn; play and enjoy their bridge 'online' in a nice & easy; relaxed & comfortable; relatively simple way; by utilising the modern technology that already exists. Basically, we are replicating everything that you would expect to find 'and a little more' down at our local clubs.
Although FOBC is now effectively 'up & running' our official launch date is not until 1st June. So far everything we currently do has been, FREE of CHARGE, and it will remain so for a little while longer yet.
The question is, would you and your club members and any other of your bridge playing associates be interested in merging and joining our group?
We do not intend to be an exclusive club and everything we do is 'transparent' and detailed on the clubs website (although not yet in the 'public domain') you can access the site via: searching online for bridgewebs; select ‘find clubs’; select ‘not specified’; now under this title scroll down and you will see the clubs name ‘Friendly Online Bridge Club’; select this and you will be directed to the website.
Last updated : 25th Jun 2020 23:38 BST

We offer the following attractions:

  • Stone Bridge Club is an active friendly club with membership of around 120.
  • We are currently not affiliated to the EBU as we disagreed with the pay-to-play proposal.
  • Duplicate bridge on Monday and Wednesday evenings (in your seats by 7.15 please, play commences by 7.20).
  • Additional no-fears and improvers sessions are held.  See the information page for current details.
  • Each session normally has 7 to 13 tables..
  • One large room with kitchen off is on the first floor accessible by stairs and chairlift.  A smaller room, generally used for competitions, is on the second floor accessible by stairs only.  Gents' toilets are on the ground floor with ladies' room and disabled toilet on the first floor.
  • Good (free) car parking facilities.
  • Cost per night - £3.00 each (money refunded if you win) - visitors £3.50.
  • Small membership charge of £10 per annum.
  • Tea, coffee or squash and biscuits provided free of charge during a short interval. 
  • Up to date large size tables with bidding boxes.
  • Real time scoring using new model  Bridgemates kindly funded by a donation from 
  • Fully random hands dealt using the Duplimate dealing machine.
  • Analysis of hands with optimum contracts available when session finished.
  • Computerised board and competition results available on this site within 24 hours.
  • Several trophies to play for throughout the winter and separately for the summer.
  • Men's, ladies' and mixed pairs competitions.
  • Participation in non EBU simultaneous pairs competitions.
  • Information available within the club about other bridge activities.
  • Library of bridge reference books available - free on loan.
  • Christmas party - fun supper with progressive bridge - lots of prizes.
  • An annual dinner is held mid to late April at attractive venues.
  • Group tuition available by arrangement (See Bridge Classes Page for further details).
Last updated : 29th Oct 2018 12:12 GMT
Improver's Bridge Session
Improver's Bridge Session

Tuesday - Social Duplicate Bridge Evening

Come and practice those new conventions, advice on bidding and play always available.

  Please be seated by 7:15.

 No partner required.

Price - £3 members £3.50 visitors inclusive of tea and biscuits.

For further details contact Geoff Losh (07989 405023) or Ian Peace (01889 882332)

or e-mail


Last updated : 6th Jan 2019 11:50 GMT
Friday Afternoon Bridge
Friday - Casual Duplicate Bridge Afternoon
Stone Bridge Club runs casual duplicate bridge in conjunction with the U3A.
Every Friday afternoon at the club - 13:40 for 13:45 start.
All U3A (Cost £1) or Club members welcome -(Cost £2).   Non-members £3.50.
No Partner Needed.  All Standards Welcome.
Enquiries to :Mike Beach Tel: 01785 603766
  Click here to email: 
Please park behind the club either alongside the railway on Whitebridge Way or in the adjoining car park.
Last updated : 10th Jan 2020 13:16 GMT
Beginner's (and Improver's) Corner
Beginner's (and Improver's) Corner

Beginners, returners, improvers all welcome in the improvers group (see the box above) running alongside the regular session.

New beginners' corner starting on Friday 6th March 2020.

Last updated : 10th Jan 2020 13:18 GMT
Player Seating

If you look at the bottom of the ranking page for all of the results, you will see your personal performance in the different positions for that session.  You can see these in graphical format if you click on Personal Analysis in the Results Section.  However for these results to be accurate you need to do the following:-

For Mitchell movements, where there are one or more arrow switches - sit in your normal positions and rotate the board clockwise. This will mean that N becomes W, S becomes E, E becomes N and W becomes S.

For Howell movements you should either sit N and E or S and W. This rule also applies when we occasionally play that odd Hesitation Mitchell!

Last updated : 16th Feb 2016 15:55 GMT
Any comments on the site, or need help - please contact the webmaster by clicking here..
Last updated : 20th Aug 2015 18:37 BST

24 Whitebridge Estate, Stone, Staffordshire, ST15 8LQ

Last updated : 21st May 2016 16:48 BST
Handicap Competitions
Handicap Competitions

In handicap competitions, there are two sets of results - the 'raw' data and the results with the handicaps calculated.

During the evening, the Bridgemates will give the actual percentages and positions and the screen will show the results after adjusting for your handicap.

On the website, the Results page will show the actual percentages.  To find the results of the competition, go to the Competitions tab on the left and click on the relevant competition.


Videos for Loan
Videos for Loan

The club has aquired a number of training DVDs by Bernard Magee (paid for by a donation to the club) which, in my 'umble opinion, are worth watching no matter how good you think you are!

They are free to borrow for up to 3 weeks, but you need to sign for them and leave a £10 refundable deposit.


Play It Again Sam
Play It Again Sam

There is now a new option to analyse the best line of play on any hand. 'Just' go to the hand in question - click on the 'Play it Again' tab and read the guide

Wish I was born with 20/20 hindsight.


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