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OnLine League instructions
On Line Bridge instructions for Captains

Staffs & Shrops C.B.A.

Leagues on-line 2020/21  -  Notes for Captains  2nd edition

Paul has drawn up a fixture list, and asked captains to pay the team entry fee of £20 into the County’s bank account.

The two captains should liaise and agree a date between them and exchange names and BBO user names.   The match must definitely be played within the scheduled time frame, Paul suggests that two or possibly three fixtures are in the planning stage at any one time.  One captain (experienced with BBO) arranges the match on BBO under “Competitive” and “Team Matches” and “Create Team Match” with all  players logged on at the same time.
That same captain (having received names and user names for all players) fills in all the details.    20 boards for the whole match – so 10 boards in each half :  
Create Team Match   (Webmaster recommends watching or similar before match date.  Only those with a good number of BBO logins can set the match up, may be as many as 100 logins)
title:  Staffs & Shrops
Description:  Leagues 1st Half; Smith v Brown;
Team 1:  your team name  (easiest if this is your surname)
Team 2:  your opponent’s team name (ditto)
      do not create team match yet.
Options: Imps,10 bds, use random deals.  Disallow kibitzers, disallow kibitzers to chat with players;  Allow undos; disallow barometer. 
    do not create team match yet.
Reserve seats:  all one team at each table (automatic movement later)
Now you create the team match.
Play and see the result in History

As you are playing the match in two halves, close this game and open another immediately,  heading it Leagues 2nd Half.  do the same as above except you put one team in same place but reverse the N/S & E/S in the 2nd team – so that each pair plays both pairs in the other team.    And Cross your fingers that you have done it correctly.
The result should be in History.

At this stage both captains agree the score, and that is the end of working on BBO with free entry.    All fees are paid in advance to the County.

Then each captain emails the organiser (Paul) with all the names and EBU numbers of his team and the agreed result of the match.  The organiser puts the result on county website and on MyEBU for the EBU for P2P.   

My email address is
Telephone number is 07939 977499

Paul Cutler