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As of 03/14/20 all bridge games at Solivita are cancelled.
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Welcome to Solivita Bridge Club
Bridge and The Virus - Alan McIlwain

Solivita has closed all club activities as of Saturday night, the 14th. There will be no bridge until further notice.

Susan Heyer called from Lake Wales and asked us to pass on that they, too, are closed until further notice.

Sally says the Winterhaven club has shut down, too, so it looks like the only bridge for a while will be on-line.


Keep healthy, and I hope this works itself out soon.

Team Games Alan McIlwain

The team game scheduled for the 20th has been cancelled. There will be no more team games until Solivita opens the clubs again.

Addie Retiring From Bridge Club

Adeline Rosica, one of the founders of the bridge club and our Sunday Director, is having serious health issues, and has had to give up directing and managing the club.  If you want, you may send cards to Addie at 199 Tall Pines Pass, Kissimmee, FL 34759.

In the meantime, Alan will direct both the Sunday and Monday games, (with help from Sally Bonkowski on sailing Sundays) and will be the ACBL Club Manager, at least for the rest of this season.


ACBL Changes Masterpoint Formula - Alan McIlwain

Earlier, I had posted that the ACBL is changing the way they are doing things with their ACBL Live web site. They seem to have it working well, now. 

You can go to ACBL Live and see the game results much as you do now on our website.  Note that Master Points will be assigned through ACBL Live, which will supercede any results we get from our computers running ACBLScore. Our website still works the way it always has (but now showing ACBL Live corrected Masterpoints), as does The Common Game.


Score Correction - Alan McIlwain
Newplicate Bridge

We will discontinue Newplicate games as well until we are back into "live" time.  A description of the game is given on the News Page.

Check out the
Check out the
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April 5, 2020
Sun. Aft. Pairs
Baltic Room 2:00PM
April 6, 2020
Mon. PM Pairs - Partner Required
Baltic Room 1:00 PM
April 12, 2020
Sun. Aft. Pairs
Baltic Room 2:00PM
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Alan McIlwain
Sunday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Alan McIlwain
Sunday Afternoon Session
Director: Alan McIlwain