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As of 03/14/20 all bridge games at Solivita are cancelled.
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Check out the Bridge Links under the tab on the menu "USEFUL LINKS" at the left.  You will find all kinds of bridge information.  If you have any special websites that you visit and would like to share with other members, please send us an email with your favorite sites and we will add them to our "Helpful Links".

Welcome to Solivita Bridge Club
Bridge and The Virus - Alan McIlwain

Solivita has closed all club activities as of Saturday night, March 14th. There will be no club in-person bridge until further notice.

There is a lot of bridge at BBO (BridgeBase Online). You can sign up for free and play free casual games. We have been doing this all summer with different club members. You can also play in the Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Winter Haven games (see below), and in the 99er games each evening if you have less that 100 points. These latter games have a charge associated with them, and can earn you Masterpoints.

Keep healthy, and I hope this works itself out soon.

Virtual Game at Winter Haven
Solivita players are invited to join in the virtual game being held by Winter Haven Bridge Club on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 1:00. These are On-Line BBO games for ACBL points.  The cost is $4 and they play 18 boards. Donna and I played in their first game on the 19th of June, and found quite a few Solivita members playing.
If you have not played in a Winter Haven BBO game, you should send Anne Lambdin your BBO names and ACBL numbers at so she can add you to her player list.  Make sure you have money in your BBO account, then log into BBO, click on COMPETITIVE, and then click on All Tournaments. You will need to scroll (or search) until you find the tourney named VACb232926. You need to go in with a partner and one of you will invite the other.
See the WH website ( or email Anne for more details.
Score Correction - Alan McIlwain
Newplicate Bridge

Newplicate games, of course, are also cancelled.  A description of the game is given on the News Page.

Check out the
Check out the
Don't forget to check the NEWS PAGE for interesting stories.  Also, we are always looking for new information to share with our fellow players, so please send us some worthy news articles!
September 6, 2020
Sun. Aft. Pairs
Baltic Room 2:00PM
September 7, 2020
Mon. PM Pairs - Partner Required
Baltic Room 1:00 PM
September 13, 2020
Sun. Aft. Pairs
Baltic Room 2:00PM
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Alan McIlwain
Sunday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Alan McIlwain
Sunday Afternoon Session
Director: Alan McIlwain