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STaC games on Dec 9 and Dec 15. Silver points awarded.
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Check out the Bridge Links under the tab on the menu "USEFUL LINKS" at the left.  You will find all kinds of bridge information.  If you have any special websites that you visit and would like to share with other members, please send us an email with your favorite sites and we will add them to our "Helpful Links".

Welcome to Solivita Bridge Club
Holiday Lunch

We will be having our annual holiday luncheon on December 9 at 11:00 at Mosaics. Cost for club members is $7 which includes the bridge game.  The game will start after the lunch around 1:00 as usual. Anita Nelson will be selling the tickets.

Julie's Heading Back to Ohio

Julie Hilger, one of the original founders of the Solivita Bridge Club, is moving to a rest home in Ohio.


Julie says she enjoyed her 12 years of retirement here in the community and appreciates everything people have done to help her while she was fighting her recent battle with cancer. She wants to be close to her family now. If you want to send a note or card, her new address is 1169 Horner Chapel Rd., Peebles, OH 45660

Team Games Alan McIlwain

We will have a team game on the Friday, the 22nd of November. (This is not the third Friday, but it is when we are available.) Please contact Donna at (216) 640-9885 or by email at if you would like to register a team.  We meet at 6:15 and play starting at 6:30.  Each team is asked to bring a snack for between rounds.  We can handle up to 8 teams, (but we prefer not to play with 7). Teams will be accepted on a first come basis.

These are fun evenings with some good bridge in a relaxing environment.  If you have not played team bridge before, you can still put a team together (two pairs) and we'll show you how it works. Individual people or unmatched couples can contact Donna and she will try to help make up a team for you.

Director Please! - Alan McIlwain

As the snowbirds return for the winter, we who manage the club have been discussing how vulnerable the club is to a director leaving or becoming ill.  During the summer, Addie and I have carried the ball.  When it was needed, we got help from Winter Haven. Susan and Sally helped out when I was traveling. Now we have Tim as an extra director during the winter season.

We have several people who can operate the computer to assist in running a game, and pairs of people who take turns dealing the Common Game hands.  Thank you to the volunteers who have come forward to help in these areas.  They are much appreciated.

However, if you want to keep this club as an active ACBL sancioned club, we need more directors.  Being a director does not necessarily mean you can't play - although playing and directing can get to be a challenge!  The director has to be able to resolve questions about rules and procedures at the table, and set up and run the games. This means you have to be familiar with the rule book. (You can use the book during a game or on the director's test, but you need to know your way around in it.)  Setting up and running the game is, for me, a lot of fun. If you have doubts or concerns about this part, there are a lot of people around who can help out.

Think about it and see if you might be willing to give this job a try. Talk to us about it. The club could really use your help.

ACBL Changes Masterpoint Formula

I got a phone call from ACBL a while ago.  They passed on the following information:

At the Hawaii meeting last fall, the ACBL decided to change the way masterpoints are allocated at club games. This will allow players to win more points in regular club games.  Unfortunately, the formula is different to that programmed into ACBLScore, our game management software.  ACBLScore is such an old program (DOS versions used to be available! ) that it was considered impractical to rewrite the scoring. Instead, clubs have to submit their games to ACBL Live over the internet. ACBL will then run the game through their 'Masterpoint Engine' and supply corrected masterpoints for the game. ACBL Live is active now and using it will become compulsory in February. (Billing and monthly reporting will change, too, but that does not affect most of you.)

You can go to ACBL Live and see the game results much as you do now on our website.  The good news is that our website can be set up to automatically copy the results from ACBL Live and put them into our results pages. So those of you who regularly use our website will see no change.  I am starting to upload the results to ACBL Live starting with Monday Oct 21, just to see how it is done.  Once I get the automatic transfer sorted out, we will have to teach our computer operators how to use the new system.

I will update this article as I get more information.

Score Correction - Alan McIlwain

Somehow, during dealing, board 8 of Monday's game got duplicated into board 9.  I have marked all the board 8 and 9 rounds as No Play. Since some of you played 8 first and some of you played 9 first, it was the only fair way to fix it.

Newplicate Bridge

We continue to hold Bridge + beginners games on even Sundays.  See the article on the NEWS page for more information.

Check out the
Check out the
Don't forget to check the NEWS PAGE for interesting stories.  Also, we are always looking for new information to share with our fellow players, so please send us some worthy news articles!
November 17, 2019
Sun. Aft. Pairs
Baltic Room 2:00PM
November 18, 2019
Mon. PM Pairs - Partner Required
Baltic Room 1:00 PM
November 24, 2019
Sun. Aft. Pairs
Baltic Room 2:00PM
Mon. PM Pairs - Partner Required
Director: Alan McIlwain
Sun. Aft. Pairs
Director: Adeline Rosica
Mon. PM Pairs - Partner Required
Director: Alan McIlwain