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Welcome to Solivita Bridge Club
A New Director - Alan McIlwain

Congratulations to Kathy Wheeler for becoming our third director. With three directors, it will make it much easier for one of us to take a vacation, or plan some other activity on a 'bridge day'.  Thanks, Kathy.

Team Games - Alan McIlwain

We are running evening team games on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month at 6:15 PM as long as we have enough interest. If we can, we'll play a Swiss Team game, but if we have a small or odd number of tables it will be a Round-Robin. 

Each team is asked to bring a light snack or dessert dish. Bring your own drinks.

Please register ahead by the Thursday evening with Donna McIlwain at, and provide player names so we can set the games up in advance to save time.

Recent Losses - Bonnie Byrne

We are sad to report the recent loss of two of our Solivita bridge players.

Laurie Selling - She passed away recently from complications after esophageal cancer surgery in August.  She fought hard for 5 months but left us on January 3. Laurie was an active member of our bridge world at Solivita.  She will be greatly missed!

Rita Power - She was one of the first residents of Solivita and an avid bridge player, passed away on July 3, 2023.  She moved her home in 2019 to a senior community in Dover, Delaware, close to her family. She had a bad fall and did not recover.

Name Tags

To order a club name tag, go to the order web site below.

Select Name Tag Color - White
Select Option -
        Solivita (plain) for the tag without the 4aces - $7.95
         Solivita w/4 Aces = $11.95
Enter the name you want on the tag in Line 1
Select Add to cart
proceed with the instructions to complete the order.
There is a $4.95 shipping charge

Club Executive - Alan McIlwain

Our current executive consists of Tony Reed,  Jean Holman, and Anita Nelson.  Donna and Alan McIlwain and Kathy Wheeler are members at large.  Nancy McNamara Kathy Wheeler and Alan McIlwain are the directors. Thanks to everybody for contributing.


SE Florida (Florida Bridge Collective) - Alan McIlwain

For those of you playing on-line a lot, we have news from the SE Florida Bridge Collective. 

"We have decided to merge the SE Carolina and the Florida Bridge Collective.  An integrated game schedule will be posted on the SE Carolina and Florida Bridge Collective.  We have tried to maintain all the sponsored games but had to shift the day and time of a couple to eliminate conflicts. Merging the two collectives will hopefully allow us to attract more players and have more sustainable price-competitive games."

If you need more information, you can contact Al Smith at
Winter Haven Games - Sally Bonkosky
The Winter Haven Bridge Club is playing face-face games at their club on Tuesdays and Fridays, with game time being 1:00. They are open games, and Solivita players are welcome to take part - no partner required. If you have any questions, contact Anne Lambdin at  ( Call the club at 863-307-7574.)
Senior ACBL Wide Game Scoring - Alan McIlwain

The ACBL wide Senior game held on March 11 was not scored like a STaC game. I mistakenly thought it would be.

In fact the points were given out as 72% Black points, and the rest were silver.  If you ranked high in the section, or nation wide, you could have received a lot of silver points. As it stands, most of us got mainly black points.

Sorry about the error.



Score Correction - Alan McIlwain
No Partner?

Players may come to either of our Sunday or Monday games without a partner.  We will attempt to match people up, and if there is an extra one, the director will probably play with them. (Exceptions will be for STaC games which have rules about playing directors.)  If you need a partner, please come early so we have time to match you up, and you have time to plan how you will play.

District 9 Website - Alan Mcilwain

I received a note from District 9 that we have a new revised web site.  Check it out at

Check out the
Check out the
Don't forget to check the NEWS PAGE for interesting stories.  Also, we are always looking for new information to share with our fellow players, so please send us some worthy news articles!
Mon. PM Pairs - Partner Required
Director: Alan McIlwain
Sun. Aft. Pairs
Director: Nancy McNamara
Mon. PM Pairs - Partner Required
Director: Alan McIlwain