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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Solivita Bridge Club Officers' Duties

MANAGER: An ACBL Director who is recognized by ACBL as the club manager
- Make sure all club games are run by ACBL directors according to ACBL standards.
- Collect table fees and submit funds to the treasurer.
- Check that club games are posted to ACBL Live and the club website
- Deal with all ACBL business, such as enrolling in STaC games, paying table fees, etc.
- Handle other duties, as needed, to keep the games running well

PRESIDENT: Term 1 year from election
-Responsible for overall managing the business of the Club including any coordination required with Solivita
-Call Board meetings as needed
- Manage annual elections of officers through members vote
- Assure financial viability
- May be involved in disciplinary actions with Club Manager
- Handle other duties as needed

VICE PRESIDENT: Term 1 year from election
- Take over for president when appropriate
-Support the President and Club as needed
- Handle other duties as needed

TREASURER: Term 1 year from election
- Account and manage Club funds

SECRETARY: Term 1 year from elections
- Record minutes for all meeting
- If unavailable appoint another member
- Handle other duties as needed

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The Common Game is a service offered through local clubs which provides bridge players the opportunity to compare their results with players at other clubs, playing the same hands, in Florida and across the country for Sunday and Monday club games!  Check out the map at the link "Where in the world are Common Game clubs?" on .

In addition, The Common Game offers post-mortem pro analysis of many of the interesting hands played and awards monthly, quarterly, and annual prizes for both performance and attendance.  It is a fun way for clubs to broaden their players' bridge experience.
Participation in the Common Game does not affect a player's score or masterpoint award at the local club.  The ACBL masterpoints continue to be scored and reported as usual.  Common Game awards are based on matchpointed results across the larger field ... similar to our STAC games.  Below is a snapshot of the log on page for The Common Game.
Our games will be included on the days that we participate and your personal results will be captured if you are registered.  Prior days games are stored in the Archived Common Games.  Check it out ... particularly the Pro's analysis!
Scores will also be available at the Common Game.
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Last updated : Jan 1, 2016 10:59 EST
I'm giving Up Bridge

I'm giving up bridge -tonight's my last night;
It's Amen to Stayman,I give up the fight.
The insults and muddles are giving me troubles.
And I can't sleep at night for thinking of doubles.
My cards are all rotten and I have forgotten
Who's played and what's Trumps.
And what's gone on my right!
So for now it's all over -off to the back-wood
I'm bidding Good -bye to Gerber and Blackwood.
I can't stand the hassle, I can't stand the pain
I'm getting those Bad cards again and again.
I'm giving up bridge -tonight's a bad night.
Declarer is horrid and nothing's gone right.
My partner's a dope and I'm losing all hope.
When she says "double," I know we're in trouble.
My points are not high, and I'm wondering why
She kept on bidding, Right up to the sky.
We're in seven spades and all my hope fades
When surprise, surprise, the high bidding pays
We're winning all tricks; the defenders feel sick
And I have to admit my partner's a brick.
But I'm giving up bridge -tonight's my last night.
Farewell to conventions - I give up the fight!
So I leave with few words but some that are true,
Bridge is a game not for me but for you.
So be kind to your partners and don't mind their cheek
For it's only a game oh, …. and see you next week!
(Author unknown – received by e-mail)

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