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SnapScorer Features
  • Real-time scoring at the table using PhoneScorer
  • Multiple clubs and player databases
  • Howell and Mitchell movements for 2 to 16 table situations
  • Create your own movements
  • Print your own movement cards
  • Dynamic keyboards for fast manual traveller entry
  • Dictation of travellers
  • Integrated with BridgeWebs for player database and results transfer
  • No major up front costs and 3 complimentary PhoneScorer credits


SnapScorer Overview

SnapScorer is an IOS based Contract Bridge scoring system. It is aimed at small to medium sized bridge clubs who rely on paper travellers and then either score by hand or manually enter scores into bridge scoring software.

On its own, SnapScorer offers a quick and easy system for scoring duplicate bridge sessions. Entry of traveller information is enhanced by a user friendly environment with bespoke dynamic keyboards. Traveller information can also be dictated, providing the potential for even faster completion of scoring. 

SnapScorer has built in movements for 2 to 16 tables, for both Howell and Mitchell (1 or 2 winner) situations. A user friendly editing environment means you can also create your own movements. Printable files can be generated of all movements so you can refresh your movement cards as and when you like.

PhoneScorer has been designed for the iPhone and connects wirelessly to SnapScorer. PhoneScorer allows the capture of results as boards are played during a duplicate session. Unlike other bridge scoring systems which require one device at each table, with PhoneScorer, at the beginning of each round, a specific player (with the PhoneScorer app installed on their iPhone) is designated to enter the results for all the boards for that round. To ensure that  there is one player each round with an iPhone with PhoneScorer, you will need slightly more than half of your pairs to have an iPhone with PhoneScorer installed.

Our approach in developing SnapScorer and PhoneScorer, has been focused on utilising existing iOS devices already owned by your club members, hence there are no major up front costs in getting going with SnapScorer. This makes SnapScorer an attractive proposition even to small clubs, where the cost of purchasing bridge scoring systems is prohibitive. There is no charge for using PhoneScorer during a duplicate session. A PhoneScorer credit is required, however, to view the results for any duplicate session where PhoneScorer is used. You do not need to have credits when setting up your duplicate session, only when you want to see the results.

We give you 3 complimentary PhoneScorer credits when you download SnapScorer.  You can add PhoneScorer credits by visiting the SnapScorer Shop from the apps main menu.

For more information go to https//