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Competitions at Shadwell Bridge Club

Roy Mitchell Memorial Trophy

The Roy Mitchell Memorial Trophy is held annually on the first Friday of December. The competition is handicapped giving everyone an equal chance of winning. The trophy is in memory of Roy Mitchell who had a huge hand in founding Shadwell Bridge Club. Not only was he a regular player, but also taught several members. He is missed by all.

Previous Winners

2020 Tony & Hilary Swann

2019 Clive Davies & Barbara Day

2018 Santosh Minocha & Pauline Lapsley

2017 Nathan Hamlett & Carol Wilson

2016 Clive Davies & Mary Maybank

2015 Denis Gudgeon & Ruth Mitchell

2014 Peter Needham & Pam Smith

Shadwell Shield

The Shadwell Shield is a handicapped tournament played over 9 sessions from September to June (excluding December) on the third Friday of each month. Players are awarded points each session based on their handicapped position. Players must play at least 5 sessions. It is not necessary to be playing with the same partner each session. 

The winner is the player with the best score based on their best 6 results. The Shadwell Shield was instigated in 2018/19.

Previous Winners

2021 Ros Marshall-Smith and Laura Mitchell

2020 Yvonne Millard and Barbara Eyres

2019 Clive Davies