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Shadwell Shield

Shadwell Shield – Competition Rules 

The rules for the Shadwell Shield are as follows.

  1. The competition shall be called the Shadwell Shield.

  2. The competition will be played over 9 rounds running from September to June (excluding December).

  3. There will be one round a month, usually on the third Friday of each month.

  4. Results from each round are handicapped. Handicaps are based on previous years’ scores up to 1st September

  5. To qualify for a handicap, each player must have played at least 5 sessions at Shadwell Bridge Club in the year prior to the 1st September. Players who have not played the requisite 5 sessions can play but will not be included in the final results.

  6. It is not necessary to play with the same partner each round.

  7. For Mitchell type movements, the NS and EW winners will be awarded points equal to twice the number of tables, eg for a 5 table movement, the winners will each get 10 points, second place will get 8, third 6,fourth 4 and last 2. Where there are ties, points will be shared equally.

  8. For Howell type movements, the winners will be awarded points equal to the number of pairs playing, eg for a 4.5 table movement, the winners will be awarded 9 points, second 8, third 7 and so on. The pair coming last will each get 1 point. Where there are ties, points will be shared equally.

  9. Each player must play in at least 5 rounds to qualify.

  10. Players will be provided with an update of the overall position after each month’s round.

  11. The Shadwell Shield is awarded to the player or players with the best overall points score, based on their best 6 scores.

  12. In the event of a tie, the Shadwell Shield will be shared.

  13. The winners will be announced and the trophy presented at the Shadwell Bridge Club AGM.

  14. In the event of any dispute regarding the competition the decision of the committee will be final.