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  Blue Book and White Book

Please note that the EBU will be publishing a new Blue Book and a new White Book, with changes taking effect from 1st September and they will incorporate online regulations that are currently contained in the Sky-Blue Book. You can read draft versions with the proposed changes and the changes document using the links below. Finalised versions of both books will be available to view and download shortly. 

Last updated : 9th Aug 2022 08:56 BST
  Sylvia Bunton

Could you please pass on thanks to everybody at the Bridge Club firstly for all the nice words of comfort from everyone who attended Mum's funeral and secondly for the lovely tribute posted about Mum on your website. The one constant in Mum's life in the last 30 odd years that never diminished was her love of bridge. Thank you again. Kind Regards, Steven Bunton

Last updated : 5th Aug 2022 16:16 BST

For all smartphone users and Scunthorpe Bridge Club members, we have our own WhatsApp group - The intention is that it's a way of keeping in touch with one another, finding a partner (both online during these times of lockdown or looking further ahead when we're all back at the club) - - as well as arranging online matches (be them friendly or competitive). If you don't have WhatsApp it's easily downloaded from your devices AppStore (it's free). Contact Jane Brown or Roy Brixton to gain access.

Last updated : 28th Jun 2022 22:49 BST
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Authorised Information (AI) is made available to you from the legal calls and legal cards played by your partner (and the opposition) - All other information you receive is Unauthorised Information (UI).

UI can come from partner's comments, gestures, mannerisms, breaks in tempo, hesitations, a question partner asks (or replies to), an alert, or an announcement. ..........

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Last updated : 28th Jun 2022 22:50 BST
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