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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results". Spread the word before going in to play today if you see this.

This web site displays scores from the Rutland Seniors Bridge games on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons and also scores from the Tuesday afternoon Bridge games at the Parkinson Activity Centre.

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Saturday, August 4, 2018 NEWSLETTER Ed.1:02 “OUR RUTLAND BRIDGE CLUB”


Recent News: Arson Aftermath:

There is a perception that after a disaster, good people band together to form a spirit of gemeinshaftsgefühl. These events have their silver lining, as they create harmonious community. We(the Rutland Bridge Club) have indeed been blessed in having such a community envelop us. We have been given a berth at Parkinson’s for the Wednesday session; we have been allowed to form a group on Saturday at St. Aidan’s; and we have now been allowed to share Diana Knowles’ group on Monday at St. Aidan’s thanks to her generosity. This new session will start at 1:00 and as we will be sharing the room with Diana’s group we will need to be extra quiet. NO scraping of chairs and idle chatter at the end of play; NO rehash at the end of the session if the other group is still sitting (we had complaints after the Wednesday session that here was too much noise when the last groups were still playing - and rightly so. Besides, those finished early should quietly be putting chairs and tables away); NO actions at all that would disturb anyone in the room and be as quiet as possible when requesting, ”Director, please.”

We have had all kinds of people trying to help us find a suitable temporary location. I would like to personally thank Sue Lord, president of the Society, and Lynn Callon, secretary of the Society, forscouting around, looking for other venues for us; The Rutland Library, an organization that offered us a room for free, which was, unfortunately, too small for our purposes; Diana Knowles, who has graciously allowed us to share her accommodations which, now, we have to make work, Parkinson’ssenior Centre that has made room on Wednesday for our session and the restoration company that has allowed us to go into the building to remove our equipment; the phoning committee; Leslie and Ashok Sil for their efforts to get the Wednesday and Saturday; and David Crest, in helping us with the software at St. Aidan’s. It takes a lot of people to move a mountain; it feels as though that is what has been done.

And we will not say a word or two about those who set off the explosion. No, we definitely will not. We all be mum.

As far as the repairs go, as the Brits say,”Everything is at 6’s and 7’s.” The upper structure of the building is a mess. The Stutters company is at present doing deconstruction. This reporter asked the repair crew how long itwould take to finish the job and was told, “a long time.” - maybe longer than two months - maybe a lot longer

There will be a Monday afternoon game at St. Aidan’s starting at 1:00, August. Whether or not it continuespast the first meeting depends upon how well the two sections co-exist. I am aware that bridge players do not have a best behaviour, but please try for all of our best interests. It may be that we might have to operate on a first come, first served basis as we can only operate with a maximum of 18 tables.

Editorial Staff

Publisher: R.W.T. Editor: Robert
Reporter: Bob T.
Photos: Bob (Tweeky) T. Proofing: Flo. S.


Last updated : 4th Aug 2018 11:39 CDT



News from the meeting with the Society:

Well, I thought!...

That OUR Club was merely an item on the calendar of events that the Society ( The Rutland Seniors Society ) had formed and controlled. I did not think we were our own masters.

But I was wrong!....

After our meeting with Sue Franczak on Thursday last, my opinion had changeddramatically. We are a club, independent of the society. We make our own laws, by-laws, and regulations and we can fire or hire whomever we want for whatever reason we want.

And I thought!...
That we were not in control of our own money. That everything we collected went into the Society’s coffers.

And I was wrong again!...

We, as a club, collect our fees and they go directly to the Society. From that, the Society pays all our expenses. ( Director’s fees, prize money, coffee, equipment, refreshments, etc. - which means I can’t think of anything else offhand, but maybe you can.) The Society takes 50₵ from each player as a rental, which amounts to about $4,000 per year - the cheapest in town that we could find - and we checked. And the Society gets a $5 membership fee from each of our members -so if you haven’t paid, please pay up. The Society works on a very limited budget.
That $5 also amounts to about $4,000 per year. So, in effect, we are paying about $8,000 per year for rent - really the cheapest in town.

Still, I thought!...
That the surplus that OUR Club generated would go to fill the coffers of the Society or, at least, to add to their contingency fund.

And still I was wrong!...

The surplus we generate is ours to do with, almost, as we like ( about $5,600 ) on last year’s budget which doesn’t quite cover the cost of the Bridgemate machines we bought because of the nature of their budget year and our increase last summer. But the balance will be paid in the next few months and in six months or so we can look forward to operating with a small budget of our own. Sue explained that since the Society was a non-profit organization, they covered their expenses first and, that, what money we generate over and above the expenses of the club, are our own. The Society has a bank account of about $6500 at the end of the 2017/18 year. Not much! Thus the Society has control of our money but it is still our money. By the year end we should have enough to buy a few more machines because we need more than 20 as Monday frequently goes over 20 tables, especially in the early winter and summer when the snow birds are home. We have to submit a request in order to spend our money on projects we need but Sue assures me that a genuine request will not be turned down. The process I suspect is designed to prevent fraud - i.e.; the Liaison Officer absconding with our surplus of about $5,000 per year. So, in effect, OUR Club has a controlled contingency fund, that will grow once we quit spending our money frivolously (on Bridgemates and the like!)

And I assumed!...
That OUR Club’s hardware belongs to the Society, because I thought that they owned us.
But, it was false assumption!...

We own the Bridgemates, the bidding boxes, the cards, pencils, etc. ( see above for definition). So if OUR Club were forced to move for some obscure reason, the equipment would go with us.

Aren’t we a fortunate club - OUR own Club!








Last updated : 4th Aug 2018 11:42 CDT


Wednesday, August 30, 2018 NEWSLETTER Ed.1:03“OUR RUTLAND BRIDGE CLUB”


As of Sept 4th, all players on Wednesday will be asked to join Parkinson’s as a member for the full year!


I recently had a chat with Corrinne Reid about the reason why Parkinson’s is making Wednesday players join the Parkinson”s Centre for the duration of the time we will be playing there. She informed me that they allowed us to play without a membership for a month because they were told that was how long the repairs would take. Since the repairs are taking longer, they feel that it is only right that we conform to the policy they have for other people using their facilities, which is that they pay a full year’s membership. So, in effect, the club members will be paying a weekly fee which adds considerably to the Centre’s profits and we are expected to pay a full membership for a full year on top of that. There will be no pro rata.I am pretty certain that the Centre sees itself as a good samaritan, but we end up paying for a full year anyway, in spite of its initial largess in giving us a free month’s play. I could make some suggestions here but I think that those should come from the membership. Someone might suggest a general Wednesday boycott but I didn’t suggest it, did I? St. Aiden’s has confirmed that we have their facilities as long as we need them.

As you can see, the building is still closed. I have had some difficulty trying to speak with a knowledgeable person. I shall persevere though. Corrinne seems to think it will be a longish time before being completed .

Financial Report: page 2

I thought when I started this news- letter, I would be obliged to put out an issue or two a year. Expectations are seldom met about anything in life.

I wish to acknowledge the efforts of Ashok Sil in negotiating with the Parkinson’s Centre in order to get the facilities there for our use. And I wish to thank him for taking on the duties of director when asked to do so by Parkinson’s. His and Leslie’s contribution to the welfare of the club has resulted in two venues for us during the rebuilding of the Rutland Centre. Thanks to both of you!


Revenue: $1592

Director’s fees $614 Prize money $36 Collector’s fees $35 Expenses ( refreshments, chair mats, etc) 103.25

Total debts
Net surplus
Free Plays cost us $56

605 $1393.25



There will be a new system for collecting fees at St. Aidan’s. A table will be set up at the door so you will pay at the entrance. Please try to have correct change with you to alleviate congestion. It will have to be a bit of an honour system as people will push in before realizing they are in a pay line. We thank you for your forbearance - the exec.

Diana Knowles has two sessions on 2nd. and 3rd. hand play. Lessons are on Sept. 10 and Oct 1. For further information contact Diana at (250) 491-4704 or email

To clear up some misconceptions: Our club has no secretary, no president and no financial expert; we, (Pia Scott, Bob Thompson, and Nancy Weaver) are directors. Not the kind of Ashok Director, but directors, nonetheless. And we have no legitimate titles.

Our Bridge Club’s Newsletter’s Staff

Publisher: R.W.T.
Editor: Robert
Reporter: Bob T.
Photos: Bob (tweeky) T. Proofing: Flo S.
Contributions: gratefully accepted



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