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Welcome to Rutland Seniors Bridge
Rutland Seniors Bridge Scores Web Site
Rutland Seniors Bridge Scores Web Site

Bridge games at Rutland Seniors Centre

Monday           1:00 P.M.

Wednesday    1:00 P.M.

Saturday       12:30 P.M.

Bridge games at Parkinson Centre

Tuesday          1:00 P.M.




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COVID - 19 protocol (updated April 8)

Participants will be required to present the B.C. Vaccine passport to enter the facility at Rutland Seniors Centre.  Players are NOT required to wear a mask in either facility - however, they may wear one if they wish.

The above are subject to change if the situation changes.



Membership list and phone numbers are in the News page,






25th March 2023
Rutland Seniors Centre 12:30 PM
27th March 2023
Rutland Seniors Centre 1:00 PM
28th March 2023
Parkinson Centre 1:00 PM
Director: Ashok Sil
Director: Ashok Sil
Director: Ashok Sil