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Members Area

The Members Area is where you can find phone numbers and email addresses of other members.  Just register using your email address and follow the link in the email you will receive. You can also use the Find a Partner facility if you wish, but Jo Baker is still happy to help you find a partner, as she has done for many years now.

Erroneous Scores

Any errors in the scoring which come to light after the event must be notified to the scorer, by both pairs who originally agreed the result, before noon on the day following the event, otherwise the posted result will stand.

Welcome to Ross-on-Wye Bridge Club


Larruperz Heating Fixed - still Covid safe

The heating at the Larruperz has been sorted and we apologise for the cold last Monday.  Hopefully it will be warmer but still Covid safe . Knowing how things can vary it is always sensible to come prepared remembering summer has passed . Looking forward to seeing everyone next Monday

Ross BC Committee


Welcome Back to Face to Face Bridge

Welcome back to the Larruperz for Bridge

Ross Bridge Club will restart sessions at the Larruperz on Monday 20th September at 7pm and Friday 24th September at 1.30pm. The Monday evening online sessions will be suspended from 20th September onwards (we do not think we have the numbers to run both at the same time).

The committee will keep the coronavirus situation under review and make any changes that we feel are necessary.

In current circumstances, tables will be spaced out and hand sanitiser will be available. If people want to wear face masks they can, but this is a personal choice.

We would like people to bring the exact table money (£3). Players will move their bidding boxes from table to table.  Please do not touch other people’s property, for example convention cards. Ask if you want a bid explained.

Gloved hands will be used to set-out the bidding boxes, Bridgemates and scorecards, and to collect the table money.

We ask you not to come if you think you may be infected. As a reminder, the current ranking of symptoms for double vaccinated people is: headache, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat and loss of smell. If people display any of these symptoms, particularly sneezing, they should either stay away or take a test.

If you test positive having recently played at Ross, you should contact the club via Chris Chowney (

The Larruperz will be providing tea and coffee as in the past. It is unlikely the bar will be open initially.

If you want to play bridge online, the Herefordshire Clubs Thursday evening sessions at 7pm on BBO will be continuing.

For those of us who have been playing online, it will be a challenge to remember to announce/alert partners bids and generally to get used to playing with real cards!

If you are looking for a partner, you can use the “find a partner” option in the Members Area of the website, or phone Jo Baker as in the past.

Best Wishes,

Ross BC Committee

Ross BC Financial Accounts 2020-2021

Although we have been unable to hold an AGM in 2021, as would have been our normal practice in May our Treasurer, Keith Ray, has produced the final audited accounts for the club for the year 2020-2021  These can be found under the menu item on the left.  

Duplicate Pairs
Director: Roy Milnes
Scorer: Geoff Baker
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Lindsay Ray
Scorer: Keith/Lindsay Ray
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Gepff Baker
Scorer: Susan Shore
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Denise Robertson
Scorer: Pat Armitage
Fri 3rd December 2021
Duplicate Pairs
Mon 6th December 2021
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Sue Shore
Scorer: Roy Milnes
Fri 10th December 2021
Duplicate Pairs
Mon 13th December 2021
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Jo Baker
Scorer: Geoff Baker
Fri 17th December 2021
Duplicate Pairs