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Emergency Contact

Please note that the Emergency Phone Number is no longer in use.

Lost Property at NBC

If you leave any property at the bridge club please look in the club cupboard. 

If not found, try ringing the school Librarian on 01531 820550 who looks after Lost Property for the school.

Scoring Errors

If you notice a scoring error, please notify the NBC Directors. by midday on the day following the event at the latest.

Note that any correction must be authorised by the TD from the event and agreed by the opposition. Scores entered at the table will have been entered by one pair and accepted by the other so subsequent correction isn't mandatory.

Newent Bridge Club
Annual Subscriptions Due 1st September 2019

The Club annual subscriptions of £8 are due to be paid on 1st September.  Our Treasurer, Jon Bailey, will be happy to receive your subscriptions any time from next Wednesday, 21st August.  It would be helpful if you could have the correct money of £10.50 for him.

Any member whose subscription is not paid by the end of September will be deemed to have resigned their membership and their details will be deleted from our club database.

Bridge Lessons for Beginners September 2019
Bridge Lessons for Beginners September 2019

Lessons for beginners and those wanting to take up the game of bridge after a long absence will be starting again in September.  See the Learn to Play Bridge option from the Menu for more details.  If you have any friends or relatives who would like to learn to play, or who have played in the past and would like to start again, then please get in touch with me, Janet Dowdle, on 01989 770949 or 07770 738861 or by email at

Newent Bridge Club, Gloucestershire
Newent Bridge Club, Gloucestershire

We meet twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays, at Newent Community School,on Watery Lane in Newent.

Play starts at 7p.m. on both evenings. We would ask you to be seated by 6:50 p.m. to give the Directors time to arrange the movement and still start on time.

Wednesday is the competitive evening and Friday has two duplicate sessions with Gentle Bridge playing fewer boards and no Masterpoints awarded.  This session is to introduce new players gently to the format of duplicate bridge.  Standard Acol conventions are played.

Visitors are very welcome and invited to join the club after visiting 3 times in one club year.

Gentle Bridge on Fridays - All Welcome

We now have 2 duplicate bridge sessions on Friday evenings.  One for more competitive players with Masterpoints being awarded, and the other, Gentle Bridge, for those members and visitors who want to play a more social game of bridge. 

Gentle Bridge is a way for learners  to start playing duplicate bridge with a limited number of boards,  advice and guidance is available from an experienced player when needed.    We play 15- 20 boards per session using standard ACOL (with a few simple variations),  Masterpoints are not awarded. 

Club members may also play in the Gentle Bridge session and are encouraged to bring along any friends who they feel might enjoy playing in such a session.  This session is hosted so there is no need to bring your own partner. 

Club General Information

All hands are created and dealt using a Duplimate dealing system.

A printed hand record is available at the end of every session and also available with the result.

Scoring is completed electronically at the table via BridgeMates.

The  result is available as soon as the session is completed.

18th September 2019
Director: Hylary
Scorer: Rosie
20th September 2019
Friday Duplicate
Director: Richard
Scorer: Mark
20th September 2019
Gentle Bridge
Director: Ken
Wednesday Pairs
Director: mark
Scorer: ruth
Friday Duplicate
Director: mark
Scorer: ruth
Director: Jon
Scorer: Mark