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Please see the new page 'How to Pay' under Club Information for ways to pay your table money.

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7th Aug 2022 17:52 BST
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Welcome to Newent Bridge Club

♣  Welcome to Newent  Bridge Club  ♠ 

Welcome to Newent Bridge Club

Face to Face sessions are on Wednesdays only at Newent Community School starting at 7pm. Please be seated by 6.50pm to give the Director time to arrange the movement and start on time.

Payment may be in cash - please try to bring the correct money with you (£2.50) but you may pay in advance if you wish to do so.  

Refreshments will be provided.

Friday sessions are on BBO  startIing at 7.15pm.

There are simple guides which can be viewed under the On-Line Bridge section.

To participate in the on-line  tournaments please see Join a NBC Tournament.

Introducing Bridge to Family & Friends

 Do you have friends or family that you'd like to introduce bridge to?

To illustrate the game quickly to people - this amazing 3 minutes video shows it all.

These slide shows (updated 10 May) might help if you wish to teach anyone the game

  • Learn bridge in 15 minutes (and here's the storyboard for these slides)
  • Learn minibridge in 3 minutes (and there's another version here)
  • Learn bidding in 30 minutes

    Once you have got past this introduction you might find the material at this NZ site worthwhile.

    17th August 2022
    Face 2 Face Duplicate Pairs
    Director: Janet
    Scorer: Carol
    19th August 2022
    NBC BBO Pairs
    Director: Sarah Amos
    24th August 2022
    Summer Handicap 6
    Director: Roy
    Scorer: Ruth
    NBC BBO Pairs
    Director: Sarah Amos
    Scorer: Mitch
    Summer Handicap 5
    Director: Mark
    Scorer: Jon
    NBC BBO Pairs
    Director: Sarah Amos
    Scorer: Mitch