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Our Summer Pairs event finished at the end of September. Chris and Clive topped the table in both scratch and handicap scoring. Second in the scratch event were Ian and Graham with Barbara and Wendy finishing runners up in the handicap.

The Winter events  will start from 7 October. We will be reintroducing prizes and a trophy to be awarded at our  2020 AGM.


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16th Mar 2021 13:01 GMT
Opening Leads

A couple of useful articles from on opening leads from Bernard MaGee

Opening Leads 1.pdf

Opening Leads 2.pdf

1NT responses

A comprehensive system for responding to a 1 NT opening 1NT responses.docx

A shorter version may be found here 1NT responses shorter version.docx

Weak Twos

A useful guide to weak twos. This covers weak twos in 3 suits. The same principles apply if you choose to use the appraoch just in the majors.

Weak Twos.pdf

Roman Key Card Blackwood

Mr Bridge has a good article by Jeremy Dhondy which can be found here

Cue Bids

A good introduction to cue bidding can be found here. It covers both splinter bids and cue bids but the cue bid section stands alone for those starting on this path......

Hand Evaluation

A starting guide to evaluation of hands with shortages/length Hand Evaluation.pdf

Negative Doubles

Good article from Bernard MacGee on using negative doubles neg_doubles.pdf

Percentage Table for Suit Breaks

A very useful guide to those starting to consider the likely distribution of opponents' cards. Note especially the text at the foot of the table - if opponents have an odd numbers of cards the suit is likely to break well for you; if they have an even number of cards the suit is likely to break badly.

Percentage Table for suit breaks.pdf

End Play

A starting point for the huge topic of end plays.

End Play.pdf

Improvers Workshop 6th October

The workshop was based on these papers. For those new to the full range of transfers it is best to start with the shorter version which can be found here.

1NT responses shorter version.docx

A fuller version with some additional ideas is here.

1NT responses.docx


Improvers Workshop 12 May

Here are the papers on opening leads  together with a short piece on McKenney. Also included is the paper on hand evaluation which may be of interest

Opening Leads 1.pdf

Opening Leads 2.pdf


Hand Evaluation.pdf


Improvers Workshop 24 February

Papers from the workshop can be found by following these links

Weak Twos.pdf

3 level pre-empts.pdf


Signals and Discards

A short guide to signals and discards can be found here

Signals and Discards.doc