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Welcome to Reading Bridge Club
Online Bridge

Thursday evening Online Bridge

Reading Bridge Club are holding online bridge sessions jointly with Loddon Vale Bridge Club on RealBridge on Thursday evenings. Table money is £2 and members will be invoiced at a later date.

Please log on by 7.20pm for a 7.30pm start. Log on with your real name in the Full Name box and your EBU Number in the ID Number box.

RealBridge Link: 7 December

To test your microphone and camera click here

If you haven’t played on RealBridge before then the Realbridge Quick Start Guide has lots of useful information and can be accessed by clicking here

If you need a partner then the Find a Partner function on this website can be used or contact Chris Hopkins from Loddon Vale, email:

EBU Blue Book

The EBU has made changes to the Blue Book (Handbook of EBU Permitted Understandings), effective August 2023, covering announcements and alerts. 

Among the changes are:

  • All suit responses to 1NT and 2NT below game level are either announced or alerted. Weak takeouts are announced  as 'Weak takeout'.
  • Two-over-one game forcing bids are announced as 'Game forcing'.

The Blue Book can be found here

The summary of Announcements and Alerts can be found here

New Alerting, Announcing and Bidding Rules

The EBU have published a new Blue Book and a new White Book which became effective from 1st September 2022.

There are changes to:

  • Rules on announcements 
    • in particular a natural strong 2NT opening bid is no longer announced.
  • Rules on strong opening bids
    • For a strong 1C (or strong 1D) the requirement is now 13 or more HCP.
    • For other strong bids (e.g. opening 2C or 2D) the requirement is 16 or more HCP, except if there are two suits with 13 HCP concentrated in the two suits.
  • The rules on non-strong 2-bids and 3-bids have been simplified.

Details of the changes with links to the Blue Book and White Book can be found by clicking here

The Announcements Summary Table shows full details of which bids must be alerted or announced.

Find a Partner

There are two methods to create a Partner Request. Both methods require that a member has set up a password on their member account. The easiest method is to click on Find a Partner in the menu. This will show any current requests and by clicking the People icon a new request can be added. The second method is to log into the members area and click the Find a Partner tab.

Full details of how to add a request can be found here

The Guide to logging into the Members Area can be found in the Information section of the website and also by clicking here

Please contact Gill Smith with queries/problems.

Bridge Sessions

RBC is holding online bridge sessions on Thursday evenings jointly with Loddon Vale Bridge Club. The games take place on RealBridge starting at 7.30pm. Please be logged on by 7.20pm. The RealBridge link will be posted on this website.

Reading/Loddon Vale Online
Reading C v Lane End A
Reading B v Loddon Vale
Reading/Loddon Vale Online - Waller Bowl heat
Reading/Loddon Vale Online
Reading A v Chiltern
#45440 Teams Terrell Vs Jeronimidis (merged)
Scorer: Mick Green
Reading C v Newbury A
Thu 7th Dec 2023
Reading/Loddon Vale Online
RealBridge 19:30
 RealBridge Login
Thu 14th Dec 2023
Reading/Loddon Vale Online
RealBridge 19:30
Thu 21st Dec 2023
Reading/Loddon Vale Online
RealBridge 19:30
Thu 28th Dec 2023
Reading/Loddon Vale Online
RealBridge 19:30
Sun 7th Jan 2024
County Pairs Qualifier
(Berks & Bucks)
Windsor 13:30
(More info)
Sun 28th Jan 2024
Friendly Pairs - Tessa Templeton Trophy
(Berks & Bucks)
SBBC 13:30
(More info)
Sun 28th Jan 2024
Friendly Pairs - Pat Husband Trophy
(Berks & Bucks)
SBBC 13:30
(More info)
Sun 4th Feb 2024
County Pairs Final - Rex Avery Trophy
(Berks & Bucks)
Windsor 13:30
(More info)