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Calendar for all tournaments for Unit 141 and all other District 4 events can be found on the District 4 website at


The Philadelphia Contract Bridge Association (PCBA) is Unit 141 within District 4 of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL).

Looking for a NAP Qualifier?

If you are looking for a North American Pairs qualifier in Unit 141, here are some options for you.

Bridge Club of Center City

All in person games remaining in June


Cape May County Duplicate Bridge Club:

Thursday, June 24, Noon

Thursday, July 22, Noon

Monday, July 27, Noon

Monday, August 3, Noon

Thursday, August 26, Noon


New Hope Bridge Club

Week of June 21


North Penn Bridge Club

 F2F on Mon and Wed at noon...the first 2 weeks of July and August.

online on Tue at 7:15 and Thur. at 1:15...the first 2 weeks of July and August.


Shore Bridge Club

 Week of June 21-27

Also, since some games are being held on-line, you may want to check out the full listing on the District 4 website:








Unit 141 Sectionals

There are no current plans for any Unit 141 Sectionals in 2021.

We are working on scheduling events for 2022 and will let you know as soon as things are firmed up. Apologies for the delay, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Bobbie Gomer
Bobbie Gomer

We are heartbroken to report that Bobbie Gomer, one of the great people in bridge, died earlier this month.

It seems highly unlikely that there are any of you who didn’t know Bobbie. If you did know Bobbie, you know she was a wonderful person, and a unique asset in the Philadelphia bridge scene. She will be profoundly missed.

Annual Brunch Postponed




(LAST UPDATE: 6/9/20: 6:03 pm)

We Miss You!

As you can imagine, there is not going to be in-person bridge for the foreseeable future.

However, several clubs are running on-line sanctioned games, via BBO. We strongly encourage you to participate in these games. Not only is it a great chance to play bridge and take your mind off things, it provides valuable support to the clubs themselves. They are a vital part of the local bridge scene, as you you know. Here are a list of clubs within Unit 141 running onlline games. 

Please stay safe until we can all see each other again.

Bala Country Club (alliance with Bridge Club of Center City & Hamilton Club)

Cape May County Duplicate Bridge (alliance with Shore Bridge under SHORE/CMC)

North Penn Duplicate Bridge Club

Raffles for Bridge

South Jersey Bridge Club

Valley Forge Bridge Club
Wayne Devon Bridge Club
Yorktown Bridge Club
Updated 11/16/2020 8:24 PM



















Results Nov 11 NLM Event

November 11 NLM Event at Bala

Results  =====>>>>>

Click Here For Hand Records

Help Wanted: Unit Webmaster
Help Wanted: Unit Webmaster

WebMaster Wanted for Unit 141!

  • Not that much work.
  • No super technical or web knowledge necessary.
  • Great and easy web tools available.
  • Bridgewebs makes the job easy. 
  • Free hand at managing the site.

For more information and answers to any questions including how much time is involved contact:

Mike Giesler at mikegiesler at or call at 215 806 9600.


New Tricks Bridge Club
New Tricks Bridge Club

New Tricks Bridge Club

Fabulous new effort to attract new players and improve the game for all intermediates.

Check out these links on their YouTube Channel. 

       (Note: If link does not work, you may have to cut and paste the URL into your browser (Google security thing). )

        Or just Google "New Tricks Bridge Club".

Introduction to New Tricks:  



Master Series to watch and listen to experts play hands!

GoFundMe Campaign to help support this effort:

This is definitely worth checking out!

Bridge Friend Forever - BBF
Bridge Friend Forever - BBF

Here is another well done and very simple introduction to bridge. It is a series of ten videos by Elena Grewal which can be viewed on YouTube.

Try this link or search on YouTube.

Bridge - The Ultimate Mind Game

Great TED Talk on the value of bridge.

Excellent description of bridge for introducing the game to beginners.

Click Here to watch video.

Or copy and paste this URL:

Unit 141 Club Directory for 1965
Unit 141 Club Directory for 1965

Want to find a bridge club in Unit 141 and the Philadelphia area? If the year is 1965, you have a choice of more than 85+ clubs.  Click Here for the ACBL Directory listing of all the clubs in our area from 1965.

Why You Should Play Bridge
Why You Should Play Bridge

Why You Should Play Bridge

Just Google "Keep Bridge Alive"

To learn the reasons and how you can help fund the project. 



Commentary on the Laws of Duplicate Bridge
Commentary on the Laws of Duplicate Bridge

Commentary on the

Laws of Duplicate Bridge


The laws governing duplicate bridge can be confusing at best. The World Bridge Federation has written an excellent document giving commentary and many good examples on the new 2017 Laws. These laws govern all of our duplicate games at clubs and tournaments. This commentary is worth reading for all players and especially for directors. It is a good reference guide if you have had a problem related to one of the laws and you are looking for a clear explanation.  Here are some links to the commentary and to the actually Laws.

Click Here for the Commentary (PDF).

Click Here for a link to the actual laws on the WBF website (PDF and Word).

Click Here for a link to the Laws on the ACBL website (download, purchase).


Why you want to play Bridge!
Why you want to play Bridge!

Why you want to play bridge . . .

Four bridge players from USA win $180,000 playing bridge

There are a lot of bridge tournaments in the USA and in the World for that matter. One just completed was the Yeh Bros Cup in Beijing, China. Eighteen of the world's top twenty ranked players were in attendance. The field included 28 teams from around the world and three teams represented the USA. Note that the teams can be multi-national, that is have members from other countries. 

This year the winning team was USA (Kranyak) splitting the top prize of $180,000. The winning team members (pictured above) were: John Hurd, John Kranyak, Vince Demuy, and Justin Lall. All four are top players from the USA. 

Click here for more USA Team pictures.

Click here for Yeh Bros Cup home page.


Director List
Director List

Need a Club Director for your Club or Special Event?


The PCBA maintains a list of all certified club directors in Unit 141. If you are in need of a director on a regular basis or to fill in one time, you can request a copy of the Unit 141 list by sending an email to We will send you the current list. If you are a director and want to make sure you are on the list (or have your name removed), you can send an email to the same address.

Fragrance Policy
Fragrance Policy

District 4 Fragrance Free Policy

District 4 has a clear policy on keeping our tournaments free of strong scents. Strong scents include perfumes, any fragranced products, the smell of smoke, and poor personal hygiene. If you attend a tournament, please leave these scents behind.

Here is a link to the D4 policy on the District website.

Here is the complete text of the Fragrance Free Policy:

All Regional tournaments in District 4 are fragrance free. Players must refrain from wearing any of the following: cologne, after shave lotion, perfume, perfumed hand lotion, fragranced hair products, and/or similar products when participating in our tournaments. These fragrances can cause serious health issues for migraine sufferers and players with breathing-related problems. Strong scents, including fragrances, the smell of smoke, and poor personal hygiene violate the Zero Tolerance Policy.




STaC Week
STaC Week

All week at local clubs!

Click here for STaC information and results.

Silver Points and lots of Bonus Points!

Play at your local club.

Check with your favorite club for details.

Play in the NAPs

Why put the NAPs on THE BLACKLIST? Even Raymond Reddington has played in them!

To hear Red talk about his experience, Click Here



(By the way, who is Steve Lyditt?)


Robots for Half Tables
Robots for Half Tables

R2D2 and C3P0 New Members of Bridge Club of Center City

Half Tables Eliminated Forever

The joint efforts of Mike Giesler, David Rose, and Jay Whipple of The Common Game have made half tables at club games a thing of the past. You can just use two robots from the online website BBO to fill in anytime you have a half table.

The setup and procedure is simple. Upload the day's hand record file to BBO, start a playing table on BBO using those hands, and place two tablets or laptops on one of your regular tables to become your sitout table. When the sitout pair arrives at the table, they play the appropiate hands against two BBO robots. Scoring the hand results is the same as at all other tables - entered into Bridgemates or your standard reporting method.

The experiment has been a big success and the players love it. Interested? Click Here for article that gives all the details. 

Eight Is Enough
Eight Is Enough


Eight is Enough is a format for team games that is used in some team events.

Click Here for a description of how it works.

New Events
New Events

Upcoming Events


There are many exciting events within easy driving distance of the Philly area. See the District 4 website for a complete listing of events in our area and plan to attend. 


Join Mailing List
Join Mailing List

Join our Mailing List to receive our newsletter and other important announcements! Powered by Constant Contact for security.

Click Here to join!


Results for Sectionals are posted below. You can also check for tournament results. STaC results are posted on the ACBL website   here.  

When looking for results, be sure to click on the information and section tabs for more details.

Sunday Session
Saturday Morning Session
Saturday Afternoon Session
Friday Morning Session
Friday Afternoon Session
Monday Session
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Saturday Morning Session
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Friday Afternoon Session
Jane Segal Sonny Jaspan Trophy Game
Sunday Session
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Thurs 299er Pairs 1st Session
Thurs 299er Pairs FINALS