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Calendar for all tournaments for Unit 141 and all other District 4 events can be found on the new District 4 website at

North American Pairs

Click here for a list of local clubs offering qualifying games.  This list will be updated as more clubs respond to our request for their NAP schedules.

Remember, in order to play in the District 4 finals to win a subsidized trip to the Spring NABC in Louisville, KY, you must first qualify at a club game.



What is the NAP?
 The North American Pairs (NAP) is a set of annual North American championships
for pairs contested over two days at the spring American Contract Bridge
League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championships (NABC). The events are
restricted to pairs that have qualified through club, unit, and district levels within their
ACBL Districts.
Who can compete to qualify for the NAP?
 Everybody in District 4 can play in the NAP club qualifiers.
 Which flight you qualify for is based on your number of points as of the ACBL 2023
June MP cycle (computer run 5/6/23).
o Flight A: Open to any District 4 player
o Flight B: District 4 players with <2,500 masterpoints
o Flight C: District 4 players who are NLM with <500 MPs
 Partnerships consisting of players of different flights must enter events in the flights for
which the top player is eligible.
 Any player who qualifies in a flight higher than his own is deemed to have also qualified
in his own flight for the next level of competition.
When does qualifying for the NAP happen?
 Qualification at the Club level covers 3 months: June, July, and August 2023.
 Clubs are allowed to run two games, per session, per month in those months. Games will
either be Open or Flight-restricted.
 Unit 141 is trying its best to keep a calendar of when some clubs are running qualifying
How do I get past the club stage?
 Eligible partnerships of District 4 members can qualify by finishing in the top 50% of
their field (rounded up and including ties) plus any pair with at least a 50.00% score not
in the top half of their field.
What’s after the club stage?
 We skip right to the District 4 Finals – you can play in as many finals as you want as long
as they don’t overlap timewise, but if you qualify for nationals you can only represent the
District in one of those flights.
 Preregistration and prepayment are required on Bridge Winners for all flights. The
registration deadline for a flight will be about a week before the start of the final.
 District 4 Finals
o Flight A Final will be a 2-day, 4-session, qualifying event held on Sat-Sun,
9/30/23-10/1/23, at Game Friendzy (South Jersey Bridge Center), 7 Carnegie
Plaza, Suite 400 Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
o Flight B Final will be a 1-day, 2-session event on Sat, 9/23/23 (pick one)

 Harrisburg BC – 349 N 21st St, Camp Hill, PA 17011
 North Penn DBC – 298 Wissahickon Ave, North Wales, PA 19454
 Canandaigua BC – 58 N Main St, Canandaigua, NY 14424 (First
Congregational Church of Canandaigua)

o Flight C Final will be a 1-day, 2-session event on Sat, 9/30/23
 Any entity, club or unit in D4 may participate but must notify the D4 NAP
Coordinator at least 1 month in advance of their intention in order to
receive appropriate sanctions.

 See rules in the District 4 CoC link to determine how placing/qualifying works, because
it can be a little complicated when there are multiple sites.
What can I win for placing in our District 4 NAP competition?
 Stipends for NAP Finals @ Louisville Spring Nationals (you must attend Nationals to
receive these stipends)
o 1 st place in each flight gets $1,400/pair subsidy (from ACBL)
o 2 nd place pairs will receive $600/pair subsidy (from ACBL)
o 3 rd place pairs get $400/pair subsidy (from District 4)
o 4 th place pair in Flights B and C $200/pair subsidy (from District 4)

When is Nationals?
 NAP Finals are at the Spring NABC in Louisville, KY on 3/14/24-3/24/24
o Baldwin NAP Flight A: 4-session 2-day is Wed-Thu, 3/13/24-3/14/24
o Golder NAP Flight B and President’s Cup NAP Flight C: 4-session 2-day are
scheduled to be held on Sat-Sun, 3/23/24-3/24/24

Anything else I should know about the NAP?
 For a full overview, see the ACBL NAP Conditions of Contest (CoC): and the District 4 Supplement
to the ACBL NAP Conditions of Contest (CoC):
 Unit 141 NAP Coordinator: John Nothdurft –
 District 4 NAP Coordinator: Bharat Rao –