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Become a Member for only $15. Annual renewal fee of $10.  Benefits awarded to members in good standing include voting privileges, a complimentary name tag, subsidized Christmas dinner, and some reduced game costs at specified periods of time.  Fill out a membership form and hand it in at the next session you attend.

Membership Application.pdf


  Library:  The "Information" tab above provides a list of books.

Hand Sanitizer

The club provides hand sanitizers for your convenience.  Please do your part to prevent sharing germs.


Please remember that Bridge on the Edge is a scent-free bridge club. We have several members who are severely allergic to scent.

News Archive

Bridge Games on Thursday January 23rd
Bridge Games on Thursday January 23rd

As the State of Emergency is still in effective, the BOTE club is closed on Thursday January 23th.

Winter Newsletter
Winter Newsletter

The Winter Newsletter is now available.  Many thanks to Patricia O'Brien and Janet Parsons for another wonderful job!  Newsletters are stored under the Information tab on the BOTE website but the following link has been provided for your convenience:
Newsletter - January 2020.pdf

Bridge On the Edge Library

The BOTE library is now well stocked. We thank everyone for their generous donations and do not need any more at the moment.

Inclement Weather

BOTE's  policy is to close the club if the schools are closed due to weather-related issues.  

Therefore the club is closed Tuesday, Janurary 21th.

Upcoming Board Meeting
Upcoming Board Meeting

  The next Board meeting will be held on January 9th. One of the agenda items will be our Zero Tolerance policy. If any member has comments on this or any other issue please let any Board member know.  Brian S., Roy, Rick, Judith M., Anne, Susan and Fran.

$5.00 Games in December
$5.00 Games in December

Back by popular demand, $5.00 games for the month of December.
Enjoy the     savings!


Thank You
Thank You


Thank you to Gloria Stone for her excellent 12 week classes on Beginner Bridge Basics.


BOTE Christmas Celebration
BOTE Christmas Celebration

HO HO HO Santa is coming!
BOTE will open at 11:00am December 12th.
A photo booth will be available for pictures with Santa 
and Friends!

Come and celebrate the season with your BOTE friends


Beginner Bridge Lessons - Gloria Stone

Gloria is offering beginner bridge lessons on Mondays at 7 pm (No lesson Nov 11th Remembrance Day).  Topics posted weekly.  Audrey Grant's style of interactive teaching and recommended sequence of topics with practice play an important component of each lesson.  $10 per night, pay as you go.  We encourage everyone to register themselves but if you require assistance, please email

Dec 9th:  Jacoby Transfers

Doubles & Redoubles by Randy Bennett

Randy is offering 3 lessons on the various doubles. For every bid there is a possible double: takeout, negative, responsive, balancing, support, maximal, lead directing, thrump, snap dragon, balance of power, equal level conversion, card showing, penalty, obarbids (and more)?  For every double, there is a redouble! Randy will also briefly discuss the meaning of the redouble (a forgotten bid rarely discussed in most partnerships).

Dates:Dec 10th 9:30am

2 hour classes (.5 hr lesson; 1.5 hr practice).  All 3 lessons fit together as a package … move your game up a notch with doubles & redoubles! 

New Ruby Life Master

Congratulations to Viki O'Dea who achieved the level of Ruby Life Master by attaining 1500 masterpoints.

Well done Viki!!!

Call for Proposals - Winter/Spring 2020
Call for Proposals - Winter/Spring 2020

This is a call for proposals for educational offerings for the Winter & Spring 2020. 

The Education Committee would appreciate receiving the following information:

  • Name/theme of the set of lessons to be offered (ie. defense, play of hand)
  • List of topics to be covered.
  • Dates, length of lesson, and times preferred.
  • Instructional materials needed.

If more than one proposal is received offering the same topics and/or in the same preferred time, the Committee will request the instructors to collaborate and reach an agreement amongst themselves.  If this is not achieved, the Education Committee will decide which topics will be offered and when. 

Please forward your proposal to by Saturday, November 30th.

Thank You

Many thanks to Brian Collins for providing sessions where he reviewed topics from his document entitled "A Bridge Companion"

A Bridge Companion - Discussion Paper by Brian Collins
November 12 and 19 (9:30 am)
$20 includes the paper and 2 lessons, payable at first lesson
Brian Collins has written a 34 page document titled: “A Bridge Companion”.  Intermediate level players in particular will learn and enjoy the sessions and the reference material.  Yet suitable for all.  Brian’s sessions are educational, but not exactly in a structured lesson format.  More than 40 topics cover everything from opening bid criteria, maximal doubles, rectifying the count, and many, many more topics.  The $20 fee covers both sessions and an electronic copy of the "Bridge Companion" emailed to you for your reading enjoyment.  Come join!  Registration now available.
"A singleton is a good lead as long as it isn't a trump".
Halloween 2019

Our trustworthy BOTE Board Members

Can you identify them?
Thanks to Brian Shortall for providing the photo

What's Happening in October
What's Happening in October

Week 5 Club appreciation games
Oct. 31: ACBL Matchpoint Games (gold pts available)


Thursday, October 31 is Halloween and if anybody is "in the SPIRIT", please feel free to wear a costume.  Snacks and goodies will be served.

Team Games

Team Game:
Mon. Oct. 28 (afternoon)

All teams of 4 players must be constructed according to the "8 is enough" guidelines where an A player (1000+ master points) is worth 3, a B (300-999) is 2, and a C (0-299) is 1.  A valid team can be AACC, ABBC, ABCC, BBBB, or any combination of B and C players.

Please list 4 team members' names when signing up.

Bridge on the Edge Library - Open for Business!
Our library books are available on an honesty basis with members signing the books out and returning them in a timely manner so others can use them.  Donations of more books are welcome.  If anyone has books they would like to contribute, please contact Judith McIntyre or Fran Cook at
Click on the link below (also located under the Information tab on the BOTE website) to see the list of books available for borrowing.
Ottawa Regional

Congratulations to all our BOTE members who attended the Ottawa Regional.  Well done!  Click on the link below to see the results.

New Bronze Life Master

Congratulations to Raye Lundrigan who achieved the level of Bronze Life Master by attaining 750 masterpoints.

Well done Raye!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oct. 14 & 21- NO GAMES

No games on Monday, October 14th and 21st due to advanced voting and Election Day the subsequent week.

Mentoring Program Notice

Building on the BOTE successful Mentoring Program, we are proud to continue this very worthwhile program through 2019-20 with a few modifications.  For a number of reasons, we are discontinuing the coupon and free game sponsorship by our club, which means… any player wishing to obtain a Mentor will be responsible for working out a compensation agreement with that individual Mentor.  At most clubs in North America, Mentees pay the game fee for the Mentor (and if post mortem analysis or additional tutoring is required, it may include a nominal lesson fee).

BOTE will make available a list of players who have volunteered to be Mentors.  Players may then approach a Mentor to see if that Mentor is available or already fully booked.

For additional queries or information please contact your Education Committee.

Important Schedule Change

Because the federal election is scheduled for Monday, October 21st and the Swilers Club is a designated polling station, lessons and games are cancelled for that date.  Please ensure your partner is aware of this cancellation.

Newsletter Revision

It has come to the attention of the Editors of the Newsletter that the article on Eileen Wakeham in the September issue required correction.  The article has been revised and reposted under the Information tab.

Fall 2019 Education Program

Registration for classes is available online.  Be sure to take advantage of these great educational opportunities.

Education Program - Fall 2019.pdf

Afternoon of Bridge - September 28

You are invited to an afternoon of bridge on Sept. 28th.  Bring your own cards.  Tables must be booked by Sept. 23rd.  This event is a fundraiser with all proceeds going towards the establishment of homes in the Avalon area.  Click on the link for more details.

LArche Poster 2019.pdf


The Education Committee is looking for players who are willing to be Mentors. Interested players should submit their names to Anne Hughes by the end of September.

Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Board Meetings of September 5th and 12th can be reviewed by accessing the link below.  Also available in the drop down menu of the blue "Information" tab on the BOTE website.
Board Minutes - Sept 5 and 12 2019.pdf

Defibrillator Training

Sherry Healey, Heart and Stroke Foundation, will provide a short training session in the use of an Emergency Defibrillator (AED).  Tuesday, September 17 at 12:00 noon.  The session is 15 to 20 minutes. Directors, Teachers and any interested Club Members are welcome to attend.

3rd Anniversary BBQ

A hugh thank you to Sue Follett and her team for making our 3rd Anniversary BBQ an overwhelming success!  Click on the link below to see some pictures that Judith McIntyre generously shared with us!

3rd Anniversary BBQ - September 12th

Between games on Thurs. Sept 12th we are barbecuing hamburgers (veggie option also available).   Please register for the event and indicate if you prefer a veggie burger.   To reduce our environmental footprint, we ask everyone to bring your own plate and cutlery and take them home to wash.  Looking forward to seeing you!

New Club Director

Congratulatons to Shakti Chandra on attaining her ACBL Club Director credentials. BOTE members welcome her to this important role in our club.

Board Meeting

The next Board of Administration meeting will be held on Thursday 5th September.  The Board would like to thank members for the feedback on the planning meeting held in July and for the ideas submitted in the Suggestion Box.  These are on the agenda for our meeting.  Anyone who has any additional input please contact one of us, either in person or by email, we love to hear from you.  Brian S., Roy, Rick, Judith M., Anne, Susan and Fran.

New Gold Life Master

Congratulations to Tom Dale who recently achieved the rank of Gold Life Master (2500 MP with at least 500 silver/red/gold/platinum).  Well done Tom!

Sad News

We have just learned the sad news that Mike Buist has passed away. Mike was a long standing member of the bridge community as well as a friend to many at the club.

Information on the visitation and service can be found in his obituary,

Thursday Morning

We need three full tables for the game to go ahead on Thursday morning.  If you wish to play, please register soon.  Deadline for registration is 7 pm on Wednesday.

Thursday Morning (Aug.22nd)

Due to insufficient numbers, the morning game on Thursday, August 22nd is cancelled.

Education Report from 2019 AGM

Please take the time to read the full report from last year's Education Committee.  The report was briefly summarized at our AGM in May. 

Many thanks to Janet Hannaford, Alice Collins, and Marilyn Walbourne for their outstanding work.

BOTE Education Report - May 28 2019.pdf

Planning Committee Minutes July 8th, 2019
Planning Committee Minutes July 8th, 2019

Minutes from the Planning Committee's July Meeting are now available on our website under the blue Information tab.  The link below has been provided for your convenience.  Please take time to review these minutes to keep updated with important information.

Planning Committee Minutes July 8th 2019.pdf

Education Survey Report 2018
The Education Committee, on behalf of the Board, would like to formally acknowledge the tremendous service John Goold has given BOTE with his labour and thorough analysis of the survey results. 
We also thank:  club teachers and others who contributed suggestions in the development of the survey‎; Tim Summers, for making the survey accessible online; and 79 survey participants who gave their time and effort in completing the survey.  Based on the results, the Education Committee is currently formulating programs that reflect the needs and wants of our members. 
Call for Proposals - Fall, 2019

This is a call for proposals for educational offerings for the Fall of 2019. 
The Education Committee would appreciate receiving the following information:

  • Name/theme of the set of lessons to be offered (ie. defense, play of hand)
  • List of topics to be covered.
  • Dates, length of lesson, and times preferred.
  • Instructional materials needed.

If more than one proposal is received offering the same topics and/or in the same preferred time, the Committee will request the instructors to collaborate and reach an agreement amongst themselves.  If this is not achieved, the Education Committee will decide which topics will be offered and when. 


Please forward your proposal to by Monday, August 12th.

Alzheimer Fundraiser Photos - Thanks Laura

Thank you to Laura Flynn for taking photos at our BOTE 2019 Alzheimer Silent Auction Fundraiser.

Click on the link below to see these photos.

Thank You

 THANK YOU to Regina Clarke and Susan Follett for volunteering to clean our tables. We all appreciate the effort in keeping our bridge club a clean environment for our bridge games.

Manager's Message Regarding Assigned Seats

During the larger afternoon games, sometimes not all E/W will play all N/S and vice versa.  If one pair misses two A pairs, and a second misses two C pairs, the first pair will usually have an easier game so it is not ideal to compare their scores.  So if we can assign tables with a pattern like ABCABCABC, it will be more equitable.  This won't be perfect as we also need to accomodate players for lighting issues, and the number of players in each stratum will not be the same (so maybe the pattern one day is ACBCACBC), but it seems to be an improvement over freeform seating.  There can also be improvements in play speed (makes it less likely that two slow pairs will follow each other, though there are faster and slower players at all levels).

Canadian Bridge Federation

The CBF mission is to promote bridge within Canada and protect and advance the national interests of Canadian bridge teams and players for international bridge competition.  We urge all Canadian bridge players to be members of the CBF.  See below for more information.

CBF Brochure.pdf 

CBF - Why Join.pdf

Help Wanted - Table Washer Needed

To maintain a hygenic environment, we need volunteers to wash down our bridge tables.  Volunteers can contact a board member through email or in person.  We are a member owned club and our volunteers are greatly valued for all the work they do to make our club a success.

Thanks Raye!!!!

Thanks to Ray Lundrigan for helping to promote a hygeneic environment by keeping our bridge tables clean over the past year.  We are now looking for someone to take over this important job.

Letter from Alzheimer Society

Here are the final results of the recent BOTE fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Society of Newfoundland.  Bravo on a job well done!

Alzheimer Fundraiser 2019 - Letter from Alzheimer Society.pdf

Congratulations everyone for working so well together as a team to make this fundraiser a success!  The money has gone to the Alzheimer Society of NL to support programs and services which are so necessary for individuals and their families dealing with this disease.

New Ruby Life Master

Congratulations to John Goold on achieving
Ruby Life Master.

Requirements:  A Life Master with 1500 MP
(at least 300 are silver/red/gold/platinum).

New Life Master

Anne Hughes became a Life Master at the Can-At Regional in Moncton.  

Congratulations Anne!

2019 Longest Day Fundraiser

BOTE had another successful year with our fundraiser for the Longest Day 2019.  $4,000.00 was raised at the club and presented to the Alzheimer Society of Newfoundland and Labrador.   We have asked the Society to provide us with a letter indicating the grand total of contributions once the direct and on-line contributions have been tallied.

Alzheimer Fundraiser Letter 2019 - from Dan Regan.pdf

Special thanks go to our Longest Day Committee members:  Dan Regan, Shakti Chandra, Laura Flynn, Marylou Leeman, and Madonna Wadden.  Many hours were spent making this event a great success.  Thanks to Marilyn Bennett, Richard Lash, and Janet Parsons for devoting their time and talent to the supervised play fundraiser.  Thanks also go to those who donated items for BOTE's silent auction, to those who purchased them and/or made donations, and to Rick Comerford who reviewed our collections and verified them against our supporting documentation.  Well done everyone!

Minutes - June 20th Board Meeting

Minutes from the June 20th  Board Meeting are now available on our website under the blue Information tab.  The link below has been provided for your convenience.  Please take time to review these minutes to keep updated with important information.

Board Minutes - June 20 2019.pdf

Good cards and good luck to all Newfoundland participants at the Can-At Regional in Moncton.  Have fun; we know you’ll represent us well!

To see the results, just click on the header at the top of this news item or on the ACBL Live logo..

Spring/Summer Lesson Schedule

Registration for classes is available online.  Be sure to take advantage of these great educational opportunities.

BOTE Spring-Summer Lessons 2019.pdf

BOTE's Longest Day Fundraiser 2019

BOTE's Longest Day fundraising takes place June 17th to 20th.  There will be a table for monetary donations (cash or cheques accepted).  Cheques should be made out to "Alzheimer Society of NL"Sorry but we are unable to accept credit cards, debit, or e-transfers.  If you prefer to donate online, please make sure you indicate that you are a BOTE member donating as part of our Longest Day Fundraiser.

A Silent Auction is taking place as part of the fundraising events.  Items for the auction can be viewed by clicking on the link below.  Winners will be decided on Thursday, June 20th and are asked to pay on that day.

Longest Day 2019 - Silent Auction Items.pdf

We encourage our members to be generous and help us raise money for this worthy cause.  Your donations help the Alzheimer Society offer services and support to people with dementia and their family and caregivers.

Board Meeting - June 20th

The BOTE Administrative Board will be meeting on Thursday, June 20th.  If members have any ideas, concerns or questions they would like addressed, please mention them to any Board member in person or by email.

Non-Tangible Donations needed - Longest Day Committee

BOTE’s Longest Day Committee is seeking donations of non-tangible items for this year’s silent auction benefiting the Alzheimer Society of NL.  Examples of non-tangible items include at-home cooking or other lessons, dinner invitations, event tickets, gift certificates, and personal services.

Those wishing to donate auction items should contact Dan Regan at by June 11.

Details about the silent auction, and the opportunity to make Longest Day cash donations, will be coming soon.

New Ruby Life Master

Congratulations to Peter Stacey on achieving Ruby Life Master.  Requirements for this level:  A Life Master with 1500 MP
(at least 300 are silver/red/gold/platinum).  Well done Peter!

Welcome to our new Board!

BOTE members welcomed our newly elected Board at our AGM on May 28th.  Many thanks go out to the previous Board members for their diligence and hard work.  Minutes of the AGM available soon.

President:  Brian Shortall
Vice President:  Roy Perry
Secretary:  Judith McIntyre
Treasurer:  Rick Comerford
Members at large:  Fran Cook, Anne Hughes, Susan Follett
Thanks to Gloria Stone for taking pictures at our AGM.  Click on the link for some candid shots.
Membership Campaign

Membership renewals are $10 and come with a bonus bridge booklet upon payment (while supplies last). New memberships are $15 and signees will be set up for club name tags.  Member benefits include a subsidized Christmas dinner, special game prices throughout the year, and seasonal treats.  Only paid-up members are eligible to attend the AGM (May 28th).

Call for Nominations to the Board

The third BOTE AGM will be held at the Swilers Club on May 28th at 10:30 am.  A Nominating Committee (Wanda Lundrigan, Gwenda Jablonski) will seek nominations for the Administrative Board of Directors.  We are inviting all members to consider themselves for nomination to the Board.  Positions available are: President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary, and 3 members at large.  Some main functions of a Board member are to oversee the direction and management of the club, to lead specific projects and committees, and to ensure solid financial management of the budget.  The BOTE Board of Directors is an active board that makes a difference to the development and enjoyment of bridge in our community.  For further details on the roles and responsibilities of the Administrative Board, please check out the Constitution - Revised 2018-05-31.pdf Those who are elected to the Board will serve a one year term and may stand for re-election at the next Annual General Meeting.  Members may stand for election for more than one position, but may only serve in one.  The newly elected Board will be key to ensuring continued success for the club.  Nominations should be submitted to the Nominations Committee at 

Welcome - Regina and June

Many thanks to Regina Clarke and June Hynes for answering the call to help with the BOTE website.  Over the next few weeks/months they will be learning different aspects of the website maintenance.  Please join us in welcoming them to their new roles.

Committee Members Needed for Longest Day

BOTE has been quite active in its support of the Longest Day program over several years.  The organizers of the 2018 program deserve our appreciation for the excellent activities which were spearheaded by the committee. 

A committee to organize and coordinate our 2019 participation is required.  Any member interested in volunteering to serve on the 2019 committee is asked to advise Judy Crewe at, any member of the BOTE Board (emails are in the drop down menu of the Information tab on the main website), or our Club Manager, Rahul Chandra at  Hopefully a committee can be formed to continue this important venture.

Spring Surprise: BOTE Pop-Up Pizza

The coming of spring was celebrated by BOTE members with a complimentary pizza lunch after the Thursday morning game on April 4th.  Earlier in the week we had our favourite joker and jester, Roy Perry, to help us celebrate April Fools Day.

BOTE Winter Education Schedule - Save the Dates

Here is the BOTE Winter Education Schedule.  Mark your calendars to take advantage of these great educational opportunities.

BOTE Winter Education Schedule 2018-19.pdf

Call for Proposals - Spring/Summer 2019

This is a call for proposals for lessons in the Spring/Summer, 2019 (April 8-July 31 inclusive).    Click the links for further clarification.

Call for Proposals 2019 - General Call for Proposals.pdf     

Call for Proposals 2019 - Bid and Play.pdf     

Call for Proposals 2019 - Defense for Beginners.pdf

                           Call for Proposals 2019 - Losing Trick Count.pdf           

Call for Proposals 2019 - Refresher Course.pdf

The Education Committee would appreciate receiving the following information:

  • Name/theme of lessons to be offered (eg defense, play of the hand)
  • List of topics to be covered
  • Dates, length of lesson and times preferred
  • Instructional materials required. 

For all sessions, the minimum number of participants will be 8.  For sessions for beginners (including refresher courses) the maximum will be 24; for all other sessions, the maximum will be 32.  Please forward proposals by March 28/19 to
Advice on Slow Play

Bruce McIntyre from Vancouver gives helpful advice on how to prevent slow play at the bridge table.  Worth the read!

Stratified Pairs - Riverview NB - April 13 & 14, 2019
Eastern Canadian Sectional 0-299 Tournament is taking place in Riverview NB on April 13th and 14th.  There is a brief teaching session between games and a light meal provided on site.  Billets will be available for any players from our club.  Contact Jen Huntsman for details.    Moncton - Stratified Pairs - April 13 14 2019.pdf
The Canadian Food Sharing Association needs our help
The Community Food Sharing Association's recent fire destroyed most of their ‎warehouse donations.  Long known to help the poorest of our province ease their struggles‎, it is now time to help the CFSA with their present struggle of building the stores in their food bank.  Under the leadership of Barb Baldwin and Susan Follett, our club will accept donations of cheques (made payable to Community Food Sharing Association Inc.; their number is 119227429RR0001) or nonperishable food items ‎during each game and lesson this week (February 4-7).  Please give generously.  Many thanks to Barb and Susan.
Flu Season is Here

The club provides hand sanitizers for your convenience.  Please do your part to prevent sharing germs.

ACBL and CBF Unit Races - Final Results

Final totals were updated January 6th.  Our members did well. 

ACBL Unit Races (We are Unit 194)

Mini-McKenney races are won by the member from each masterpoint category who earns the most total pigmented masterpoints during the year.

Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs recognizes the players who earn the most masterpoints in ACBL clubs during a calendar year (excluding tournaments).

Canadian Bridge Federation (We are Zone 1)

Mini-Richmond awards recognize CBF members who won the most masterpoints in the calendar year in each of the masterpoint categories, up to and including Diamond Life Master (5,000 -7,500 MP).

Complimentary Game of Bridge at BOTE

Janet Hannaford welcomed 27 aspiring bridge players to a complimentary game on Tuesday, January 8.  Many of these players have availed of BOTE ‘s Beginner Lesson Series and are continuing their bridge journey with us this winter.  Janet was joined by volunteers Anne Hughes, Gloria Stone, Joy Hoskins, Sandra Tobin, Marilyn Walbourne, and Alice Collins.  Volunteers provided a range of support including planning the event, preparing boards for play, assisting players with bidding and other questions, and providing baked goods.  Overall a great morning of bridge!  Check out the link for more pictures of this fun event.

Pop and Pizza for Members - Dec. 27th

Santa is giving free pop and pizza to members who play on Thursday, December 27th Registration is online. 

If interested, please sign up by midnight on Wednesday, December 26th

BOTE Christmas Celebrations - December 13, 2018

BOTE celebrated the Christmas season with a catered hot turkey dinner and a visit from Santa, followed by a 24-board bridge game.  Esther Dooling won the Christmas pudding made and generously donated by Florence Matthews.  Everyone had a very enjoyable time.   Great company and lots of laughs.  Check out the links to see some of the fun.

Dinner Photos:

Santa Arrives (video/sound):

Afternoon Bridge Game:

Comfort and Safety - Winter is coming. Layer up!

The temperature at the Swilers Club has been set for winter weather.  We are asked not to touch the thermostats as that can cause them to error.  Kindly direct any concerns to the club manager.  Please be careful in the parking lot, particularly during the evening or icy conditions.  Vehicles should be locked and valuables kept out of sight.

Principles of IMPs versus MPs - need an instructor

With the addition of a trial period for IMP games (one/month), we would like to offer one lesson (1.5 hour session) in January on the bridge principles of IMPs vs MPs.  The honorarium will be $75.  This will be offered free to our members.  If you are interested in offering this course, please respond to the Education Committee by Tuesday, Nov. 27.

Follett/Janes Festive Fall Feast 2018

Hosts Susan Follett and Heidi Janes with guests Stephen and Corie Outerbridge and friends. A great dinner and evening as auctioned at BOTE's Alzheimer's Fundraiser. 

New Gold Life Master!

Richard Lash is now a Gold Life Master!  Congratulations Richard!

Two Cool Cats

Two cool cats dressed for the occasion at the ABCL-wide Instant Matchpoint Game on Wednesday, October 31

Lots of fun!

Team Game - October 29th - "8 is enough"

Club Appreciation Teams:   Monday, October 29th. 

Teams of 4 players must be constructed according to "8 is enough" where an A player (800+ masterpoints) is worth 3, a B (300-799) is 2, and a C (0-299) is 1.  A valid team is AACC, ABBC, BBBB, or any number of C players can replace others. 

5% gold points.

Please indicate all 4 team member names when signing up for this event.

Congratulations to Cecily

Cecily Ryan is now a Bronze Life Master as a result of acquiring over 30 gold points at the Ottawa Regional Tournament.  This is quite a feat considering this is only her second tournament and the requirement for Cecily's life master was 50 gold.  Congratulations Cecily!

Congratulations to Tom and Richard

BOTE congratulates Tom Dale and Richard Lash for placing in the top 12 at the Ottawa tournament.  Amazing bridge performance!

Congratulations also go out to the other BOTE members who attended the Ottawa tournament.  BOTE was well represented!  Click on the link below to see how everyone did.

Birthday Bash - A Success!

Click on the link to see how BOTE celebrated its second birthday as a member-owned club on Sept. 20th.  Games were $5 and members enjoyed sandwich trays, birthday cake, coffee and other beverages between games.  Many thanks to Joy Hoskins for taking these pictures.

BOTE Alzheimer Fundraiser - Lunch and Bridge

Click on the link to see who enjoyed a wonderful lunch and bridge as part of BOTE's Longest Day 2018 Fundraiser.  It coincidently took place on World Alzheimer's day.  Thanks to Fran Cook who submitted these photos.

BOTE Birthday Bash - Thursday, September 20th
Paid-up members are invited to celebrate BOTE's second birthday as a member-owned club on Thursday, Sept. 20th.
Morning and afternoon games will be priced at $5 apiece.  Register for the lunch by Tuesday, Sept. 18th at 7 pm.
Sandwich trays, birthday cake, and coffee will be available to members free of charge. This light lunch will be a self serve option available at the conclusion of the morning's 21-board game.
Sign up for games and register for the lunch. Celebrate the success of your club.
Well Done Janet!

Congratulations to Janet Hannaford, BOTE Vice President, on earning the ACBL Best Practices Teacher Certification.  This is a significant achievement and deserving of much credit.  Well done!

M2M Partnersips for 2018
These pairs will begin their partnerships starting in February through to October.  We wish them success in their adventure.  Mentoring applications are now closed.  Many thanks to those who applied and mentors who volunteered.
Deidre Davis‎ and Shirley Ryan
Marilyn Bennett and Jacinta Wall
Tom Dale and Susan Follett
Joan FitzGerald and Shakti Chandra 
Anne Hughes‎ and Brenda Conway
Joan Ledrew‎ and June Hynes
Raye Lundrigan ‎and Regina Clarke 
Janet Parsons and Marilyn Walbourne 
Bruce Watson and Heidi Janes
Richard Lash and Pauline Mackey
John Goold and Helen Handrigan
Randy Bennett and Judith Chubbs
Alzheimer's Fundraiser Dinner 2018

Thanks to Betty Greeley who submitted this pic of their fabulous dinner at Maura Beam's in aid of the Alzheimer's Society.  It was catered by Florence and Neil Matthews.  In attendance were Peggy & Shog Stone, Pramilla & Harold Paddock, Barb Baldwin, Brenda Turner, Betty & Sid Greeley.

ACBL - Bridge Feed

Take a look at BridgeFeed on the ACBL site.  The link is below.  There is a lot of free bridge content there including some of the best colunnists in the game, great instructional material, and lots more.  Do yourself a favour, check it out.  There's something for everyone.

Senior Game Winners - March 19th

The July issue of the ACBL Bulletin lists the winners of the March 19th ACBL-wide Seniors Game on page 50.  There were 2339.5 tables of players age 58 or older. 

The District 1 winners were Joan FitzGerald and Cecily Ryan.  Congratulations!

Alzheimers Longest Day Fundraiser 2018

The Alzheimer Society of Newfoundland and Labrador sent BOTE a letter of thanks for hosting the Longest Day BOTE fundraiser again this year.  Click on the link below to see the entire letter and the amount raised by our club.

Alzheimer Fundraiser Results 2018.pdf

Atlanta National Bridge Tournament 2018

Janet Hannaford, Jay Whipple (President of ACBL), Roy Perry

Photo courtesy of:  Barbara Rhoades

Call for Proposals - Beginners' Bridge Program

CALL FOR PROPOSALS for Beginners’ Bridge Program

Come Play With Us: Bridge for Beginners


This is a call for proposals for a beginners’ program to be offered on Monday nights beginning in September.  This would be an 8-10 week program of two hour duration.  The student fee will be $80 for eight weeks (extra for extra weeks).  The fee will be collected by the Board and the instructor will be paid weekly.  The instructor will be paid 60% of the revenue or the minimum fee ($75) as per the recent compensation proposal (whichever is greater).  The program will be offered depending on sufficient numbers and should include a mix of teaching and hands on experiences for students.


The Education Committee would appreciate the following information in the proposal:

  • Topics to be offered
  • Number of weeks’ duration
  • Indication of instructors’ preferred system/style (eg Audrey Grant, Barbara Seagram, your own, etc)
  • Instructional requirements

Please submit your proposal to  

by Tuesday, August 7.   Thank you.

21 Rules of Being a Good Bridge Partner

Here's an article previously posted but is worth posting again.  Check out Larry Cohen's bridge article of 21 Rules of Being a Good Bridge Partner.

Mini-Richmond Award - Gloria Stone

Congratulations to Gloria Stone for winning a 2017 Mini-Richmond Trophy award from the Canadian Bridge Federation.  She placed 2nd in the 300-500 point category.  Her name was announced at the Halifax Regionals. 

"The Mini-Richmond awards were introduced in 2012.  The awards recognize CBF members who won the most masterpoints in the calendar year in each of the masterpoint categories, up to and including Diamond Life Master (5,000 -7,500 MP).  Each category winner in each of the six CBF zones receives a special pin.  In addition, overall national winners receive a certificate recognizing their achievement."  For further information on past winners and those in the standing for 2018, click on the link below.

Longest Day 2018 BOTE Results

Bridge on the Edge (BOTE) has raised more than $6,000 as the result of its 2018 Longest Day  fundraising efforts.  

“This year’s success is a direct reflection of the outstanding participation of the club’s members,” says Heidi Janes, BOTE board president.  “I applaud everyone who contributed so generously to support the Alzheimer Society of NL, including those who donated to the auction, those who supervised the social bridge event, and the Longest Day Committee.”

Check out the link below to find out more details.

Longest Day 2018 Results.pdf

Call for Teachers- Summer Session

The Education Committee is requesting proposals for the summer session beginning July 9th through to August 16th.  Topics, duration, and format ought to be in keeping with the Education Survey results, Appendix A.

Newly Elected Board

The second Annual General Meeting for Bridge on the Edge (BOTE) was held at the Swilers Club on Thursday, May 31st at 9:30 am.


The newly elected Board is:

Heidi Janes - President
Janet Hannaford - Vice President
Rick Comerford - Treasurer
Brian Shortall - Secretary
Members at Large:  Mary Lou Martin, Alice Collins, Jacinta Wall
Many thanks to the previous Board for doing such a great job over the past year and a very warm welcome to the incoming new Board.

Shuffle Pairs Game - Wednesday, April 25th

The Administrative Board has liaised with the Swilers Club to have a special club day on Wednesday, April 25, 2018. We are going to offer a Shuffle Pairs Game commencing at 1 pm; feedback on our first SPG was fabulous.  Game fee is $10.  Kindly arrive at the club by 12:30 pm in order to facilitate game preparation.

SPG ProtocolPlayers should register as individuals for this event.  The entire list of those registered will then be divided in half at the median number of master points held by players.  Pairs will be comprised of a player above the median and one below the median and will be done so on a randomized basis.  It will be a fun, sanctioned game and master points will be awarded in the normal manner. 

Double Dummy

Thanks to Joan FitzGerald for this link regarding Double Dummy.

Cheers to Our New Chairs!

Cheers to our new chairs, and many thanks to Janet Hannaford for her management of this purchase.  Thanks also to Brian Collins, Roy Perry and all the club members who helped.  We hope to have many years of comfortable seating as a result of this investment.
Learning To Improve - by Larry Cohen

Many thanks to Janet Parsons for providing this article by Larry Cohen.  It gives "universal" information on learning how to get better at bridge.

Larry Cohen - Learning To Improve.pdf

General Convention Chart

BOTE is a small club that has been growing surely & steadily,  thanks in the main part to the many volunteers, card dealers, mentors, teachers, directors, special committees & hard-working executive and we are very proud of what we have accomplished. One of our main focuses is to grow the Club by attracting new players & we can only accomplish this if their bridge experience is a positive one.

Therefore we try to restrict the use of the more aggressive systems that you see in Flight A Events (5000+points). For this reason, only bids and bidding systems which adhere to the ACBL General Convention Chart may be used at our club. Please make our game more pleasant for all. We are asking all players to be particularly diligent when they believe an illegal bid has been made, and to call the Director to the table.

See this link for the ACBL General Convention Chart.

National Capital Regional Tournament

Players from BOTE did very well at the National Capital Regional Bridge Tournament held in Ottawa, ON from October 3-9, 2017. 

The team pictured (L-R: Brian Collins, Raye Lundrigan, Pramila Paddock, Peter Rans) placed first overall in Bracketed Swiss Teams at the National Capital Regional tournament.

On Friday, October 6th (1:30 pm), the team pictured (L-R: Mike Buist, Fran Cook, Jonathan Cook, Steven Outerbridge) placed first overall in Bracketed Swiss Teams.

Congratulations to all!

Best Halloween Costume!

This year for Halloween we invited members to dress up for the Tuesday afternoon game, Oct. 31st.  Treats were available and the Board awarded a prize for the best costume.  The lucky winner was Maureen Howard.  Check out the link to see photos of the contestants.  Thanks to everyone who took photos of this fun afternoon.

Mentoring (M2M) for 2017
This is the completion of the 3 session Mentoring, M2M for 2017.  The program gives those who signed up as mentees three games, to be arranged at mutually convenient times with the selected mentors, over the fall term.  The program's purpose is to GUIDE mentees' growth in all aspects of the game. It is aspirational in its core. Both mentor and mentee accept that each bears the responsibility to make the experience a success‎.  We appreciate the mentors' time and participation in this program. 

We have teamed the following pairs:

Donna Wadden with Gloria Stone                           

Carmel Rowe with Mary Lou Martin 

Marguerite Noonan with Marilyn Bennett                

Helen Sullivan with Judith McIntyre

Judy Crewe with Brian Collins

All these mentees are currently playing in the competitive section. 

The Education Committee would like to encourage all mentees to avail of the lessons at the club to ‎augment their one on one mentoring experience. 

Opening Lead Prior to Entering Contract on Score Sheet?

Bridge on the Edge is committed to the establishment and protection of a respectful culture both at the bridge table and in all BOTE communications.
In response to inquires about whether to make opening leads before entering the contract on one's score sheet:  BOTE has no policy on this procedure nor does the ACBL law book.  We encourage keeping the game moving along briskly by leading face down; however, neither declarer nor dummy should ever urge anyone to lead immediately or exhibit impatience if they choose to record the contract before leading.  If there is any problem in this regard, the Director can adjudicate quickly.  Unnecessarily slow play can be penalized.  Also, if any player feels uncomfortable about being badgered or lectured at the table, they should call the director.  Thank you for being polite and respectful in order to increase everyone's enjoyment of the game.

ACBL Guide for Directors on Zero Tolerance

If you're a Director or you'd like to see a Director's point of view on implementing Zero Tolerance policies, have a look at this ACBL handout.
ZT - Handout for Clubs.pdf

Booking Changes

To avoid problems at game time which can result in late starts and sit outs, please confirm with your partner on game day and, if necessary, cancel on a timely basis. If you must make a last minute cancellation, please send an email to the Club Manager ( or notify someone who is attending the game to ensure that your change is known about. It also makes directors' jobs much easier if everyone books ahead and does so before 11 AM on the day of the game. Thank you all for your assistance in this.