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Become a Member for only $15. Annual renewal fee of $10.  Benefits awarded to members in good standing include voting privileges, a complimentary name tag, subsidized Christmas dinner, and some reduced game costs at specified periods of time.  Fill out a membership form and hand it in at the next session you attend.

Membership Application.pdf


  Library:  The "Information" tab above provides a list of books.


Please remember that Bridge on the Edge is a scent-free bridge club. We have several members who are severely allergic to scent.

Welcome to Bridge On The Edge

Web Site

Welcome to Bridge on the Edge, located in the Swilers Rugby Club at 100 Crosbie Road in St. John's, NL, Canada.  In 2016 we became a player owned bridge club.  We support a respectful culture, both at the bridge table and in all BOTE communications, for the enjoyment and growth of all members.  Visitors and new members are always welcome.  Players are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes before game time.

For a map & further information, see the "Information" menu on the left.


Reminder! Next BOTE online game is Thursday May 28th at 1:35 pm

  How’s your preparation going?  

Have you signed up for BBO?  

Got your bridge bucks? 

Had a practise game to get used to the interface?  

Lined up a partner, (who will have to be online when you register after 11:35 am for the afternoon games and 5:00 pm for the evening)?

*If you need a partner, we will try to help, email*

Asked for help if you need it? *Please do it today, not the morning of the game.*

Looking forward to seeing you online.

To review results go to and open appropriate file date.

Updated Information for BOTE Online

BOTE is now successfully running online games, black points can now be earned online exactly the same as at our Club. Games are Monday and Thursdays at 1:35pm, 21 boards, and Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm, 18 boards, on BBO,  Registration for all games starts two hours before game time. After you log on to BBO, under "Featured Areas” you will see “Virtual Clubs”, click on that and then “ACBL North America”.  All BOTE games will be shown with Host: VACB265710 and our pair events will be clearly labeled BOTE, you can search for BOTE in the top right corner on the "ACBL North America" tab. These online Club games are open ONLY to BOTE members that have played at the actual club during the past year or who have bought memberships at BOTE, however there may be a substitute pair who are invited to play to prevent a sitout.   You and your partner must both be online for registration.  Cost is $5 US payable with BBO bridge bucks, which you can purchase online on BBO. A portion of the money goes towards BOTE to help with our ongoing expenses.

There are  21 or 18 boards in a game, three boards in a round which lasts 21 minutes. There has to be six tables for the game to proceed.  If there are less than six tables the game is cancelled and your money refunded. As it is a ACBL sanctioned game, there is a local Director available during the game, although most Director related problems like revokes, insufficient bids and leads out of turn are eliminated by computer technology. The Director may be called by accessing the three horizontal bars at the top right hand side of the screen when the game is in progress.  There are no ‘undos’ allowed during an ACBL game so be careful! You must alert your own bids before you make them.

Help is Available

If you need help getting started on BBO do not hesitate to email, we are happy to answer your questions.  If you need a partner email and we’ll try to connect you with someone.


1) Register on BBO, make sure to include your ACBL number when you do.  If you do not have an ACBL number contact with your BBO username.

2) Buy bridge bucks online, it is a safe and secure site.

3) Play some practice hands online to get used to the interface. 

4) Register for the game two hours before game time on game day, your partner must be online when you register.

5) Show up 10-15 minutes before start time and wait for the hands to show up.

6) Connect with your friends at the club, play bridge and have fun!

7) Repeat on next game day.

Looking forward to seeing you online.  If you have any comments or suggestions please email us at

BOTE - On-line Team Tournament
BOTE - On-line Team Tournament

The first BOTE tournament is underway.  12 enthusiastic teams signed up and several matches have been played already.  You can check progress at

To set up a team match, log in to BBO, go to "Competitive" and "Team matches", then "create team match". 16 Boards, IMPs, and put in the players' names. All 8 players must be online before you can start. Here's a video on how to do it: I will be available by phone (739-7248) or email to help, or to set up a match for you. (Guaranteed availability 2pm-5pm, but these days I'm not going anywhere much!). If you haven't been on BBO for long, you might not be allowed to set up the match. Just let me know and I can do it - email in advance and I can be around most times, or you can get a friend who's used BBO more.
Play and have fun! When finished, one of the captains should email me the result.

Hope to see you all there!


What's Happening in May
What's Happening in May

BOTE is going online Mondays and Thursdays at 1:35 pm as well as Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm


Can-At Tournament Cancelled

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic the 2020 Can-At tournament, due to be held 30th June to 5th July in Halifax, is cancelled.

BBO Tips

Use "Search” (top right) in the ACBL Virtual club section to find the BOTE game easily.


If your bid should be alerted, then before you make your bid, type the alert into the space labelled "Alert”. Then bid.  Only the opponents can see the alert.


In ACBL games, the director can not "undo" an action. So if your concerned about clicking the wrong bid or selecting the wrong card, you can select "confirm bid" or "confirm play" in Account-Settings - just be mindful this will add time to your play! 


Language of bridge online

28th May 2020
Afternoon - BBO/BOTE Open Pairs Now online, see site Notice (Reservation must be made within 2 hours before game time on BBO site. You must have a partner to sign up to play Cost $5 US, BBO BridgeBucks)
1:35 PM
1st June 2020
Afternoon - BBO/BOTE Open Pairs
1:35 PM
1st June 2020
Afternoon - Newcomers
1:00 PM
Evening - Open Pairs BBO/BOTE
Afternoon - Open Pairs BBO/BOTE
Afternoon - Open Pairs BBO/BOTE