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For 2020-21, Membership has been set at $20 for returning and new members. Benefits awarded to members in good standing include voting privileges and a one time complimentary name tag. 
New members are asked to fill out a membership form and send it to

You can  etransfer $20 to 

Password Swilers

Membership Application.pdf


 Library:The "Information" tab
above provides a list of bridge books.

BOTE Reopening Waiver
Reopening Waiver.pdf

A link has been established that will allow
members to send ONE (1) email message
that will be viewed by ALL Board Members:


Please remember that Bridge on the Edge is a scent-free bridge club. We have several members who are severely allergic to scent.

Welcome to Bridge On The Edge

Web Site

Welcome to the website of Bridge on the Edge, based in St. John's, NL, Canada.  In 2016 we became a player owned bridge club.  We support a respectful culture, both at the bridge table and in all BOTE communications, for the enjoyment and growth of all members.  Due to Covid -19 all our games are presently online.  

Please check with any Board member if you need additional information.

Re-opening Announcement
Re-opening Announcement

Finally, fantastic news . . . we’re reopening!! At the July 22, Executive Meeting, a start-up
schedule was approved as follows: the inaugural game will be Thursday 9th September,
followed by another a week later on 16th September. These two games will, hopefully,
allow us to get any ‘kinks’ worked out for our protocols, set-up and games format.

In the weeks following we intend to offer two games weekly on Mondays and Thursdays at 1:00pm,
cost $10 -(except for September 27th, when the Swilers is already booked). Online games will
continue to be offered when there is no in person game. A detailed schedule will be posted on our website.

The Executive is well aware of the major problems we will face in September as we work to
re-establish live duplicate games in NL. If playing trends across the continent are indicative of
what we can expect, it will be a good while before things improve for clubs. In March of 2020,
pre-pandemic, 2,189 face-to-face ACBL clubs were active; in June, 2021, only 804 had fully
reopened. Table counts are also down from pre-pandemic game numbers. In March, 2020 there
were 179,749 face-to-face tables in play in North America; during the first three weeks of June,
2021 there were only 24,677 tables of live bridge being played at the open clubs, see graphic
below. BOTE will have some scheduling and financial decisions to make and these will be
ongoing during our trial stages.

Will BOTE re-open safely? Yes!
Will it be a smaller game, then we had before the closure? Almost certainly.

By this Fall, with any luck, case numbers will be lower, second vaccines will be completed,
masks may no longer be required and a more optimistic climate may be prevalent.
We, as duplicate bridge players, are well experienced in coping with ambiguity and working our
way out of tough situations. Over the years, duplicate bridge clubs, in our city, have faced all
kinds of adversity and always came out alive in some fashion. We fully expect 2021-22 to be no
different. Working together with the support of our loyal members we will have a safe and
successful reopening.

Any suggestions for problem solving and other input are, of course, welcome.

See you at the club!

Number of Clubs playing in person

March 2020


June 2021


⤊ = 100 clubs

Number of ACBL in person tables

March 2020


June 2021


∏ = 1,000 tables

Face to Face Play

“Canary in the Coal mine, BOTE VP test drives face to face bridge in the US.”

BOTE Reopening 2021
BOTE Reopening 2021

  We are moving forward with our reopening plans.  

Please take the time to review the reopening protocols (below) and familiarize yourself with what your responsibilities will be as a player.  If you have any comments or concerns please contact us at

When you review the protocols, you will notice that we are going to require proof of two Covid vaccinations and a signed waiver from each player who wants to come to the club. If you wish to send these before your first time at the club the waiver can be downloaded (below) and a completed copy and a scan or picture of your vaccination record can be sent to Susan and Fran at These ladies will be leading our CRO2 reopening team.

We are excited about the reopening and looking forward to safely seeing everyone again.  Meantime we are still ‘open’ online and continuing to pay our bills with your dedicated support.

Your reopening team.

Reopening Protocols.pdf

Reopening Waiver.pdf

REMINDER----BOTE online Tuesday

Reminder! Next BOTE online game on Tuesday
Aug 3rd @ 7:00 pm

How’s your preparation going?  

Have you signed up for BBO?  

Got your bridge bucks? 

Had a practise game to get used to the interface?  

Lined up a partner, (who will have to be online when you register after 11:35 am for the afternoon games and 5:00 pm for the evening)?

If you need a partner, try using the partnership tab associated with the BOTE game on the BBO website.
This is only available two hours before the game. Another option is the BOTE website but that depends on people checking there and a third option is to play with a robot! They are extremely good declarers, smiley.

*Asked for help if you need it? *Please do it today, not the morning of the game.*

Looking forward to seeing you online.

To review results go to and open appropriate file date.

What's Happening in August
What's Happening in August

Monday 1:35pm  24 boards, six min rounds

Tuesday 7:00pm  21 boards, six min rounds

Thursday 1:35pm 24 boards six min round

Book Club
Book Club


Don’t forget to check out our virtual book club under the member's message section!

ACBL Calendar of Events

ACBL has a tentative event schedule which can be accessed through the following link: 

ACBL Calendar of Events 2021.pdf

BBO Tips

Use "Search” (top right) in the ACBL Virtual club section to find the BOTE game easily.

If your bid should be alerted, then before you make your bid, type the alert and a full explanation into the space labelled "Alert”. Then bid. Only the opponents can see the alert so you are not telling your partner what your bid means. For example if you are bidding 3 clubs after a 1 spade opener, don’t just say ‘Bergen’, say '4 card support 10-12 pts

In ACBL games, the director can not "undo" an action. So if your concerned about clicking the wrong bid or selecting the wrong card, you can select "confirm bid" or "confirm play" in Account-Settings - just be mindful this will add time to your play! 

Language of bridge online:

Find or Become a Partner on BBO:
Please access the following link: BBO_Partners.pdf

How to fill out a Convention Card on BBO:

3rd August 2021
Evening - Open Pairs
7:00 PM
5th August 2021
Afternoon - Open Pairs
1:35 PM
9th August 2021
Afternoon - Open Pairs
1:35 PM