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Become a Member for only $15. Annual renewal fee of $10.  Benefits awarded to members in good standing include voting privileges, a complimentary name tag, subsidized Christmas dinner, and some reduced game costs at specified periods of time.  Fill out a membership form and hand it in at the next session you attend.

Membership Application.pdf


  Library:  The "Information" tab above provides a list of books.


Please remember that Bridge on the Edge is a scent-free bridge club. We have several members who are severely allergic to scent.

Welcome to Bridge On The Edge

Web Site

Welcome to Bridge on the Edge, located in the Swilers Rugby Club at 100 Crosbie Road in St. John's, NL, Canada.  In 2016 we became a player owned bridge club.  We support a respectful culture, both at the bridge table and in all BOTE communications, for the enjoyment and growth of all members.  Visitors and new members are always welcome.  Players are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes before game time.

For a map & further information, see the "Information" menu on the left.

Let's Play Bridge - Local On-line Team Tournament
Let's Play Bridge - Local On-line Team Tournament

While the club is closed, it's still possible to play bridge online using We'd like to have a team tournament online for our club members, with handicaps so newer teams will have a bit of a leg up. There is no charge for this event.
Register with teams of 4. You can have extras if needed for substitutes / flexibility. One player should be the captain, they should email me ( with their phone number and their player list. Captains should get their players' BBO names, and be able to contact them as needed.
The tournament will be double-elimination or round-robin, depending how many teams we get.
I will send out match pairings. The captains should arrange a time to play that suits them both, I'll suggest 3pm or 7pm our time as default times. Preferably play one match of 16 boards per week.
The team with fewer masterpoints will get some IMPs to start off the match.
To set up a team match, log in to BBO, go to "Competitive" and "Team matches", then "create team match". 16 Boards, IMPs, and put in the players' names. All 8 players must be online before you can start. Here's a video on how to do it: I will be available by phone (739-7248) or email to help, or to set up a match for you. (Guaranteed availability 2pm-5pm, but these days I'm not going anywhere much!). If you haven't been on BBO for long, you might not be allowed to set up the match. Just let me know and I can do it - email in advance and I can be around most times, or you can get a friend who's used BBO more.
Play and have fun! When finished, one of the captains should email me the result.
Hope to see you all there!


April 2020 Update

Your Board hopes that you are all safe, well and managing to keep yourselves occupied during this time of social distancing. We wanted to inform you that we have negotiated a reduced rent with the Swilers management for the duration of this pandemic. Also, thanks to the foresight of earlier Boards, who accumulated a modest ‘rainy day fund’,,  we are in a reasonable financial situation to weather this storm. 

We are hoping to set up some BOTE club games on BBO soon, we will send an email with details once we have them.  Meantime stay home, wash your hands and play bridge online.  Looking forward to seeing you all back at the club as soon as this crisis is over.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact any Board member. 


Support your Club ACBL Black Point Game

As notified by the ACBL, there is now an online “Support your Club ACBL Black Point Game” beginning at 11:30 am, 6:30 pm and 9:00 NDT on BBO. You can play with your own partner or get a partner online. Capacity is limited for each event and you will be playing against players from across North America. There is also a day long tourament, you can playing individually with robots. The cost is $5.00 US per player and you must have a credit with BBO to pay. This can be purchased with a credit card or through Paypal.  Of this $5.00 fee,  $4.00 will be distributed proportionately to the clubs you've played at. So if you've played 50% of the time at BOTE and 50% at a club in Florida, BOTE will get $2.00 and the Florida club $2.00.  If you only play at BOTE, BOTE will get the $4.00. 

You can register for the games up to two hours before start time on BBO, under ACBL World.  BBO has a link to help you get started.

The bridge community, ACBL, BBO and the Common Game are working together to find a way that players can play against other players from their own club.  We will keep you posted, as information is available.

Good luck, stay safe and see you online. 

Getting Started with BBO

BridgeBase Online (BBO) is an online bridge site that offers a number of options for you to play bridge on a live or virtual basis, for fun or matchpoints, if you have access to a computer, phone or tablet connected to the net. Fun play is free, matchpoint games have small fees. You can play with your own partner, request a partner or play solo with three robots (programmed players who self alert their bids). If you are playing for fun, you can log in for 10 minutes, a few hours or come and go at your leisure.

To get started, you need to download the BBO application, from wherever you get your apps, or in a web browser go to the website at, submit a user name and create a profile. Simple, straightforward instructions will guide you.

BOTE is asking experienced BBO players, who would like to give computer support to any member who may need it to get started, to submit their name and
contact information to the C19 Committee at The Committee will accept requests from any member who needs help with BBO and match them with our Computer Support Volunteers.

Thanks!  Happy playing.

What's Happening in April
What's Happening in April

All activities cancelled until further notice

New Online Bridge Magazine

Check this link for a sampler of a new online bridge magazine, thanks to John Goold for sharing.

Spring Education Schedule - Cancelled until further notice

Here is the BOTE Spring Education Schedule.  Mark your calendars to take advantage of these great educational opportunities.

Education Program - Spring 2020.pdf

Please Note All Education Activities CANCELLED until further notice

BOTE 2020 AGM - All Members Welcome




Date:  June 15th, 2020
Coffee:  10:00 am
Meeting:   10:30 am
Place:  Swilers Club, Crosbie Road

At the 2020 AGM, the Board of Administration will propose two amendments to the BOTE Constitution.  Members are asked to please click on the link below to review the proposed amendments
Constitution - Notice of Motion to Amend AGM 2020.pdf



Mentors: Brian Collins, Thomas Dale, Deidre Davis, Joan FitzGerald, Anne Hughes, Richard Lash, Janet Parsons and Roy Perry.

Players seeking a mentor are responsible for working out a compensation agreement with that individual mentor.  At most clubs, mentees pay the mentor's game fee.  Players should check with mentors re their availability.  For additional information, contact your Education Committee

6th April 2020
Afternoon - Open Pairs - Cancelled
1:00 PM
Dealer: MaryLou Martin
6th April 2020
Afternoon - Newcomers - Cancelled
1:00 PM
7th April 2020
Completing Your Convention Care- cancelled
9:30 AM
Director: Anne Hughes
Afternoon - Open Pairs
Director: Richard Lash
Dealer: Barb Baldwin
Afternoon - Open Pairs
Director: Richard Lash
Dealer: Pauline Mackey
Open Pairs - MORNING
Director: Dan Regan