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Become a Member for only $15. Annual renewal fee of $10.  Benefits awarded to members in good standing include voting privileges, a complimentary name tag, subsidized Christmas dinner, and some reduced game costs at specified periods of time.  Fill out a membership form and hand it in at the next session you attend.

Membership Application.pdf


  Library:  The "Information" tab above provides a list of books.

Flu Season Reminder

Members are asked to please exercise care when coughing and sneezing. Please do not cough into your hands and then handle cards. Hand sanitizer is provided for your use.  

Hand Sanitizer

The club provides hand sanitizers for your convenience.  Please do your part to prevent sharing germs.


Please remember that Bridge on the Edge is a scent-free bridge club. We have several members who are severely allergic to scent.

Welcome to Bridge On The Edge

Web Site

Welcome to Bridge on the Edge, located in the Swilers Rugby Club at 100 Crosbie Road in St. John's, NL, Canada.  In 2016 we became a player owned bridge club.  We support a respectful culture, both at the bridge table and in all BOTE communications, for the enjoyment and growth of all members.  Visitors and new members are always welcome.  Players are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes before game time.

For a map & further information, see the "Information" menu on the left.

Call for Proposals - Spring 2020
Call for Proposals - Spring 2020

This is a call for proposals for educational offerings for the Spring 2020. 
The Education Committee would appreciate receiving the following information:

  • Name/theme of the set of lessons to be offered (ie. defense, play of hand)
  • List of topics to be covered.
  • Dates, length of lesson, and times preferred.
  • Instructional materials needed.

If more than one proposal is received offering the same topics and/or in the same preferred time, the Committee will request the instructors to collaborate and reach an agreement amongst themselves.  If this is not achieved, the Education Committee will decide which topics will be offered and when. 


Please forward your proposal to by February 29th 2020.

BOTE Annual General Meeting
BOTE Annual General Meeting

Mark Your Calendar

2020 BOTE Annual General Meeting

Date:   June 15, 2020
Time:  10:30 am
Place:  Swilers Club, Crosbie Road, St John's, NL

A morning coffee will precede the meeting, beginning at 10:00 am. All members are welcome.

Beginners' Bridge Basics 2 - Gloria Stone, Janet Hannaford

Mondays- January 6th - March 23rd
7:00 PM

Gloria and Janet will continue with Beginner Bridge, the next step which will also include 4 weeks of  Bid and Play.

Note: February 17th class is CANCELLED

February 24th - Overcalls and Advances

                             -requirements for a simple overcall
                             -advancing an overcall with support
                             -advancing a new suit
                             -advancing in NoTrump
                             -requirements for One NoTrump overcall
                             -requirements for pre-emptive jump overcall

$10 per session. We encourage participants to register themselves for these sessions.

If you experience trouble registering - seek help at

Three Teacher Supervised Play - Joan FitzGerald, Deirdre Davis, Tom Dale

Tuesdays 9:30 - 11:30 am

March 3rd

For all levels -
anyone striving to improve bridge performance - Deirdre, Tom & Joan will offer supervised play. Bring your own boards or use ours (BOTE Inc). One experienced teacher per 3 tables will monitor bidding and play - and answer questions as they arise. If numbers warrant it we will add an extra teacher. Emphasis will be: KISS - Keeping It Simple - to enhance bridge judgement. Special attention on 2nd & 3rd bids by opener and responder - ensuring you reach the right contract. When the "right contract" is reached, students may ask for guidance on appropriate declarer play and defense.

Please sign up in pairs or tables and register early to avoid disappointment.
Register online. $10/lesson. Pay as you go

If you experience trouble registering - seek help at

Lebensohl Convention - Brian Collins

Tuesday 9:30 - 11:30 am
February 18th & 25th

Every player seems to know some sort of method to interfere over strong NT, but many do not know how to handle this interference - and that is what the Lebensohl Convention does. It enables us to respond to a strong 1NT in an exact variety of ways.  With that in mind, Brian will conduct two, 2-hour lessons on this convention.  Additionally, he will cover using this valuable tool in response to partner's takeout double of weak two bids, and when responding to a reverse by opener.  As an intergral part of the lessons, Transfer Lebensohl, will also be discussed. The lessons will be theoretical in nature with practice hands, correct bid quizzes, and, time permitting, question and answer.

Register online. $10/lesson. Pay as you go

If you experience trouble registering - seek help at

Mentored NewComer Games

BOTE is offering Mentored Newcomer games.
A newcomer game is conducted to aquaint newer players with duplicate bridge and to encourage less experienced players to test the waters.
Same time as our duplicate game -  Tuesday evenings starting January 2020 for fun Newcomer Bridge games, supervised by qualified bridge teachers one teacher per 2 tables. Teachers will assist with bidding, play and defense questions as they arise. Newcomers will play the same boards as competitive players so you may look online later to see the hand records. No players will be required to move around the room - they may do so if all newcomers are in agreement. No electronic scoring - but we encourage you to do your own scoring.
Please book in pairs or tables at least 24 hrs in advance. $10 per person, pay as you go. Book early to avoid disappointment. Cancellations should be received 24 hrs in advance, except in emergency situations.

If you experience trouble registering - seek help at

What's Happening in February
What's Happening in February

All games are Silver Points


The following bridge players have volunteered to be Mentors: Brian Collins, Thomas Dale, Deidre Davis, Joan FitzGerald, Anne Hughes, Richard Lash, Janet Parsons and Roy Perry. Any player wishing to obtain a Mentor will be responsible for working out a compensation agreement with that individual Mentor.   At most clubs in North America mentees pay the game fee for the Mentor.  Players should approach a Mentor to see if that Mentor is available or already fully booked. For additional queries or information please contact your Education Committee:

18th February 2020
Lebensohl Convention: Brian
9:30 AM
Director: Brian Collins
18th February 2020
Afternoon - Open Pairs
1:00 PM
Director: Richard Lash
Dealer: Marguerite Noonan
18th February 2020
Afternoon - Newcomers
1:00 PM
Afternoon - Open Pairs
Director: Brian Collins
Dealer: Marlene Greey
Open Pairs - MORNING
Director: Jonathan Cook
Afternoon - Open Pairs
Director: Roy Perry
Dealer: Sandra Tobin