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For 2020-21, Membership has been set at $20 for returning and new members. Benefits awarded to members in good standing include voting privileges and a one time complimentary name tag. New members are asked to fill out a membership form
and send it to

You can  etransfer $20 to 
Password Swilers

Membership Application.pdf



Library:The "Information" tab
above provides a list of bridge books.


Please remember that Bridge on the Edge is a scent-free bridge club. We have several members who are severely allergic to scent.

Welcome to Bridge On The Edge

Web Site

Welcome to the website of Bridge on the Edge, based in St. John's, NL, Canada.  In 2016 we became a player owned bridge club.  We support a respectful culture, both at the bridge table and in all BOTE communications, for the enjoyment and growth of all members.  Due to Covid -19 all our games are presently online.  

Please check with any Board member if you need additional information.

Spring Mentoring Program
Spring Mentoring Program

As our last mentoring program got rave reviews, and many others would like to have been included, your Board has decided to continue to facilitate the program. The next two sessions will be held in April and October 2021. 

We are asking those who like to be mentored and those who would be willing to mentor to contact Susan at
For members who would like to be mentored please let us know what level you consider yourself to be, beginner or intermediate. 
In order to be eligible you must be a paid up member of BOTE; anybody who has not already been mentored will have priority.
Deadline to sign up for the April session will be MONDAY,  MARCH 15, 2021.

We thank our loyal mentors in advance, this program is not possible without you. 

Point range changes and extra game added
Point range changes and extra game added

The Tuesday afternoon game point limit is raised to 750mp and an extra 0-499mp game is added on Thursday afternoon starting at 1:20pm.

REMINDER----BOTE online Monday

Reminder! Next BOTE online game March 1st @ 1:35 pm

How’s your preparation going?  

Have you signed up for BBO?  

Got your bridge bucks? 

Had a practise game to get used to the interface?  

Lined up a partner, (who will have to be online when you register after 11:35 am for the afternoon games and 5:00 pm for the evening)?

If you need a partner, try using the partnership tab associated with the BOTE game on the BBO website.
This is only available two hours before the game. Another option is the BOTE website but that depends on people checking there and a third option is to play with a robot! They are extremely good declarers, smiley.

*Asked for help if you need it? *Please do it today, not the morning of the game.*

Looking forward to seeing you online.

To review results go to and open appropriate file date.

ACBL Calendar of Events

ACBL has a tentative event schedule which can be accessed through the following link: 

ACBL Calendar of Events 2021.pdf

What's Happening in March
What's Happening in March

Monday 1:35pm  24 boards, six min rounds

Tuesday 1:45pm 0-750 MPs  21 boards, seven min rounds
Tuesday 7:00pm  21 boards, six min rounds

Thursday 1:20pm 0-500, 21 boards, seven min rounds
Thursday 1:35pm 24 boards six min rounds

Book Club
Book Club


Don’t forget to check out our virtual book club under the member's message section!

BBO Tips

Use "Search” (top right) in the ACBL Virtual club section to find the BOTE game easily.

If your bid should be alerted, then before you make your bid, type the alert and a full explanation into the space labelled "Alert”. Then bid. Only the opponents can see the alert so you are not telling your partner what your bid means. For example if you are bidding 3 clubs after a 1 spade opener, don’t just say ‘Bergen’, say '4 card support 10-12 pts

In ACBL games, the director can not "undo" an action. So if your concerned about clicking the wrong bid or selecting the wrong card, you can select "confirm bid" or "confirm play" in Account-Settings - just be mindful this will add time to your play! 

Language of bridge online:

Find or Become a Partner on BBO:
Please access the following link: BBO_Partners.pdf

How to fill out a Convention Card on BBO:

1st March 2021
Afternoon - Open Pairs
1:35 PM
2nd March 2021
Afternoon - Under 750 pts
1:45 PM
2nd March 2021
Evening - Open Pairs
7:00 PM
Afternoon - Under 500 pts
Afternoon - Open Pairs
Afternoon - Under 750 pts