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Membership Forms

BOTE membership application:
Membership Application.pdf

Waiver of Liability:
Waiver of Liability.pdf

BOTE Reopening Waiver
Reopening Waiver.pdf

2024 BOTE Membership Renewal

The 2024 membership renewal is ongoing. Cost of renewal is $25 and this can be brought to any game and given to the Director or forwarded electronically to using the password Swilers.
New members should complete the application form. The link is above in membership forms.

Contact Board Members

A link has been established that will allow
members to send ONE (1) email message
that will be viewed by ALL Board Members:

Books for Loan

Library:The "Information" tab
above provides a list of bridge books.

Our Bridge Library has been updated
Our Bridge Library has been updated

Thanks to our generous donors, the Club, over the years, has been able to build a comprehensive collection of over a hundred bridge books on a variety of topics, past and present. The reorganization of the Library is complete and it  is now located on the Book Cart in the back room. Please remember to sign out any book you're taking.

Waiver of Liability
During the Covid crisis, our Club, like many, had a serious revenue shortage that threatened its very existence. We were able to withstand those extensive losses due to two main factors, first, previous Boards had wisely reserved a ‘rainy day’ contingency fund that allowed us to continue to pay our bills and second, we made serious financial cuts to our operating budget, including Director fees and the Manager’s salary, in order to survive the lean months.

Previously, when we had a strong, steady revenue stream, the Club carried extensive insurance to protect all its volunteers, Directors, teachers and the Club Manager from any personal liability, that might arise in the course of carrying out their duties. The insurance cost over $2,000 a year, significant for a small club. At the fall ‘22 AGM it was proposed and accepted by the Membership that this insurance be cancelled as a financial saving. It was agreed that the actual risks of sustaining personal injury from playing bridge were minimal and that we all could, as responsible adults, accept those risks collectively and individually.It was also decided to include a waiver of responsibility, to protect our staff and volunteers, in the conditions of Membership to reflect the lack of insurance coverage.All present members will be asked to sign the waiver and any new members will be asked to sign on joining. Should any member be unwilling to agree to such a waiver and wish to rescind their membership please notify us of this choice and we will refund their membership fees. 

Our new Waiver of Liability form is attached. Please take the time  to read it carefully.

Your 2022-23 Board of Directors

Please remember that Bridge on the Edge is a scent-free bridge club. We have several members who are severely allergic to scent.

Welcome to Bridge On The Edge

Web Site

Welcome to the website of Bridge on the Edge, based in St. John's, NL, Canada.  In 2016 we became a player owned bridge club.  We support a respectful culture, both at the bridge table and in all BOTE communications, for the enjoyment and growth of all members.  

Please check with any Board member if you need additional information.

Members who want to use the member's functions (ie bookings etc), please ensure you've accessed the site using the bridgeweb link

The Famous 10,000 Hours Rule
The Famous 10,000 Hours Rule


About 10 years ago, Malcom Gladwell wrote about how much time it took to become really proficient at complex tasks. Quoting, a much earlier study by Simon and Chase, Gladwell postulated the somewhat obvious, that it takes a lot of practice to become really good at something that involves a fair amount of mental acuity.

His conclusion was simple, but realistic. In cognitively demanding fields, there are not many naturals. Achievement & progression take ‘work & practice’.  Prodigies are very few and far between.

Most of the Bridge Teachers I know will agree with that assessment. Bridge Systems/Conventions are numerous & complex, constantly evolving and require serious memorization. Hand Evaluation is an intricate but composite process, that even most Pros still struggle with. Declarer proficiency, or in bridge language, good Dummy Play, is a continuous, conceptual journey over many tortuous highways. (But, luckily, there are shortcuts there with study.) Defence competency, as those teachers will patiently explain, is the most sophisticated, but often neglected, area of study by newer players. Or put another way, in a regular set of Duplicate boards, on average, you will spend 45 minutes Declaring, 45 as Dummy, and 90 minutes defending, roughly half your Session.

I guess, if you devote 10-12 hours a week to Duplicate, according to the Gladwell model, it might take an average player close to 20 years to develop enough mental acuity to expect good returns.

That is why it has been so gratifying lately, to see some of results of the obvious ‘work & practice’ of a number of players, (who probably don’t have thousands of Master Points on their Life Master ACBL profile), who have performed so well.

This past Monday, saw Shog & Peggy, (NS), a millimetre, off a 60% game, easily win B & C; Eva & Marguerite weren’t far behind them with a very respectable 55%. Over in EW, Kevin Hogan & Rick Callahan, mirrored that 55%, to win B & C. Just a Monday week before that, the Two Sisters also stood tall; no, I am not talking about a beautiful mountain range in British Columbia; but rather Claudia & Elizabeth, who blitzed a very tough field to score a huge 60.93% Game.

This Thursday, Michelle & Mary, playing with the most difficult set of boards I have seen in a long while, scored an impressive 63.39% to easily win all Strata in EW. Elizabeth & Betty continued their winning ways to grab first in C, NS.

But, by a considerable margin, the biggest personal accomplishment so far in 2024, took place in our inaugural Wednesday afternoon, Open Pairs Game. Gary Follett, who fairly recently decided to try a handful of bridge lessons in January, & who had just joined BOTE one day earlier, ventured to cross the floor & try a competitive game of Duplicate. As we all know, that in itself takes some courage & effort. I am told, the name Gary is an Old English term, that means ‘knife-like as a spear’ and indeed, Gary on that fateful Wednesday, lived up to his namesake. Playing with Nellie, who is as sharp edged as any player in our Club, he struck gold on his very first try.

Yes, they came in first.

No! Not just in C Strata, or B Strata, but First overall to win A, B, & C outright with an incredible score, a fraction shy of 60%. Needless to say, a modest Gary received an ecstatic round of congratulatory applause from his 20 or so friends, over in the Improver Seminar on Thursday morning. The BOTE community certainly echos those congratulations.

So good to see, lately, so many players becoming so much better at something they like a lot, and also being rewarded for their performance & perseverance.

Malcom Gladwell chatted a lot in his 10,000 Hour article about how hard it is to become really good at chess; I wonder if he ever tried Duplicate Bridge?

Winter Education Classes to Improve your Game

Winter Education Classes to Improve your Game

Well that was some snowfall, we’ll be moving that around for a few days to come . . . just to take your mind off the shovelling ahead, here is the Winter Continuing Education Schedule for yourenjoyment and edification. Classes will be held Thursday mornings 10:00 am to noon at the Swilers club . Cost will be $10 for members,$15 for non-members, pay as you go. The format will be approximately one hour of teaching and one of practice hands relevant to the topic. We are fortunate to have world class players in our club who are ready and willing to share their knowledge and secrets of success. So sign up, come along and learn how to improve your game.

The topics and instructors are as follows:-

Thursday 22nd February Reverses, Rahul; we all get those strong hands (once in a while) and are not exactly sure what to what to with them . . how can I make my partner bid again?? Rahul will offer advice and guidance on what to do in these situations.

Thursday 29th February Suit Agreement and Slam Bidding, Rahul; In this class we will learn how to know what suit is trump (it's not always obvious!) so we can move forward with investigating slam possibilities below game level.

Thursday 7th, 14th, 21st March Competitive Bidding, Richard will offer three classes on how to deal with interference and how to interfere with the opponents bidding . . . nothing like a competitive auction . .

March 7th Overcalls and responses
March 14th Takeout doubles and responses, support doubles (my favourite).
March 21st Balancing, what to do over 1NT, pre-empts and when the 
opponents have bid and supported a suit.

Thursday 28th March All about the Minors, Brian will cover Inverted minors, Criss Cross and Minorwood. There is not as much focus on minor suit bidding so this is an excellent opportunity to learn how to deal with those rascally suits .

Thursday 4th April Hand Evaluation, Tom; There is more to hand evaluation than counting points, learn the tricks of the trade and what else you should bethinking about when you are bidding.

Thursday 11th April Defence,  Tom; Such an important topic! We spend at least 50% of our game on defence. Good communication with our partners is vital. Tom will give tips and insight into some strategies that might just defeat their cold contract.

If there is demand for more defence topics we can run another class on April 18th.
As always any questions please contact us, we’re happy to help.

See you at the club!

New Game and February Happenings

New Game

Exciting news from our Manager!!  We are going to try running an additional Open pairs game on Wednesday afternoon starting February 14th at 1:00pm.  We are aiming for it to be more ‘relaxed’ than our Monday and Thursday games, we are planing to play 20-24 boards, depending on how many sign up.  We’re hoping this will be an opportunity for those members, who have been wanting to try Duplicate but have not yet done so, to ‘give it a go' . . .once you try it , you’ll be hooked!   We also hope our more experienced players will, perhaps, ask a newer or different partner for a game as a way of increasing Club Spirit and including new players.   We will try the additional game out until the end of March and then re-evaluate whether it is successful, or not. .  . .

Valentine's Day

The Queen of Hearts is planning a little social event at the Club on Thursday 15th February, after the Improver’s class and before the Open Game, so between noon and 1:00pm.  Some cake, maybe some chocolate . . . come along, wear your diamonds, some red or pink and demonstrate, in spades, your love for our wonderful game.  

Team Game

On our ‘extra’ day this year, Thursday 29th of February, we are holding our monthly team game, we will assign the teams, so leap into action, sign up with a partner and come and enjoy the afternoon.

Membership Renewal

After the 14th February we will be switching to our 2024 membership list.  This means if you haven’t renewed by that date you won't be able to access the ‘Member’s Only’ part pf the website to book a game, look at our financial statements etc. . . . . and you will no longer get these interesting and informative emails.  Renewal is $25 by e-transfer to , please use the password Swilers.

Education Schedule

Is still being finalized, we’re hoping to start classes on the 15 or 22nd of February, further details will be forthcoming.

It’s truly wonderful to see so many members at the club playing bridge, learning new strategies and plays, making lasting friendships and playing with different people.  Thanks to all the people that are making this possible, we have amazing staff and volunteers and everyone is working together and we are rebuilding our club. 

See you at the club!

What's Happening in February
What's Happening in February

Supervised Play 9:30am
Open Pairs 1:00pm

Open Pairs 1:00pm

Lesson 10:00am

Open Pairs 1:00pm

0-99 Pairs 1:00pm

3 (Three) Table Minimum

Please note: There is a 3 (Three) Table Minimum for bridge to go ahead. If less than the required number of tables are registered by 10:00 am, the game for that day will be cancelled.

Inclement Weather - Club Closure Policy

Just a reminder that BOTE's policy is to close the club for the day if schools in the St John's area are closed due to weather-related issues.  

Please check BOTE site for updates.


Cold and flu Season
Cold and flu Season

It's cold, cough and flu season  . . and we all know what that means!  Let’s all be considerate of other members and take appropriate precautions.  At the club we have replaced the filters in our original two air purifiers and bought a third one. Let’s all try to stay safe this winter.

26th February 2024
Mon Morning - Supervised Play
9:30 am
26th February 2024
Mon Afternoon - Open Pairs
1:00 PM
Director: Rahul Chandra
Dealer: Nellie Burke
Table Set Up: Susan Follett
28th February 2024
Wed Afternoon - Open Pairs
1:00 PM
Director: Rahul Chandra