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For 2022 Membership has been set at $25 for returning and new members. Benefits awarded to members in good standing include voting privileges and a one time complimentary name tag. 
New members are asked to fill out a membership form and send it to

You can  etransfer $25 to 

Password Swilers

Membership Application.pdf


 Library:The "Information" tab
above provides a list of bridge books.


BOTE Reopening Waiver
Reopening Waiver.pdf

BOTE Reopening Protocols
BOTE Reopening Protocols.pdf


A link has been established that will allow
members to send ONE (1) email message
that will be viewed by ALL Board Members:


Membership Renewal 2022
Membership Renewal 2022

Attached is a message from the BOTE Executive concerning membership renewal:

Membership Renewal 2022.pdf

Active Members Only can view the "Membership List" by logging onto the BOTE website and accessing Membership section.

BOTE membership renewal for 2023 will commence in the Fall, 2022


Please remember that Bridge on the Edge is a scent-free bridge club. We have several members who are severely allergic to scent.

Welcome to Bridge On The Edge

Web Site

Welcome to the website of Bridge on the Edge, based in St. John's, NL, Canada.  In 2016 we became a player owned bridge club.  We support a respectful culture, both at the bridge table and in all BOTE communications, for the enjoyment and growth of all members.  We are transitioning back to live play - see details below.

Please check with any Board member if you need additional information.

Members who want to use the member's functions (ie bookings etc), please ensure you've accessed the site using the bridgeweb link

Teamwork Pays Off - Swiss Teams Hugely Successful

August Meeting
In late summer of 2022, BOTE President Brian Shortall, convened a strategic planning meeting at his home with his entire Board present. The main purpose Brian explained, of this ‘think tank’ session was to prepare for the Fall season with the intent to rekindle interest in face-to-face bridge in St. John’s and increase the popularity of our game.
Monday afternoon saw one of the components of that August Action Plan find huge success as it was decided back then, to try to bring back the cumbersome, but challenging to run, Swiss Team Game.
Game On
Indeed, sixteen pairs signed up to make for a nice balanced eight team contest and the rest of the day proceeded on track in a fun-filled, see-saw, fashion that had a number of possible outcomes. The final results, came right down to the last board played, with drama & trauma galore.
While the thrills & chills did prevail for over three hours, it was not without some apprehension that we even approached trying to run this Tournament.
Complex to organize and onerous to keep on track, this Team event has a number of built-in trouble-shooting problems, but thanks to the anxious preparation, perseverance, and due diligence of Club Manager, Rahul Chandra, the whole afternoon ran like Swiss clockwork.
The Swiss Teams
Team composition was chosen as randomly as possible in order to balance the field, and then an enjoyable afternoon ensued for all, with four 6-board matches played.  Using IMP scoring, converted to a 20 Victory Point Scale, the Team of Nellie Burke, June Hynes, Jim Brown & Stephen Outerbridge soared to First Place with a solid score of 50 VPs. Close on their heels with three wins as well, were two teams - Shakti Chandra, Bev Moore,  Pramila Paddock, & Betty Greeley; and Bink Lash, Heidi Janes, Jonathan & Fran Cook, with 46 VPs each. Congratulations to the main winners and to all the other players that placed and won MPs awards, and to all who enjoyed a great afternoon of Swiss Duplicate.
Many kudos also to all the players who continue to support their Club and to all those who chipped in to help set-up the game. . . . a special thanks to Maud & her assistant, Judith, for all their pre-game set-up.

AGM Announcement and Call for Nominations

The  Board is very pleased to announce that conditions are now such that Bridge on the Edge feels it will be safe and feasible to hold its AGM on Thursday, 13th October, at 10:30am. Everyone welcome. 

At this event, all our reports from the incumbent committees will be presented, after which nominations and elections for the coming year(s) will take place. When the elections are completed, there will be an opportunity for an open-mic membership forum to garner ideas on our collective way forward. Following the AGM formalities, we will then adjourn to provide some refreshments for the membership so you can relax and socialize before the afternoon Open Pairs and 99er Games begin.  They will start at their usual times.

It is two and a half years since our last AGM and a lot has happened, not only to the world but also to our club and most other duplicate clubs in North America. In March 2019 we were a busy, viable, vibrant club running five well subscribed games a week with a healthy bank balance.  We ran lessons, Newcomer games and well attended supervised play. Only a few people were familiar with online bridge and it was certainly not the platform of choice for most players

Now, two and a half years later, we have reopened our club for face to face bridge with two games a week scheduled and often have to check before we leave the house that we have enough pairs signed up so the game will go ahead. Our bank balance is decreasing monthly.  Changed times. As mentioned previously these circumstances are not unique to our club, however we are the ones dealing with our club and we need solutions for our situation.

Your Board, elected in 2019, was full of energy and enthusiasm for the tasks ahead, organizing socials, encouraging new players and keeping the tables occupied. In 2022 heading into 2023 we now have very different challenges ahead. Our club cannot continue on its present course and survive. Difficult decisions have to be made and creative solutions found to our problems. We need people to work together to come up with the best strategies for those of us who are committed to keeping duplicate bridge alive in this city. To this end we are asking you what your thoughts are and what you suggest the best course of action is going forward and ask you to participate in the members forum that will be associated with the AGM.

We also ask you to ask yourself if you are interested in serving on the Board or helping with the club in any capacity. Marguerite Noonan, MaryLou Martin and Wanda Lundrigan have agreed to form the nomination committee for the new Board. If you are interested or have some good suggestions for members of our new executive please contact any one of them at There are other ways you can help our club, volunteers set up the tables, deal the cards, look after our finances, organize the Longest Day, work at the webpage, keep our membership list current, check vaccination records  . . . what can you do to help?

For the last two and a half years the present executive has done their utmost to keep BOTE alive. Show your support for your club, come to the AGM, give us your ideas, help us to succeed.

Working together we are stronger.

Supervised Play is Back!

Supervised Play is back!

BOTE is delighted to announce  that Supervised Play will be resuming  on Thursday 15th of September. Some of the best and most informed bridge players in the province will be available to help you and your partners with bidding, declarer and  defence strategies at the table. Working with random deals, our experts will be there to give the guidance you need with problem hands and just better play of the day to day ones.  

Sessions will be held every Thursday morning starting 15th September 10-12 pm at the Swilers Club, Crosbie Rd. Cost will be $10 for BOTE members and $15 for non-members. Sign up as a foursome, a pair or an individual, we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Proof of vaccination must be provided at your first session. 

BOTE members can sign up online at the BOTE website  Questions and registration for non-members  email

P.S. There is also a scheduled duplicate open pairs and 99er game on Thursday afternoons.  Why not bring a lunch and do both?  


Fall into Bridge

Fall into Bridge

What a summer we’ve had! Full of lots of outdoor time and activities for us all. Now with Labour day close by, the Board has turned their thoughts to fall events at the club. We have an exciting September lined up for you, fun games, reconnecting with  longtime friends and resumption of supervised play, for those who want to increase their bridge skills, bidding and declarer play. 

We plan to hold special games on Mondays, Supervised Play on Thursday mornings starting on 15th September and a regular pairs game on Thursday afternoon, bring a lunch and do both!  There will be more information on the Supervised Play coming in the next few days. 

The September schedule is as follows:-

September 12th Fall into Bridge, regular pairs game with cookies at half time. Book a partner who hasn’t been for a while, why don’t ya? 

September 15th Supervised play 10:00 - 12:00 Swilers Club. $10 for members, $15 for non-members.  Members please sign up on our website, non-members please email to register or for more information. 

September 19th We’re going to run an Individual game. Sign up alone and you will play two boards with lots of different partners throughout the afternoon, your chance to play with the stars!  There will be one person who will emerge as the winner. This is the first time we have tried this so should be fun! 

September 22nd Supervised play 10:00 - 12:00 Swilers Club. $10 for members, $15 for non-members.Members please sign up on our website, non-members please email to register or for more information. 

September 26th We’re holding a team game event. Sign up with a partner and we will arrange  balanced teams. To help with this please sign up by 25th. Gives us time to think about and arrange it! 

September 29th Supervised play 10:00 - 12:00 Swilers Club. $10 for members, $15 for non-members. Members please sign up on our website, non-members please email to register or for more information. 

Need more information? Contact Or for supervised play information



What's Happening in September
What's Happening in September

In Person Games:

Open Pairs 1:00pm

Supervised Play 10:00am
Open Pairs 1:00pm
0-99 MP 1:00pm


3 (Three) Table Minimum

Please note: There is a 3 (Three) Table Minimum for bridge to go ahead. If less than the required number of tables are registered by 10:00 am, the game for that day will be cancelled.

Book Club
Book Club


Don’t forget to check out our virtual book club under the member's message section!

29th September 2022
Supervised Play
10:00 AM
29th September 2022
Thur Afternoon-Open Pairs
1:00 PM
Director: Shakti Chandra
Dealer: Fran Cook
Table Set Up: Marguerite Noonan
29th September 2022
Thur Afternoon- 0-99 Pairs
1:00 PM