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STATISTICS - OBC at Number 10 on the EBU list in 2019

Towards the end of May each year the EBU release statistics about the top clubs in the country. OBC maintained a place at number 10 on the list even though we spent nearly 9 months of the year in our temporary home at Oxford City Football Club whilst our premises were refurbished. This year our county neighbours Wallingford Bridge Club have moved up to join us in the top 20. Click on the image for the full list.

The club also regularly examines its records about how many people play at the club and how often.  In the graph below we show, for each 6 month period, how many individuals play at the club.  There has been a steady increase over the last three years - there are nine regular sessions each week. The colours show how many times each person played, divided in four bands. This method of analysis is similar to that reported for the whole country at each EBU AGM.

Click on the image for a larger graphic.

Note on the time periods: FY2018H1 is the period from 1st April until end September of 2018. FY2018H2 is the period from 1st Obober 2018 until the end of March 2019.

An advantage of being a Charity

As bridge clubs go, Oxford Bridge Club is more complicated than average.  For some time the Trustees have been looking for some additional tools to assist with its administration. In the latter part of 2016 we discovered that, as a qualifying charity, we were able to take advantage of a number of free or discounted software products donated by major software companies to the charity sector. 

Our initial step has been to implement a product called G Suite allowing the Trustees to securely share and backup data relating to the club. You can find out more about the scheme we have joined  at If anyone is interested in further information please contact

Club becomes a charity

After a long history as a members' club Oxford Bridge Club CIO was granted charity status by the Charity Commission on 17th February 2014.  The registered charity number is 1155820.  Full operation as a charity started on 1st July 2014.