Playing a mixture of face-to-face and online bridge. Check the calendar for details.Click here for details of our regular bridge sessions.

Special Events

EBED Simultaneous Pairs

Mon 13th May at 10.00am

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Hiring the clubhouse

These rates are for one-off events. For regular bookings or any other queries please contact theDiary Secretary.

With effect from May2023.

Rates per Room:

One session

(3 hours, or 24 or fewer boards)

Two sessions

(6 hours, or 32-48 boards)

Main room

16 tables

66 88

Middle room

5 (or 6) tables

33 44

Front room

5 tables

33 44

Whole club

26 tables

121 165

Knockout Matches (two teams of four):

Cost per player Cost per set of duplimated boards

24 boards

4.00 8.00

32 boards

5.00 10.00

36 boards

6.00 12.00

48 boards

8.00 16.00

You will have the use of two separate rooms. If a second room is not free, you may be able to use a table in the main room at the same time as one of our duplicate sessions.

Duplimated boards include a set of printed hand copies.


Click here for a copy of the form in Word format

Click here for a copy of the form in PDF format

Click here to check room availability. 


Parking on the club premises is very limited and is not normally available. There may be some exceptions - for further details please see the Travel Information page. 

There are free 2- and 3-hour parking spaces on the side roads (Lathbury Road, Moreton Road and Bellbroughton Road) near to the club on weekdays and Saturdays during the day (before 4.30 pm). There are no limitations on Sundays and after 4.30pm. There are car parks nearby at the Summertown shops and Ferry Leisure Centre. These charge £6.00 for 3 to 4 hours, and £15.00 for 4 hours or more.  An alternative is to use one of the park and rides around Oxford; the one at Water Eaton is probably the most convenient as the buses (no. 500) run along Banbury Road and stop in Summertown, not far from the club.