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Wessex League 2014-2015
Final Results 2014-2015

Congratulations to all our members who played in the Wessex League this year.

In Division 1 Oxford B came 3rd, Oxford A came 4th, Oxford C came 6th

In Division 2 Oxford D came 5th

In Division 4 Oxford E came 2nd

In Division 5 Oxford F came 2nd, Oxford G came 5th, Oxford H came 6th

Results 2014-2015

The results for the Wessex League can be found on the EBU website or by clicking on the following links:

Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5

Team Information 2014-2015

The Wessex League is an annual inter-club competition in Oxfordshire. The club currently enters eight teams, which are listed below. If you are interested in finding out more about the Wessex League, or are interesting in representing OBC in the future, please contact our Club Captain at

The teams are:

Oxford A   Division 1

Oxford B    Division 1

Oxford C    Division 1

Oxford D  Division 2

Denis Talbot & Kathy Talbot (C)

Rob Dixon (C) & Emily Middleton

Dave Dobson (C) & Brian Wright

Richard Sills (C), Andy King, and Steve Nyman

Chris Kerr & Beryl Kerr

Simon Harrison & Hugo Huggett

Rita Todd & Lorna Swadling

Trevor Dawn & Moira Pavelin

Aleks Lishkov & Matthew Covill

Nigel Birks & Liza Furnival

Peter Randall & Diana Thorne

Christopher Whelan & Jane Whelan

James Anderson & James Dow

Cathy Rowland & Mary-Ann Sheehy

Cliff Pavelin & Jaap Hoek

Peter Stevenson & Wendy Claye


Peter Briggs & Lynne Hayes

David Bygott & Michiel Cottaar

Sue Smith & Humaira Erfan-Ahmed





Oxford E   Division 4

Oxford F   Division 5

Oxford G   Division 5

Oxford H  Division 5

Peter Sherry & Claire MacDonagh (C)

John Fleming & Viccy Fleming (C)

Pat Lewis (C) & Miriam Seaver

Rosemary Young & Joan Bailes (C)

Ian Foote & Chris Dawe

Bill Whaley & Clodagh Jakubovics

Marge Hoek & Kryn Park

Rosemary Morton-Jack & Ros Sword

Matthew Wilkinson & Julie Anderson

Paul Griffiths & David del Nevo

Ursula Bowler & Rosemary Dorey

Juliet Johnson, Clare Tilbury, and Claire McGlashan

Martin Illingworth & Marion Sheppard

Paul Naccache & Judy Naccache

Suzanne Abell & Jane Darke

Peter Da Costa & Michael Spira


Tom Brus & Christina Hardyment

Irina Woods & Jonathan Price

Stuart Scott & Joanna Donkin