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Wessex League 2018-2019
Team Information 2018-2019

The Wessex League is an annual inter-club competition in Oxfordshire. The club currently enters seven teams, which are listed below. If you are interested in finding out more about the Wessex League, or are interesting in representing OBC in the future, please contact our Club Captain.

The teams are:

 Oxford A  Division 1

 Oxford B  Division 1

 Oxford C  Division 2

 Oxford D  Division 3

 Kathy Talbot (C) & Denis Talbot

 Christopher Whelan (C) & Jane Whelan  Matthew Wilkinson (C) & Martin Illingworth  Richard Sills (C) & Alan Steer

 Aleks Lishkov & Peter Briggs

 Simon Harrison & Hugo Huggett  Ian Foote & Herman de Louw  John Fleming & Viccy Fleming

 Diana Nettleton & Matthew Covill

 Peter Randall & Diana Thorne  Andy King & Amr El-Kashef  Clare Saunders & Anthony Harris

 Nigel Birks & Liza Furnival

 Cliff Pavelin & Jaap Hoek  Dave Dobson & Brian Wright  Sue Smith & Irene Holland

 Jonny Richards & Beryl Kerr

 Phil Bacon & Mark Hancock  John Mewes & Carol Benzie  Peter Stevenson & Steve Nyman

 Emily Middleton & Michiel Cottaar


   Tom Brus & Tom Gregory-Smith


 David Bygott

 Mary-Ann Sheehy


 Lorna Swadling & Alastair Gidman


 Oxford E  Division 3

 Oxford F  Division 4

 Oxford G  Division 4


 Pat Lewis (C) & Ursula Bowler

 Colin Wels (C) & John Lewis-Crosby  Graham Walcroft (C) & Pippa Dawson-Goody


 Marge Hoek/Avis Roberts/Kryn Park  Peter da Costa & Michael Spira  Linda Allen & Marion Gillie


 Paul Griffiths & David Del Nevo  Di Pick & Ruth Jones   Christine Bishop & Ian Bishop


 Viv Stevenson & Makiko Rogers  Annabel Barnett & Pauline Wyman  Mary Perryman & Lucy Edwardes


 Irina Woods & Peter Sherry

 Suzette Reynolds & Annabel Hichens

 Steve Fisher & Anne Laming






 Susan Fletcher

 Margaret Keane



General reserves for Division 3: Allan Spence & Marion Sheppard

General reserves for Division 4: Clodagh Jakubovics & Joanna Donkin