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Convention cards
Convention cards

If your partnership does not have matching convention cards and you are playing a system which is not Simple Acol, then any mishap occurring in your bidding is likely to be ruled against you.  This is because the Director will have no way of telling (reliably) what any bid you make means. Just saying what it means in this situation is not enough.  

To avoid any problems like this try using one of the standard convention card for systems in common use at OBC. 

Here are links to some standard convention cards produced by OBC:

1.  ACOL with three weak twos in Word format

2. ACOL with three weak twos in PDF format

3. Benji Acol in Word format.  

4. Benji Acol in PDF format.

Cards in Word format may be downloaded and can be amended for your own use. If you just want to print a card, then download the PDF versions.

OBC standard convention cards are also available on the desktop of the scoring laptop at the club. You can ask the scorer to print one out for you when you are there.