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§ General
 Turn off your mobile phone. (If it is vital you have it on, leave it on 'vibrate'.)
 It is necessary to play quite quickly – about 7 minutes per board.
§ Each New Round
 Greet your new opponents as they arrive at your table.
 Explain your system clearly and simply, if asked.  Answer any questions clearly.
 Sort and count your cards quickly, so that you can bid promptly at your turn.
 Do not sort through your cards again when it is your turn to bid.
 Do not ask what a bid means unless you are intending to bid. Ask any questions when the auction is over.
§ The Play
 Do not put your bidding cards away until the initial lead has been made.
 When you are making the initial lead, play your card before you write down the contract or enter the details in the Bridgemate. (Three people are waiting!)
 Place this card face down on the table first, to check whether partner has any questions about the auction.
 As dummy, lay out the cards before you write down the contract or enter the details in the Bridgemate. And lay out the cards as quickly as possible. (Three people are waiting!)
 As declarer, plan your campaign before you select a card from dummy.
 As dummy, do not play the first card (even if it is a singleton) until declarer has worked out his plan and called for it.
 As declarer, always call for the card you wish dummy to play (unless dummy is away from the table or has a disability, making the play of cards difficult).
 As declarer, when you lead to a trick, wait for LHO to play his card before calling a card from dummy.
 After playing a card, allow other players time to see it before turning it over.
 When making a claim, explain your intended line of play clearly.
 When the hand has been completed, North should fill in the score on the traveller or Bridgemate quickly. East confirms it is correct.
§  On Completion of the Play
 Do not hold long post-mortems unless you are clearly well ahead of the other tables.
 Do not touch other players' cards - ask them to show you.
 North handles new boards.
 Thank your opponents at the end of the round and move quickly to your new table.



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