Face-to-face bridge restarted on 27th August! We also continue to run our online club programme.

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Bridge Base Online

You only need to tell us your BBO name once. New names will be processed once a week only (over the weekend), so please register your BBO details with us by the end of Friday if you wish to play the following week.

You'll need to provide us with your real name, your BBO name, your EBU number and an email address in case we need to contact you. This data will be stored in our Pianola database.

If you're a member of OBC then we just need to add the data to your existing record. Please click here to register your BBO name as a member of OBC.

Alternatively, if you're a non-member, then please click here to register as a non-member of OBC.

If you don't have a BBO name yet then you'll need to create a BBO account. It's a good idea to play some practice sessions on BBO before you start playing in a competitive pairs events. See here for some help with this

Email us via this link if you have any queries. 


These sessions aren't hosted, but you may be able to find a partner in one of the following two ways: 

1. Advertise via the 'Partner Finder' in Pianola (you'll need to do this at least a day or two in advance). 

2. Log into BBO up to 2 hours before the session is due to start, find the event (as described below), click on it, and then select the "Partnership Desk" tab (along the top). If you aren't able to find a partner via the Partnership Desk, and there's a half table, try offering to be a substitute instead. Instructions for using the Partnership Desk and offering to become a Substitute are detailed in this PDF document.


On the day you will need to do the following: 

1. Log in to BBO about 15-30 minutes before play is due to start. Make sure that you have some BB$ in your account. 

2. Go to "Competitive", then "All Tournaments", and type Oxford in the search box to find our event. The event host will be vEBU201048 and the event will be called something like '#2058 Pairs Oxford BC Wed Eve Duplicate. Click on the event. 

3. Type your partner's BBO user name in the space available. You can pay for them if you wish. Check that your partner is logged in and invite them. An invitation will be issued which they need to accept. Then look for the tournament again. if your entry has been successful it will be highlighted in yellow. If it isn't yellow, you're not entered, and will need to invite your partner again. If you're the partner being invited, wait for your partner to invite you, and then accept. 

4. Make sure that you enter the event at least 5 minutes before it is due to start, otherwise you may not be able to play. We may close the session to entries a few minutes early to avoid a half table.  

5. Once entered, wait in the Competitive section of BBO for the game to start. Do not log out of BBO while you're waiting - if you and your partner aren't online when the game starts it will start without you and you won't be able to play. WARNING: do not go and play in the casual area of BBO while you're waiting as BBO has now separated the servers for casual and competitive bridge, and you won't be taken automatically to your table.   

6. As soon as the game starts you will be taken to a table and can start to play. 

7. Say hello to your opponents, and give them a brief outline of your system (eg 4 card majors, weak NT, 3 weak 2s). 

8. Each round is timed, so keep a close eye on the clock. You must self-alert your bids, including those that are normally announced. 

9. When the competition is finished, wait and the results will appear on BBO. They will be uploaded to the EBU and the club website later.