Face-to-face bridge has restarted on Tues and Fri mornings! Click here for details of our regular bridge sessions.

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Saturday Seminar Series 2021

We are pleased to announce Saturday Seminars through to November 2021. See details below. 

***From October, all seminars will be held in person at Oxford Bridge Club at 147 Banbury Road and not online***

All our seminar presenters are in the top 100 players within Oxfordshire, so we are lucky that they are willing to give us so many expert tips. Do take advantage!

Booking is through the website as usual with online payment at the time of booking. Please book early as seminars and courses are likely to book up quickly.

The seminars/course are open to all but we have given a suggested level for each session. We recommend that you consider this when booking so that you can get the best out of it. 

If you have any questions or problems with the booking process please email seminars@oxfordbridgeclub.com.

Saturday 27th November - Keeping it Tight in Defence

This seminar will be held at Oxford Bridge Club - 147 Banbury Road, Oxford.

Time: 10.00am to 12.00pm

Level: Intermediate, Intermediate+

Cost: £12

Tutor: Robert Procter

How many times has your partner in defence said “We do better if you …..”? Robert will look at the causes of defensive errors - ranging from failing to take proper account of the bidding to failing to interpret declarer’s line of play, from not recognising the significance of partner’s carding to failing to help partner to do the right thing. He will help you to decide whether a passive or active approach is best, particularly relating this to the form of scoring. He hopes you will go away with a mental checklist that will improve your defensive record.

This seminar is of particular interest to those at the Intermediate/Intermediate+ level. It will be held in a workshop-style format where you can ask questions and discuss with Robert particular problems and issues you have with your defence.