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Afternoon Bridge
27th May 2021 18:31 BST
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9th May 2021 21:19 BST
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Oban Congress

7th-9th May 2021



Afternoon Bridge
Afternoon Bridge

Afternoon Bridge on RealBridge

Training with David Bird

Unusual Entries

There will be a short Training Session on Thursday, 27th May at 6pm. Please come in by 5.45pm so that we can arrange tables. Singles very welcome. There will be four boards and then a chance to listen to the commentary. To join the session, click HERE

Video from this session HERE

If you are new to RealBridge, please test your video & audio systems here.

Thursday Afternoon 

Due to lack of numbers now that Lockdown has been eased, there will be no Bridge on Thursday afternoons for the time being. If you would like to arrange to play with friends on RealBridge, please contact Liz or Sue.

Friday Afternoon - 1.45pm for 2pm start

This session is on BBO - please register between12 noon and 1:45pm.

Training with Andrew Robson

Counting And Card placement

Webcast explanation on Counting and Card Placement

Fourth Suit Forcing Session

Webcast explanation from fourth suit forcing training session

Splinter Bids

Webcast explanation for Splinter Bids

Weak Twos

Webcast explanation for Weak Twos