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Privacy Policy

When someone applies to be an associate of, or to join, Oban Bridge Club, they are asked to provide the following information:-


Postal address

E mail address

Phone number

If joining as full members their date of birth can also be given to establish eligibility for some competitions

The club will keep records of this information and it will be held by the Membership Secretary and Secretary, and could also be given to the Chair. The data is held on personal computers owned by these officers of the club. 

It will be used by the club for the administration of membership; the communication of information about bridge events; the organisation of events and for scores from these events to be circulated and any resulting queries to be resolved.  This data will be kept by the club up to 2 years after a membership ceases.

Because club membership includes membership of the Scottish Bridge Union, this data is passed on to the SBU.  SBU numbers of each member and scores from national bridge events will also be held by the membership secretary.

The SBU has its own privacy policy for data protection.  Members can check the data held by the SBU, and make any necessary changes, by using the website <> and selecting “my contacts”.

To facilitate finding partners for bridge events and arranging lifts, names, E mail addresses and phone numbers, but not the other data, will be made available to all club members and associates.  Regular visitors to the club are asked to provide names, E mail addresses and phone numbers for the same reason.

Tournament directors have limited access to members’ data for them to carry out their legitimate role when directing events.

Your personal data is not passed on by the club to any other persons or organisations unless agreed by you and only in connection with Bridge events.

Associates are defined as people , some ex members, who wish to play at the Club on a fairly regular basis.