If you are a Club member, you can register and look for partners for specific games in the members only section of this web site. If you are a visitor or have a last minute emergency, please call our  Partnership Coordinator, Kit  Nash at 905-468-2047 between the hours of 9AM and 9PM. Kit will work hard making phone calls on your behalf. Please have the courtesy to call her back if you find your own partner.

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(905)704-0446...2E Tremont Drive #6 St. Catharines, ON L2T 3B2

We are a 400 plus player member-owned club situated in St. Catharines, Ontario, with our membership drawing from the entire Niagara Region. The Bridge Centre runs ACBL sanctioned games six days per week.

Our Club
Alzheimer society
June 2019 rev
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Check the Education page for the latest news about the Pathway Education Program and other learning opportunities.

2019 Local Charity

The Board of Directors of  the Bridge Centre of Niagara are pleased to announce that Wellspring Niagara will be the recipient of funds raised for local charity in 2019.

Saturday Evening Game Partners

 Unless it is a social, don't worry about making a last minute decision to play at the Saturday evening game! There is alway a partner available as the directors will match singles who arrive or play with a remaining single.

Your New Board of Directors

President             Wiebe Hoogland
Vice President     Harold Nash
Secretary             Margo Carter
Treasurer            Chris Loat
Club Manager    Muriel Tremblay
Membership       John Stevens
Education           Jane Jennings
Social                  Tim Butt
Facilities             Jim Wilhelm

20th June 2019
Thursday Eve Open $7 NAP
7:00 PM
22nd June 2019
Friendly Fred BBQ and Game Longest Day donations to Alzheimer's
5:00 PM
24th June 2019
All Games NAP $7
25th June 2019
All Games NAP $7
26th June 2019
All Games NAP $7
27th June 2019
All Games NAP $7
28th June 2019
All Games NAP $7
29th June 2019
All Games NAP $7