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If you are a Club member, you can register and look for partners for specific games in the members only section of this web site. If you are a visitor or have a last minute emergency, please call our  Partnership Coordinator, Kit  Nash at 905-468-2047 between the hours of 9AM and 9PM. Kit will work hard making phone calls on your behalf. Please have the courtesy to call her back if you find your own partner.

Saturday Evening Game Partners

 Unless it is a social, don't worry about making a last minute decision to play at the Saturday evening game! There is alway a partner available as the directors will match singles who arrive or play with a remaining single.

Bridge clubs nearby


Bridge Centre of Niagara (905)704-0446...2E Tremont Drive #6 St. Catharines, ON L2T 3B2

Please Support Your Club


A message from your Board of Directors for the Bridge Centre of Niagara (BCON)

Based on the message from our Premier of Ontario, it looks very much like we will all be in self isolation until July. This is a very long time for our club to be closed. We are offering “online” Open club games starting Monday April 6th. Initially they will be run daily at 1:30 pm. These games are “real” duplicate games with ACBL Masterpoints awarded to the top pairs based on the number of tables in play. The hands are dealt randomly. They are not set up to frustrate you any more than the hands at our club have in the past. You can register for a game up to 2 hours in advance of the game, You should try to be registered 15 minutes before.

After we have some experience running these club games on BBO and get feedback from our members, we will look at expanding our game offerings.

We are asking you to support BCON by playing bridge online as often as you can. The fee of $5 US (less than your current table fee in Canadian $) is split between BCON (80%) and BBO (20%). This means that for every person who plays in our online game we will receive $4 US. This will help tremendously towards paying for our rent.

ACBL has downloaded all of the ACBL members who have played at BCON in the past 12 months. It is important to clarify that you don’t have to be an ACBL member to play in our BBO Club games, however, if you want to play you will have to contact Jane Jennings ( to ask to be put on our BCON list. Once you have been added to the BCON list, you can play in any game. It is a good idea to do this before trying to register for a game.  Once you try it, we hope that you will really enjoy playing bridge with people that you know.

Detailed instructions on how to register to play in our games are found on our website. If you have any problems you can contact Tim Butt or Jane Jennings. They will be happy to help you.

Don’t forget, starting this Monday you can play on our BBO Club game and everyday after that at 1:30 pm.

We will be sending you updates as we progress.

Thanks for your support
Muriel Tremblay
Club Manager


We are a 400 plus player member-owned club situated in St. Catharines, Ontario, with our membership drawing from the entire Niagara Region. The Bridge Centre runs ACBL sanctioned games six days per week.

Online Bridge

The instructions for getting started in our online games are here: Online Bridge Instructions with further information here: BBO Guide Part 2 .

7th April 2020
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