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Have you yet tried the 'Play it Again' feature available on this website via the Results Pages?  Click on your name in the Rankings List to view your Scorecard. Then in the board list on the right of the screen, select the board of interest and click on 'Play it Again'.  From the comfort of your own home, you can see how you could / should have made that slam!

Old News Snippets

Old News Snippets

Fletcher Trophy - October 27th 2019

Congratulations to the Mountnessing Team that finished 2nd in the Essex Invitational Teams of Eight event:

  • David Piper (captain) & Graham Beeton
  • John Sutcliffe & Chris Megahey
  • Jivan Patel & Michael Carson
  • Jill & Roger Tattersfield
Last updated : 19th Nov 2019 11:12 GMT
Results October 24th 2019 - corrected

One board was played at the wrong table by the wrong pairs so some adjustments have been made to the original results.  More by luck than judgement, the net effects are miniscule, though all scores will have gone up or down by a fraction of a percent. The results now show one artificial score on board 5, and two on board 11.

Last updated : 19th Nov 2019 11:13 GMT
New Entry in 'The Seventy Club'

There was another new entry into the 'Seventy Club' on April 25th 2019 - Chris Megahey & Alaric Cundy with a score of 71.06%

Last updated : 19th Jul 2019 10:12 BST
Annual Ladder Awards 2018/19

The two year-long ladder awards are now decided:

Faye Wernick Trophy (Ladies): Helen McVeigh just pipped last year's winner, Sue French, on the last session of the year

Lionel Wernick Trophy (Men): Chris Megahey retained his title, with Alaric Cundy finishing second

Last updated : 21st Jun 2019 10:20 BST
Scam prevention measure - Committee List

The Mountnessing Bridge Club website is based on the Bridgewebs facility - an approach that has been adopted by the vast majority of Clubs nationally.  Unfortunately, scammers have spotted an opportunity whereby they masquerade as one committee member and attempt to get a second committee member to authorise a fraudulent payment from Club funds.  We wish to assure all members that the committee is 'on the ball' and that no such payments have ever been made by this Club. However, we have been the target of an attempted fraud.

To make life a bit more difficult for would-be scammers, the 'Committee' page on this website is now set as 'Members only', so to access it you will be asked for your Members' Area username (typically your email address) and your personalised password.  If you have not already registered for access to the Members' area, please follow the instructions that you will be given when you try to access a "members only" page.

Last updated : 30th Aug 2019 09:49 BST
Results July 4th

Apologies for the late posting of the results.  This delay has been caused by a mis-board on board 11.  The board has been scored as a split board, with 4 scores in each half - one half being tables 7, 6, 5, and 4, the other half being tables 3, 2, 1 and 8, for which the North and East hands had been inter-changed.  Resolution of the problem has consumed a lot of extra time, especially by the Director, but also by the scorer. The calculation has had to be carried out manually, following a formula set out by the EBU.


  1. if the scoring device produces a message to the effect that the lead card or Declarer may be incorrect, please do not ignore it as it may mean that there has been a misboard.
  2. always leave the board in play in the centre of the table and after the play please ensure that all four hands are returned to their correct pocket.


Last updated : 19th Jul 2019 10:11 BST
The Ray Cornell Prize, 2019

We are pleased to report that the two teams of four entered by Mountnessing in the Ray Cornell Trophy on February 17th - one of the Essex Invitational Teams competitions run by the Essex Contract Bridge Association - did the Club proud by finishing 2nd and 3rd, thus, in combination, qualifying to represent Essex in the Regional Finals of the prestigious Garden Cities Competition on April 27th and winning the Ray Cornell Prize. The teams were:

Mountnessing 'A': (finished 2nd) - Peter Franklin, Frank Morrison, Graham Beeton, David Piper

Mountnessing 'B': (finished 3rd) - Jill & Roger Tattersfield, John Sutcliffe, Alaric Cundy

The Team to play in the Regional Final will be slightly different: John Sutcliffe, Dennis Valtisiaris, Jill & Roger Tattersfield, Frank Morrison, Steve Cade-Bowyer, Graham Beeton, David Piper.  We wish our team Good Luck!

Last updated : 19th Jul 2019 10:13 BST
New Entry in 'The Seventy Club'

There was a new entry in the 'Seventy Club' on March 14th when Chris Megahey & Alaric Cundy scored 74.11%.  For a complete list of scores over 70% scored at the Club since September 2006, please see the sub-menu item under the 'Current Ladder Tables' link to the left.

Last updated : 21st Jun 2019 10:21 BST
Mary Rogers Trophy, March 21st 2019

Congratulations to John Sutcliffe & Dennis Valtisiaris who won the Mary Rogers Trophy on March 21st.

For those who are unaware: this Trophy was introduced into the Club's calendar by former owner Lionel Wernick.  Mary Rogers was a long-standing member of the Club, who also had successes in County events.  Her husband, Jack Rogers, was also a very regular player at the club until terminal ill-health prevented him from so doing in 2008.

Last updated : 21st Jun 2019 10:21 BST

Please click on this box to see the national rankings.

Last updated : 21st Jun 2019 10:22 BST
Summer Ladder Trophies: Final Ranking

The two Summer Ladder Trophies are contested from the beginning of June to the end of August.  The 2019 winners were:

Margaret Curtis Cup (2018 holder: Sue French): Catriona Lovett

Peter Seaton Trophy (2018 holder: Graham Beeton): David Piper

For the full final rankings, please expand the 'Current Ladder Tables' menu to the left..

Last updated : 26th Oct 2019 15:43 GMT
New Entry in 'The Seventy Club'

There was a new entry into the 'Seventy Club' on September 12th 2019 - Paul Mollison & Simon Moorman with a score of 74.72%

Last updated : 26th Oct 2019 15:43 GMT

The Club's Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday February 21st 2019 starting at 7.10 p.m., with a normal Bridge Session afterwards at 7.30.  We encourage all members to attend to have the chance to have a say about the future direction of the club. Members can access the Agenda and associated papers through the 'Membership' link to the left.

One of the key functions of the AGM is to elect the Club's Officers and other Committee Members. This year, we are making a special plea to members to consider taking on one of the lead roles, because two of the current four Officers are not seeking re-election. These roles are not as onerous as they may sound - but without them the club may struggle to run smoothly.  We therefore are asking all members to think carefully as to whether you could offer yourself to be nominated for one of the roles.

Chair: the core responsibilities are:

  • to chair any General meetings of the Club, including the AGM;

  • to chair any committee meetings. [Physical committee meetings are rare, and, when they happen, usually short. Most committee business is conducted by phone and / or email];

  • to act as the front-person / spokesperson for the club as and when necessary;

  • to assure himself / herself that all other roles are being appropriately carried out;

  • to act as a cheque signatory;

  • note that it is not a requirement for the Chair to be on the Club’s Director’s rota.

Secretary: the core responsibilities are: :

  • to provide papers and prepare minutes for all General Meetings and Committee Meetings. (Virtually all committee business is handled via email);

  • to act as the primary channel for communication between the Club and the ECBA / EBU; (almost all communication is via email);

  • to hold the file of completed membership application and renewal forms;

  • to act as the primary channel for communication with Club members (almost all communication is via email, using the Bridgewebs website’s email facility);

  • to circulate requests for partners to all members, using the Bridgewebs website’s email facility;

  • to act as a cheque signatory;

  • note that it is not a requirement for the Secretary to be on the Club’s Director’s rota.

Last updated : 19th Jul 2019 10:13 BST
New Entries in 'The Seventy Club'

Congratulations to Paul Mollison & Simon Moorman who achieved a score of 71.59% at the club session on January 24th 2019, thus gaining an entry into 'The Seventy Club'.

Amazingly, there was another new 'Seventy Club' entry on January 31st - Chris Megahey & Alaric Cundy, with a score of 70.45%

Last updated : 24th Feb 2019 08:02 GMT
The Seventy Club

Chris Megahey & Alaric Cundy became the newest members of 'The Seventy Club' with a score of 71.53% on the final session of 2018, on December 20th.

Last updated : 24th Jan 2019 23:50 GMT
Wireless Scoring at Mountnessing

We are now using the 'BridgePals' wireless scoring system, which was originally developed by John and Mirna Goacher for use at the Chiselhurst Club.  We are now able to get the results loaded onto this website within about 3 minutes of the entry of the last score

Players need to identify themselves to the system by using the Mountnessing-specific "short-code", which is just 1 - 3 figures long.   There are lists of 'short-codes' available at the club, covering all members and most of our past visitors. To access your short-code, then either follow the instructions above to access the club membership list, or look on the list at the club, or otherwise please contact Alaric.

Last updated : 12th Feb 2019 12:48 GMT
New Entry in 'The Seventy Club'

Congratulations to John Sutcliffe & Peter Franklin who achieved a score of 70.32% at the club session on September 20th 2018, thus gaining an entry into 'The Seventy Club'.

Last updated : 26th Oct 2018 10:26 BST
Summer Ladder Trophies, 2018

The two Summer ladder trophies, which run from June 1st to August 31st, have now been completed, and the winners were:

Margaret Curtis Trophy: Sue French

Peter Seaton Trophy: Graham Beeton

For the full rankings, please see the Margaret Curtis (2018) and Peter Seaton (2018) tabs beneath the 'Current Ladder Tables' menu to the left.

Last updated : 26th Oct 2018 10:26 BST
Happy New Year from Mountnessing Bridge Club

Now that the planned refurbishment of the floor at the Hall has  been successfully completed,  for those who kindly help with setting out or putting away please note that we have had a reminder not to drag chairs or tables across the floor, but instead to use the trollies provided.

Last updated : 3rd Feb 2019 09:55 GMT
Results 31/05/2018

Please check the results for any 'typos' or other issues, and if you find any, please let Alaric know.  Assuming there are no issues, then many, many congratulations are due to Helen McVeigh and Graham Allen, who won the session with a score of over 71%!!  As a result, they become the newest entry to 'the Seventy Club' - a record of all scores of 70% or higher recorded at the club since September 2006.

The problems with the scoring equipment this evening are believed to have been caused by the recent major 'Spring Update' to Windows 10, which appears to have disabled the 'Apache Server' software that lies at the heart of the scoring system.  There is a known solution to this issue, which, it is anticipated, will be resolved by next week.


Last updated : 7th Jun 2018 23:25 BST
Annual Ladder Awards for the Faye Wernick Trophy and Lionel Wernick trophy

Both events are only open to club members, though any sessions played partnering non-members also count.  To qualify for an award, a minimum of 20 sessions must be played during the year.  There are separate awards for Women (Faye Wernick Trophy) and Men (Lionel Wernick Trophy).  The ladder score will be the simple arithmetic average of all qualifying scores, without, for example, any weighting to take account of the number of contestants in each session.  A maximum of (best) 40 scores will count in the final calculation at the end of the membership year.  As the year progresses, the cut-off for inclusion within the displayed tables will roll forward on a pro rata basis, starting from 1 session, and gradually increasing to 20 as the year progresses.  Full statistics for an individual player's scores during the year are accessible through secondary menu items associated with the two Ladders.

The winner of the Faye Wernick Trophy, 2017/18 was Sue French, who squeaked ahead of reigning champion, Lorraine Butler, on the last session of the year on March 29th.

The winner of the Lionel Wernick Trophy,2017/18 was Chris Megahey, followed by last year's winner, Alaric Cundy.

Last updated : 26th Apr 2018 14:16 BST
Mary Rogers Trophy, March 22nd 2018

The winners of the trophy were Chris Megahey & Alaric Cundy.  Full results and analyses are available via the 'Results' menu.

Last updated : 6th Apr 2018 09:03 BST
The Windmill Trophy, November 29th 2018

Congratulations to Peter Oake & Frank Morrison, who won the trophy by a tiny margin from Helen McVeigh & Graham Allen.

Last updated : 3rd Feb 2019 09:55 GMT
The Cornell Trophy, February 18th 2018

Mountnessing entered two teams in this Essex Invitational event.

'A' Team (Finished 3rd out of 18 Teams): Peter Franklin, Frank Morrison, Chris Megahey and Alaric Cundy
'B' Team (Finished 8th out of 18 Teams): Graham Allen, Helen McVeigh, John Sutcliffe, and Ray Clarke

Last updated : 6th Apr 2018 09:16 BST
Summer Ladder Trophies June to August 2017

The finalised tables for the two Summer Ladder Trophies - the Margaret Curtis Cup and the Peter Seaton Trophy - can now be viewed from the Current Ladder Tables link to the left. 

The final rankings are:

The Margaret Curtis Cup (for ladies): Winner Catriona Lovett, second Lorraine Butler, third Angela Fenton.
The Peter Seaton Trophy (for men): Winner  Chris Megahey, second Alaric Cundy, third John Sutcliffe.

2016 Winners: Catriona Lovett and Dave Piper / Les Curtis

Last updated : 30th Nov 2017 14:29 GMT
Annual Ladder Awards 2016/17

The top three places in the year long ladder awards were as follows:

Faye Wernick Trophy (Ladies' Ladder): 1 Lorraine Butler; 2 Catriona Lovett; 3 Joan McGuffin.
Lionel Wernick Trophy (Men's Ladder): 1 Alaric Cundy; 2 Chris Megahey; 3 (Jointly) Les Curtis & David Piper.

See the full final standings under the 'Old Ladder Tables' menu item to the left.


Last updated : 30th Nov 2017 14:24 GMT
Mary Rogers Trophy, March 23rd 2017

Congratulations to Les Curtis & Dave Piper, who narrowly beat the reigning holders Keith Nicholl & Graham Allen to win the Mary Rogers Trophy on March 23rd.  For the full results please see the Results Index to the left of this panel.

Last updated : 30th Jul 2017 20:24 BST
Ray Cornell Mountnessing Teams February 12th 2017

The Mountnessing teams for the Ray Cornell Trophy on February 12th 2017 finished (out of 23 teams):
'A': Dave Piper & John Sutcliffe; Frank Morrison & Peter Franklin (4th)
'B': Chris Megahey & Alaric Cundy; Jill & Roger Tattersfield (11th)

Last updated : 20th Mar 2017 09:40 GMT
Windmill Trophy - October 20th 2016

The club contested the Windmill Trophy - The Autumn Pairs Championship - on October 20th 2016.  Congratulations to Alan Eames & John Sutcliffe, who retained the Trophy, with Les Curtis & Dave Piper finishing second.  For rthe full results listing please see the Results link on the left.

Last updated : 20th Mar 2017 09:29 GMT
2015-16 Ladder Awards: Final Standings

Please click on the 'Final Ladder' link on the left for the full final standings.

  • Faye Wernick Trophy (For Ladies): Winner: Val Mollison; runner-up: Catriona Lovett; third Lorraine Butler
  • Lionel Wernick Trophy (For Men): Winner: Peter Oake; runner-up David Piper; third  Les Curtis
Last updated : 20th Mar 2017 09:45 GMT
Windmill Trophy October 15th 2015

♠   Congratulations to Alan Eames & John Sutcliffe, the 2015 winners of the Windmill Trophy.  For the full results listing, see the results page for October 15th.  ♣ 

Last updated : 20th Mar 2017 09:44 GMT
Fletcher Trophy, October 25th 2015

The team representing Mountnessing was:
Frank Morrison & Peter Franklin
Margaret Curtis & Dave Piper
Jill & Roger Tattersfield
Chris Megahey & Alaric Cundy

Unfortunately, someone who prefers to remain anonymous admitted to a 'very bad day at the office' and contributed to the rather disappointing final position of 8th out of 12 teams.

Last updated : 20th Mar 2017 09:33 GMT
Summer Ladder For Ladies, 2015

Congratulations to Lorraine Butler - the inaugural winner of the Margaret Curtis Trophy for the Summer Ladies Ladder

Last updated : 30th Nov 2015 09:51 GMT