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Host system - volunteer to make it work!

We aim to have a host at every session to cater for people who need a partner. To do this, we need volunteers. Please enter your name onto the Programme at the Club, or contact  Marcia Marriott at 07908 586260.

If you offer to host, you get a free game on the day (if you play) or the next time you attend. If no host is named for the session you want to attend, please be aware that if no other individuals turn up without a partner, you may not get a game.   

Welcome to The Monday Club, Battersea
Online Bridge Update

As an alternative to (or in addition to) playing in BBO tournaments with Ned Paul (as detailed below), members can also play in the tournaments organised by Nicole. Further details here: rac-online.pdf

You can also go to:

Details of how to create a BBO account, pay and join RAC games run by Nicole (Thursdays 13.30 pm and Sundays at 11 am, St James's Calendar) can be found there.. Thanks to John Kemball for suggesting and negotiating this. He may be contacted if further information is needed.:

07767 474630 OR


With great regret we have to bow to the inevitable (I bet Boris Johnson has never been called that!) and close the club until we are clear of the dreaded virus. We wish our members good health - don't catch it, but if you do, may it be mild, followed by swift recovery.

In the meantime, you can get your fix playing online. Try the following:



Bridge Club Live:


Ned Paul


POSTPONED: Championship Pairs

This event has been postponed due to the Coronavirus. The club will hold ordinary duplicate sessions on both both weeks, and new dates will be announced once the situation stabilises.

The Host System - under review

Owing to various difficulties (chiefly lack of interest - the same few members seem to be voluteering & using the system most of the time), the committee are thinking of abandoning the system. We will continue to provide a host where possible until September 14th, when this will be reviewed and a final decision made. Members are encouraged to let us know their views and to continue to offer to host in the meantime. 

Members are reminded that they are primarily responsible for arranging their own partners and games. The host service is chiefly for visitors and occasional use by members (no more than four times a year), e.g. in case of last minute cancellations. If members need a partner, they can contact other members through the Bridgewebs system asking if anyone is free/available for a game. Ask Marcia for further details if needed.  

Competitions running throughout the year

The Salver is a pairs competition held over twelve months, normally on the first Monday of each month. On each evening, all pairs finishing above halfway score points depending on their position. For each pair, only the best six scores achieved during the year will count. Prizes awarded to the first six pairs.

The Goblet is an individual competition held over the year, January to the first half of December.

All match-pointed pairs events other than first Mondays or Club Championships count towards this  On each evening, both players of each pair finishing above halfway score points according to their rank.   The competition is designed to encourage members to mix and play with different partners. It is therefore based on a member's best ten scores, but no more than two scores count with any one partner.  A member playing with a non-member is still eligible to score points. Prizes:   Awarded to members finishing in the top six positions.

Improver's Prize is a new competition running all year February to December; it will include all sessions played at the club  (minimum 15). The person with the highest percentage increase in their NGS score will be judged the winner. Prizes for the first six.


The Monday Club is happy to be able to offer tuition thanks to one of its members, Kit Jackson.

Meet at Bedford pub in Bedford hill – a great venue for friendly bridge. Monday Mornings: Social Bridge. All standards welcome, including novices and improvers.

For further information, contact Kit at: 07950 779 402

This week's winners


Congratulations to Martin Knight and Mike Garlick

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Scorer: Alan Webster
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Scorer: Kit Jackson
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