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Host system - volunteer to make it work!

We aim to have a host at every session to cater for people who need a partner. To do this, we need volunteers. Please enter your name onto the Programme at the Club, or contact  Marcia Marriott at 07908 586260.

If you offer to host, you get a free game on the day (if you play) or the next time you attend. If no host is named for the session you want to attend, please be aware that if no other individuals turn up without a partner, you may not get a game.   

Welcome to The Monday Club, Battersea
Christmas Party
Christmas Party


We need to start planning for this event now! There will be a meeting next Monday October 28th at 6:45 pm to get started. Please could anyone who could help in any way come to the meeting to give us your invaluable thoughts and ideas. If you can’t come, but are interested in contributing, please contact John W and Marcia.


In Memoriam - Paul Bracken

We are sorry to inform our members that we have received news of the recent death of Paul Bracken. Our sincere condolences to Liz in her great loss.

The funeral is on Saturday October 26th at 2.30p.m. at St. Luke’s church on the corner of Thurleigh Road and Ramsden Road  SW12.

In Memoriam

It is with sadness that we have to announce the death of one of our long-standing and life members: Chas Fellows, who passed away on Monday September 23rd aged 84. The funeral will be in Hastings on October 18th. If anyone wishes and is able to go, please contact Roger Fellows: email:

Competitions running throughout the year

The Salver is a pairs competition held over twelve months, normally on the first Monday of each month. On each evening, all pairs finishing above halfway score points depending on their position. For each pair, only the best eight scores achieved during the year will count. Prizes awarded to the first six pairs.

The Goblet is an individual competition held over the year, January to the first half of December.

All match-pointed pairs events other than first Mondays or Club Championships count towards this  On each evening, both players of each pair finishing above halfway score points according to their rank.   The competition is designed to encourage members to mix and play with different partners. It is therefore based on a member's best ten scores, but no more than two scores count with any one partner.  A member playing with a non-member is still eligible to score points. Prizes:   Awarded to members finishing in the top six positions.

Improver's Prize is a new competition starting 4th. February 2019. It will run till 25th November and include all sessions played at the club  (minimum 15). The person with the highest percentage increase in their NGS score will be judged the winner. Prizes for the first six.


The Monday Club is happy to be able to offer tuition thanks to one of its members, Kit Jackson.

Meet at Bedford pub in Bedford hill – a great venue for friendly bridge. Monday Mornings: Social Bridge. All standards welcome, including novices and improvers.

For further information, contact Kit at: 07950 779 402

This week's winners

Congratulations to this week's winners - John Williamson & Mark Cast.

Director: John Kemball
Scorer: John Kemball
Director: Alan Webster
Scorer: Alan Webster
Director: Toby Naish
Scorer: Toby Naish
28th Oct 2019
Monday Club Battersea 19.30
Director: Annamarie Crichard
4th Nov 2019
Monday Club Battersea 19.30
Director: Kit Jackson
11th Nov 2019
Monday Club Battersea 19.30
Director: John Williamson