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for an upcoming game?

Email  or call June Green at:  506-859-1398

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For all other inquiries, email us at

NAP  Maritime District 1  Finals Schedule TWO Sessions


Flight A Sat Oct 26 10:00AM & TBA  at the MDBC at 720 Coverdale Road, Riverview NB
Flight C Sun Oct 27 10:00AM & TBA  at the MDBC at 720 Coverdale Road Riverview NB


Flight B Sat  Nov 2 10:00AM & TBA at Halfax Bridge World 7071 Bayers RD #312, Halifax NS


Christmas Event  is tenatively for Friday Nov 29

Bridge Site Tools to Improve

Use the Bridge Tools on this site check your results and compare  see which pair has your number.

If you are interested in improving your game, even just a little bit spend a few minutes after a game, go on the website and look at your results.  Look at the hands that appear normal where you scored poorly to figure out what went wrong.  Do you know that most bad scores are from slipping just one trick, either on play or on defense?   If you can’t find your error, save the hand and ask someone to help you

Suggested Readings and More

The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge (7th edition) recommendations

The 7th edition of the Encyclopedia recommended[10] the following books with the caveat that the "list on this page is by no means definitive. It was influenced to a degree by surveys published in 1994 and 2007 in the Bridge Bulletin." Listed alphabetically by first author surname.

  • Points Schmoints! Bergen's Winning Bridge Secrets by Marty Bergen
  • Declarer Play the Bergen Way by Marty Bergen
  • 52 Great Tips on Declarer Play by David Bird
  • Another 52 Great Bridge Tips by David Bird
  • Matchpoints Versus IMPs by August Boehm
  • To Bid or Not to Bid: The Law of Total Tricks by Larry N. Cohen
  • Right Through the Pack by Robert Darvas and Norman de V. Hart
  • Bridge with the Blue Team by Pietro Forquet
  • Commonly Used Conventions in the 21st Century by Audrey Grant
  • How the Experts Win at Bridge by Burt and Rose Hall
  • Two Over One Game Force (Revised and Expanded) by Max Hardy
  • The Mysterious Multi by Mark Horton and Jan van Cleeff
  • Canada's Bridge Warriors: Eric Murray and Sami Kehela by Roy Hughes
  • Roman Keycard Blackwood: The Final Word by Eddie Kantar
  • Take All Your Tricks by Eddie Kantar
  • Modern Bridge Defense by Eddie Kantar
  • Advanced Bridge Defense by Eddie Kantar
  • Test Your Play II by Eddie Kantar
  • Topics in Declarer Play by Eddie Kantar
  • Killing Defense at Bridge by Hugh Kelsey
  • Adventures in Card Play by Hugh Kelsey with Geza Ottlik
  • Guide to Better Duplicate Bridge by Ron Klinger
  • Modern Losing Trick Count by Ron Klinger
  • A Bridge to Simple Squeezes by Julian Laderman
  • A Bridge to Inspired Declarer Play by Julian Laderman
  • How to Read Your Opponents' Cards by Mike Lawrence
  • Judgment at Bridge by Mike Lawrence