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Suggested Readings and More

The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge (7th edition) recommendations

The 7th edition of the Encyclopedia recommended[10] the following books with the caveat that the "list on this page is by no means definitive. It was influenced to a degree by surveys published in 1994 and 2007 in the Bridge Bulletin." Listed alphabetically by first author surname.

  • Points Schmoints! Bergen's Winning Bridge Secrets by Marty Bergen
  • Declarer Play the Bergen Way by Marty Bergen
  • 52 Great Tips on Declarer Play by David Bird
  • Another 52 Great Bridge Tips by David Bird
  • Matchpoints Versus IMPs by August Boehm
  • To Bid or Not to Bid: The Law of Total Tricks by Larry N. Cohen
  • Right Through the Pack by Robert Darvas and Norman de V. Hart
  • Bridge with the Blue Team by Pietro Forquet
  • Commonly Used Conventions in the 21st Century by Audrey Grant
  • How the Experts Win at Bridge by Burt and Rose Hall
  • Two Over One Game Force (Revised and Expanded) by Max Hardy
  • The Mysterious Multi by Mark Horton and Jan van Cleeff
  • Canada's Bridge Warriors: Eric Murray and Sami Kehela by Roy Hughes
  • Roman Keycard Blackwood: The Final Word by Eddie Kantar
  • Take All Your Tricks by Eddie Kantar
  • Modern Bridge Defense by Eddie Kantar
  • Advanced Bridge Defense by Eddie Kantar
  • Test Your Play II by Eddie Kantar
  • Topics in Declarer Play by Eddie Kantar
  • Killing Defense at Bridge by Hugh Kelsey
  • Adventures in Card Play by Hugh Kelsey with Geza Ottlik
  • Guide to Better Duplicate Bridge by Ron Klinger
  • Modern Losing Trick Count by Ron Klinger
  • A Bridge to Simple Squeezes by Julian Laderman
  • A Bridge to Inspired Declarer Play by Julian Laderman
  • How to Read Your Opponents' Cards by Mike Lawrence
  • Judgment at Bridge by Mike Lawrence