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Need a partner

for an upcoming game?

Email  or call June Green at:  506-859-1398

If a Member. Go to Membership tab on left and click on find a partner



For all other inquiries, email us at

NAOP Schedule 


Friday August 9   Monday August 12   and Wednesday August 21

Christmas Event  is tenatively scheduled for Friday Nov 29

Bridge Site Tools to Improve

Use the Bridge Tools on this site check your results and compare  see which pair has your number.

If you are interested in improving your game, even just a little bit spend a few minutes after a game, go on the website and look at your results.  Look at the hands that appear normal where you scored poorly to figure out what went wrong.  Do you know that most bad scores are from slipping just one trick, either on play or on defense?   If you can’t find your error, save the hand and ask someone to help you



 Come and enjoy bridge

in a fun, friendly and

competitive atmosphere


The Moncton Bridge Club is located in Riverview Place, 720 Coverdale Road, Riverview, NB.  Using the entrance under the large sign, "Riverview Place", we are inside the Mall on your left. 


September 6 - 8, 2019



40 Lady Ada Blvd (off Mapleton Road)

Hotel room rate:  $132 per night - Free Parking 

For reservations call 506.852.9600

                             ********* BOOK BEFORE AUGUST 3, 2019 *********



       Friday, Sept. 6                     Saturday, Sept. 7            

            1:00 PM                               10:00 AM

Pairs  -    Stratified A/B/C      Open Pairs - 1st of 2 sessions

49er Pairs                              Stratiflighted A/X, B/C and D


                    6:30 PM                               3:00 PM 

               Pairs – Stratified A/B/C           Open Pairs - 2nd of 2 session

49er Pairs


Sunday, Sept. 8 - 10:00 AM 

Swiss Teams                                 

Stratiflighted A/X and B/C and D  





                      Tournament chair: Wade Short 506-530-5612 cell


                       Partnerships Anne Mahoney 506-860-6227                         

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Just Play Cards. At the Club Every Wednesday afternoon

Club is open to just play cards every Wednesday afternoon from 1pm to 4 pm

$5 Card Fee. Coffee Tea and Treats.

Light unorganized Play !

Last updated : 20th Jan 2018 10:38 AST
Better Bridge Tip

Audrey Grant's Better Bridge

All the best for the New Year.
It's rewarding when a bridge robot acts the way you would expect an accomplished partner to behave. Where are robots like that? There's good news! They're here, and for a long time have been receiving five-star ratings.
This year, put subscribing to the Interactive Daily Bridge Column on your To Do List. I know you’ll be happy you did.

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Bridge Quiz - Preempts and the LAW!

We're probably all familiar with preemptive opening bids. Simply put, a weak 2, 2, or 2♠ bid shows a hand with a good six-card suit, and not enough to open the bidding. It shows a hand that's valued not with point count, but with the number of playing tricks available as declarer.
Preemptive three bids show a good seven-card suit and six playing tricks as declarer. A preemptive bid at the four level shows a good eight-card suit and seven playing tricks. The instructions for making an opening preempt are fairly clear.
What's usually missing is how to respond to partner's preemptive opening bid. Fortunately, we've got a four-word slogan:
Count Tricks, Then Trumps.
After partner makes a preemptive opening, chant this slogan while tapping the table, and then repeat several times.
Count Tricks
As responder, if you can count enough tricks in your own hand to put the partnership in a game contract, bid game.
Count Trumps
This uses the law of total tricks. As responder, compete to the level corresponding to the number of trumps in the combined hands. The best way to understand this is to download and print the quiz and then the answers.
Have fun with this. It'll be much more relaxed at the bridge table when there is a preemptive auction. 
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Game Times at Riverview Place
When When

Monday Afternoon     1:00 PM        Open Pairs   Handicapped Game based on last 10 Monday Results  Very Popular Game. (ACBL Duplicate) 8$


Wednesday Afternoon  1:00  PM   Unstructured . Lets Play Cards  Relaxed Rubber Bridge 5$ (No Partner Needed) (Not Duplicate)


Wednesday Evening     6:30 PM      Open Pairs  Everyone Welcome. (ACBL Duplicate) 8$


Thursday Mornings at 10 am Beginner Duplicate Bridge 5$


Friday Afternoon        1:00 PM       Open Pairs  Light Game. No Partner Needed. (ACBL Duplicate) 8$

Easy Bridge Special

Thursday am Easy Bridge ,geared to the newer player, is back at regular price of $5/person  at 10:00 am .

Mon 26th August 2019
1:00 PM
Director: Bruce Perry
Wed 28th August 2019
6:30 PM
Director: Brian MacIver
Wed 28th August 2019
Fun Games
1:00 PM
Thu 29th August 2019
10:00 AM
Director: Bruce Perry
Director: Brian Mciver
Director: Brian Maciver
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Bruce Perry