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Board 1 2017-06-26

From Monday afternoon , how i see it being bid ,North opening 1S and South Bids a Jacoby 2NT showing 4+ card support and game force

Now North Bids 3S showing 16+ and no short suits South is is now interested in slam Cue bids 4D showing interested in Slam

North now Cue bids 4H and South Bid 4S saying partner I am interested in slam however I have 2 losers in club

so I cannot ask for aces. According to Jerry Helms the Partner who asks for aces must have first or second round

control of all unbid suits( ie If someone on this hand bid 4NT it would promise first or second round control of clubs)


Last updated : 3rd Jul 2017 17:11 HAA
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CANCELLED Touranments 299's Moncton APR 18-19 see attached flyer


                      Moncton Fall Sectional Sept 11-13



ACBL wide game schedule for CODIAC Bridge Club

  • October 02,2020 CANADA OLYMPIAD FUND GAME #2 FRI AFT Friday Afternoon
  • October 16,2020 ACBL-WIDE SENIOR PAIRS GAME #2 FRI AFT Friday Afternoon
Last updated : 20th Apr 2020 19:12 HAA
Executive Meeting Minutes June 8 2020

Codiac Bridge Club

June 8, 2020


Attending: Bruce Perry, Yvette Bertin, Al Mitchell, Heather Taylor, Shirley Long,                                   Linda Belliveau

Regrets: Brian McIver

Financial Report: As of the end of May, there is approximately $14 000 in the account.  The cheque for May’s rent has not yet been cashed.

Business Arising from the Minutes (Feb.)

There was no business arising from February’s minutes.

New Business

Al reported on the circumstances of the building.  As of March 14, 2020, all activities at the club were put on hold.  The club qualifies for a federal grant of $400 for March but does not qualify for May.  The check for May has not been cashed so the club may get a $1600 credit from the landlord.

The viability of keeping the club was discussed. Various options were looked at.

  1. If we don’t open for another 10 plus months, we are still responsible for rent.
  2. Most members are seniors so some may be uncomfortable returning.
  3. Perhaps the landlord would consider charging half rent until the club can physically open. Utilities could be turned off.
  4. The club does generate revenue from BBO with the online virtual games.
  5. The club could be closed and all items put in storage until things are open.  This would cost substantially less than monthly rent.

Since there is no long term lease (just month to month), the club can walk away if necessary and/or desired.  Al has sent a letter to the landlord requesting reduced rent but has not heard back.  He will try again.  The consensus was that we would like to stay with the club but only at a reduced rent.

ACBL virtual games were discussed.  The club gets a portion of the registration fee.  We are associated with the clubs in Saint John and Fredericton.  There is no sharing of fees with these clubs.  Several members of Shediac play at both clubs. It will be discussed with Guy and Hughette how much we should share with them keeping in mind that their club has no expenses.

Of the $6 US paid to BBO, only a portion of that comes to the club.  The directors have volunteered to receive only half of their fees per session to help reduce costs. ACBL owes the club approximately $3000 CA.  A check was sent three weeks ago – still waiting to receive it. This combined with a $1200 rent credit would put the clubs finances at approximately $16 000 by the end of June. Online games are successful so donations are not needed at this time.

The Longest Day Games are scheduled for June 20th and 21st.  All money goes to Alzheimer’s and there are no director fees.

Organizing a Marathon game of 36 boards was discussed. Black points and $BBO will be given as prizes. Linda will make up a mock flyer to send to the executive.

Brian is interested in giving bridge courses online. No update was available.

Sectional games will be determined by ACBL.

CanAt games can be cancelled until the end of November with no penalty. It was suggested that NS do the next one as they had to cancel this year.

Fredericton Club is interested in reopening July1st.

Al and Bruce have volunteered to help anyone who is having difficulty getting online. If you are having trouble with the site, log off then log on again. There is a Verify Bid button on BBO. Go to Account/Settings/Confirm bid.

Wednesday’s games will now start at 7:15 pm to align with Saint John and Fredericton.

There will be no further meetings before September.  Al will send a summary each month.

Submitted,                                                                                                                                                        June 11, 2020

Linda Belliveau

Last updated : 20th Jun 2020 22:08 HAA