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Need a partner

for an upcoming game?

Email  or call June Green at:  506-859-1398

If a Member. Go to Membership tab on left and click on find a partner



For all other inquiries, email us at



 Come and enjoy bridge

in a fun, friendly and

competitive atmosphere


The Codiac Bridge Club is located in Riverview Place, 720 Coverdale Road, Riverview, NB.  Using the entrance under the large sign, "Riverview Place", we are inside the Mall on your left. 

                                                   We are currently playing online as Codiac  Moncton Bridge on Bridge Base Online(BBO) You need an BBO account and BBO dollars(US$)

Virtual Club Games starting 2020-04-20 on BBO

All activities are cancelled until further advised.  BUT you can Play ONLINE on BBO.

The Codiac Moncton DBC  is back !  We are hosting on BBO for our local players at 1:00pm on Mondays and Fridays and 7:15 PM on Wednesdays.  If you have local bridge friends who may not get the Codiac Bridge emails please pass this along to them.

Here's the important details:

  • You can still play if you didn't play at the Codiac in 2019, but we need to add your BBO name manually. So please let us know in advance if possible. This 'restriction' was an ACBL thing -- they created an "eligible to play" list based on our 2019 games, to prevent the game from being open to the whole world.  But we can manually add to the list.
  • You must have BBO$ in your account.  All transactions on BBO are in US$.  Monday's game costs $5.  You can add money to your BBO account any time.
  • You can start registering two hours before the game.  Prior to that time the game is invisible.
  • You don't need a partner ... there's a partnership desk!  You can choose a partner from there, or you can add your name to the partnership desk list awaiting a partner. (See instructions at bottow of email)
  • Both you and your partner must be online at the same time when you register.
  • There is no limit to the number of tables or players.
  • If you try to register and you get a yellow warning message in the bottom right: "BLOCKED -tournament is private game" … this just means we need to add to you the 'eligible to play' list. To do this
    • Call Al at 506-863-3377          If you cannot logon to BBO and find Game, then call our pal Al
      • Text Bruce at 506-874-0623   If you are BLOCKED  then do TEXT Bruce
    • How to access the game:

    • Log on to BBO
    • On main screen click "Competitive" section
    • Click the "ACBL Virtual Clubs" (this is where all the ACBL club games are - there will be lots)
    • Find the Studio game VACB130187 (or use the search bar and type: codiac)
    • Click on our game to register.  See the attached picture.  You have these other options:
      • In the main box you can enter your partner's name, and whether you want to pay for them.  Your partner (who must also be online) will be notified.
      • Along the top (See the picture) is the partnership desk.  You can add your name and someone else can choose you as a partner later.
      • Along the top you can also see the other pairs that are already signed up.
    • See you Monday!    Woohoo ...

      Questions or problems or complaints ... we are here, you know how to reach us.

      The Codiac Bridge Club -Vacb130187 Pairs Codiac Moncton MDBC

Last updated : 18th Jun 2020 12:57 HAA
Game Times BBO( Bridge Base Online)
When When

I have good news for all of you who want more games. We will be pooling our virtual club membership with Fundy (Saint John) and FiddleHead (Fredericton). This means that we will be able to play virtual games a week as follows:

Here is the current schedule for our pool:

Monday 1 pm (Codiac)

Monday 7:15pm (Fiddlehead)

Tuesday 1:00 pm (Shediac)

Tuesday 7:15 pm (Fundy)

Wednesday 1 pm (Fiddlehead)

Wednesday 7 pm (Fundy) 0-20 game & 399er game

Wednesday 7:15 pm (Codiac)

Wednesday 7:15 pm (Fundy) 21-399 game

Thursday 1:00pm (Fiddlehead)

Thursday 1:00 pm (Shediac)

Thursday 7:15pm (Fundy)

Friday 1pm (Codiac)

Sunday 1:00pm (Codiac)  Masterpoints and Money Game. Payouts for A B and C. (To play 8$ per person)

Codiac Guests - all current guests will be welcome to play as usual

Codiac New guests - if you want to play with a guest that hasn't played before, please let us know so that I can add them to the list

Guest pairs - lately we've had guest pairs asking to play. I'm inclined not to let them play unless they have some connection with our clubs, or they will fill out a table.

Connection could be - they played in our club before 2019, so didn't get on the "include" list set up by ACBL back in the spring;

or if a current member vouches for them. We have a cap on guests, so its not unlimited.

We are all invited to participate in all the other  Fredericton (Fiddlehead) and SJ (Fundy) games and they will be invited to our games too.

Fri 6th August 2021
1:00 PM
Director: Brian MacIver
Mon 9th August 2021
1:00 PM
Director: Bruce Perry
Wed 11th August 2021
7:15 PM
Director: Ed Toczko
Fri 13th August 2021
1:00 PM
Director: Brian MacIver
Director: Ed Toczko
Director: Bruce Perry
Director: Brian MacIver