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  Scunthorpe BC Virtual Tournaments

Scunthorpe Bridge Club offers regular "Realbridge" video pairs tournaments every Monday evening at 7:15pm and every Wednesday & Thursday evening at 7pm, session fee £2.00. Visitors are welcome to participate if they so wish. I need your email address so that I can send out a link a few hours before start time. If anyone would like to play regularly in these events, they would be expected to make a one off contribution of £5 to Scunthorpe BC. Masterpoints and NGS will be active for all events.Take care, Roy

Last updated : 3rd Sep 2021 21:59 BST
  Lincolnshire Bridge WhatsApp Group

This social media group is restricted to LCBA Members. For up-to-date news of events, matches, partners, requests for players, etc.
To join, please contact the webmaster.

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Welcome to Lincolnshire Contract Bridge Association

Welcome to the Lincolnshire Contract Bridge Association web site.

The Association was founded in 1946.  Its aims are to promote and further bridge in Lincolnshire, to organise competitions in the County and to participate in matches with other counties.

Lincolnshire Bridge Clubs

Last updated : 3rd Sep 2021 21:58 BST


County swiss Pairs championship


Unfortunately we have needed to cancel this event due to a shortage of players


A swiss pairs movement is quite critical on numbers, but we hope many of you will be able to enter our Ghost Pairs event which will take place on Sunday 17th October at 12:00.

Last updated : 20th Sep 2021 11:31 BST



Dunholme Village Hall, Honeyholes Lane, Dunholme, LN2 3SU
Sunday, 17th October 2021, 12:00 noon
Table Money £5 per player

This is actually a Teams event, (but you enter as Pairs).  Pre-set hands are played as teams of four and your score is compared with that of imaginary expert partners.  The result will be a N/S winner and an E/W winner. 
Pre-entry is required as below.


Postings/Entries will appear here, but none currently posted !!
Last updated : 20th Sep 2021 16:29 BST

Twelve teams have entered for Lincs League 2021-22. These have been divided into two divisions, based on the average NGS rating of the team members. The competition is now under way and match arrangements will be found under menu option "Lincolnshire League 2021-22". The competition will be held entirely on-line using the BBO platform. An extended programme has been arranged to make it easier for captains to schedule their matches, with a deadline of 28th February 2022 for completion.

Kind Regards, Roy

Last updated : 14th Sep 2021 08:57 BST
Northern Bridge League: Fixture 3/4
Northern Bridge League: Fixture 2/4
Northern Bridge League: Fixture 1/4
26th Sep 2021
County Swiss Pairs Championship
Dunholme Village Hall 12:00
9th Oct 2021
Northern Bridge League: Fixture 4/4
Realbridge 11:00am
17th Oct 2021
Ghost Pairs
Dunholme Village Hall 12:00

The Northern Counties Bridge League involves 6 teams: Yorkshire (1 and 2), Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire, and Lincolnshire. It takes place on 4 Saturdays about a month apart, on the RealBridge platform.

On the 18th September, the Lincs team played in the third day of the Northern Bridge League season. The team was:
Ron Wall and Brian Smith
Kiat Huang and Aaron Hutton
Rodney Mitchell and Edward Harris
Roy Brixton and Andy Lewis
We played five 8 board matches on RealBridge against Manchester, Yorkshire(1 and 2), Lancashire, and Mersey/Cheshire . We managed a second win against the Manchester team but lost against the others to finish at the bottom of the table for the day. Thanks to all who took part and helped to get the team together.
Three of the four one day sessions have now been played and Lincs are still at the foot of the table. Full details of this event are at The overall rankings to date can be found at


Last updated : 19th Sep 2021 18:05 BST
  Waitrose Trophy

The Waitrose Trophy is awarded at the AGM to the Pair with highest percentage score above 70% in a club duplicate session of 8 tables or more in the previous 12 months.

Winners 2020

Kiat Huang & Ron Wall with 77.86%
Louth Duplicate Bridge Club, Friday 13th March 2020

Winners 2019 Roy Hughes & Dennis Mellor with 74.35%

Due to the Covid pandemic, there was no winner in 2021

Please notify the webmaster if you achieve a contending score.

Last updated : 1st Aug 2021 17:02 BST
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It may have escaped some members notice, that a Lincolnshire-based team, the Alford Frimfolk, have been making excellent progress through the divisions of the EBU Lockdown League, hosted on BBL. ..........

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Last updated : 8th Jul 2021 17:51 BST
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Thanks to all involved in this match and throughout the whole MCOL season. Due to a stomach bug I was feeling very fragile yesterday, so special thanks to Chris for playing as super-sub at very short notice with a partner he has never met and only 5 minutes system discussion on the phone before the game. Also thanks need to go to the Staffs and Shropshire team who gave considerable help with match setup and were very friendly throughout. ..........

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Last updated : 21st Jun 2021 17:37 BST

Season 3 of the Virtual League has now been completed and all those who participated enjoyed their matches. Congratulations to The Woldies who finished well ahead of second equal placed Rueful Rabbits and The Iron Men in Division 1, and to Revolution, closely followed by Lazy Bones in Division 2. Thanks to all those players who entered the event. Results can be seen HERE. We shall now take a break from the league and perhaps consider re-starting again in the Autumn.

Last updated : 10th Jun 2021 08:56 BST

Overall winners and winners of the Sydney Vincent Cup were Margaret Mcleod and Megan Williams. Well Done!

In second place overall and winners of the Vincent Cup were Mark Wardell and Kiat Huang. Well Done!

Last updated : 20th May 2021 08:21 BST

Lincolnshire Green Point Pairs

Incorporating the annual Lincolnshire

Championship Pairs


Congratulations to Jack Terry and Ian Walsh on winning the Lincolnshire Green Point pairs event with an excellent score of 65.23%, just pipping Trevor Hails and Chris Ryall who finished with 64.55%.
The highest finishing Lincolnshire pair were Bill Crymble and Anthony (Cos) Corry who win the Arthur Wilson Trophy. Other trophy winners are Richard Tupper and Peter Sharman, for the Lucy Osbourne Trophy awarded to the highest placed Lincolnshire pair where both players have attained the age of 65+, and to Mark and Marion Brackley in winning the Margaret Briggs Trophy awarded to the highest placed Lincolnshire Pair under the EBU rank of Master. It is hoped to present these trophies at the next AGM.
The three highest ranking Lincolnshire Pairs will be invited, at the Association's expense, to represent the County in the forthcoming Corwen Trophy competition which will hosted by the EBU, on the RealBridge platform, over the weekend of 5th and 6th of June 2021.
The pairs qualifying to represent the county in this prestigious event are:

Bill Crymble and Anthony (Cos) Corry
Kiat Huang and Rodney Mitchell
Jacqueline Pfister and Mark Wardell

Congratulations to all our winners and qualifiers, and sincere thanks to all the participants for their support and in ensuring that the competition took place in such a friendly and sporting atmosphere.
Finally, the Committee wishes to express its thanks to the director on the day, Stuart Knox, and the county’s technical ‘guru’, Roy Brixton, for ensuring the smooth running of this event, and without whom the staging of such competitions would not be possible.
We look forward to welcoming you again to our next LCBA event, the Ladies and Men’s Pairs event, on Sunday 16th May 2021.

Last updated : 3rd Sep 2021 09:01 BST

*  Lincolnshire v Deva BC (Merseyside & Cheshire) - 6 teams 1st to 7th August
Result 75 - 45 VP (4.5 to 1.5) to Lincolnshire
Team Captains, Rodney Mitchell, Roy Brixton, Stuart Knox, Maria Vietri-Nelson, Patricia Donaldson & Cathy Platt
Full Result

*  Anglo-Roman Towns League
Louth/Scunthorpe v Chester
- 5 teams 2nd July
Louth/Scunthorpe win by 13.20-6.80 average VP
Team Captains, Rodney Mitchell, Kiat Huang, Mark Brackley, Roy Brixton & Megan Wiliiams
Full Result

*  Anglo-Roman Towns League
Louth/Scunthorpe v Hitchin
- 5 teams 23rd June
Louth/Scunthorpe win by 14.20-5.80 average VP
Team Captains, Rodney Mitchell, Kiat Huang, Mark Brackley, Roy Brixton & Ruby Schnalke
Full Result

*  Anglo-Roman Towns League
Louth/Scunthorpe v St Albans
- 5 teams 16th June
Louth/Scunthorpe win by 15.14-4.86 average VP
Team Captains, Rodney Mitchell, Kiat Huang, Ruby Schnalke, Mark Brackley & Roy Brixton
Full Result

*  North v South Lincolnshire 3 teams - 14th June
Overall result a draw.
South Lincolnshire 30.09 VP to North Lincolnshire 29.91 VP

Team Captains, Aaron Hutton, Alison Howarth & Roy Brixton
Full Result

Town Championship - 9th May to 14th June
Louth v Scunthorpe v Grimsby v Alford v Stamford

Grimsby 58.10 VP Team Captain Ron Wall
Louth 50.41 VP Team Captain Alison Howarth
Stamford 35.57 VP Team Captain Marcus Witt
Alford 32.84 VP Team Captain Mark Wain
Scunthorpe 22.30 VP Team Captain Roy Brixton
Full Result

*  Lincolnshire v 15 Counties MCWG Tournament (Category A) - 13th June
Result Lincolnshire 14th out of 16 Counties
Rodney Mitchell (Capt) & Chris Barnard, Ron Wall & Brian Smith, Kiat Huang & Mark Wardell
Full Result

*  Anglo-Roman Towns League
Louth/Scunthorpe v York
- 5 teams 9th June
Louth/Scunthorpe win by 13.89-6.11 average VP
Team Captains, Rodney Mitchell, Kiat Huang, Ruby Schnalke, Mark Brackley & Roy Brixton
Full Result

*  Anglo-Roman Towns League
Louth/Scunthorpe v Bath
- 6 teams 4th June
Louth/Scunthorpe win by 14.67-5.34 average VP
Team Captains, Rodney Mitchell, Kiat Huang, Mark Brackley, Roy Brixton, Megan Williams & Patricia Donaldson
Full Result

*  Lincolnshire v Warwickshire - 4 teams 30th-31st May
Warwickshire win by 2.5 wins to 1.5, although 38.38-41.62 VP to Lincs 
Team Captains, Rodney Mitchell, Mark Wardell, Mark Brackley & Roy Brixton
Full Result

*  Lincolnshire v Norfolk - 5 teams 22nd-30th May
Result 39.73-60.27 VP to Norfolk
Team Captains, Kiat Huang, Rodney Mitchell, Mark Brackley, Roy Brixton & Dee de Witt
Full Result

*  Lincolnshire v 15 Counties MCWG Tournament (Category B) - 23rd May
Result Overall Win to Lincolnshire
Roy Brixton (Capt) & David Hall, Alison Howarth & Andrew Howarth, Mark Brackley & Marion Brackley, Mark Wain & Megan Williams
Full Result

*  Lincolnshire v Wiltshire - 8 teams 17th May
Result 79.94-80.06 VP to Gloucestershire
Team Captains, Kiat Huang, Ruby Schnalke, Mark Brackley, Simon Hill, Mark Wain, Megan Williams &  Lindy Mastenbroek-Andrew
Full Result

*  Lincolnshire v Gloucestershire - 7 teams 3rd May
Result 49.52-90.48 VP to Gloucestershire
Team Captains, Aaron Hutton, Kiat Huang, Nick Hunter, Roy Brixton, Megan Williams, Patricia Donaldson & Brian Nunn
Full Result

Lincolnshire v Warwickshire - 5 teams 30th Apr.
Result 34.44-65.56 VP to Derbyshire

Team Captains, Aaron Hutton, Kiat Huang, Mark Wain, Roy Brixton & Janice Troughton
Full Result

*  Lincolnshire v Berkshire (cat A) 23rd Apr. 2 x 12 boards

Ron Wall & Brian Smith, Kiat Huang & Andy Lewis

Lincolnshire v Derbyshire (cat A) 16th Apr.  2 x 12 boards
Result 63-36 to Lincolnshire!

Ron Wall & Brian Smith, Kiat Huang & Andy Lewis

North v South Lincs Cup (cat B) 13th Apr.  2 x 8 boards
Result 50-19 to North Lincolnshire!

Janice Troughton & Mary Jo Mangion, Mark Wain & Maria Vietri-Nelson

Lincolnshire v Budapest!  12th Apr 3 x 8 boards (pivot teams)
Result 74-107 to Budapest!

Kiat Huang & Andy Lewis, Nick Hunter & Ruby Schnalke

Town Championship : Louth v Scunthorpe v Grimsby
5th Apr : Louth (67) v Scunthorpe (30)
18th Apr : Scunthorpe (1) v Grimsby (80)
21st Apr : Grimsby () v Louth ()

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