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EBU Annual Masterpoint Competition 2018

Lincolnshire CBA Prize Winners

Category 1 (Life Masters & Above)
Maurice Lynn

Category 2 (National & Premier National Masters)
Nick Hunter

Category 3 (Regional & Premier Regional Masters)
Adrian Wilson

Category 4 (Star, Tournament, Premier & Premier Tournament Masters)
Margaret Shelley

Category 5 (County Masters, Masters & Advanced Masters)
Roy Brixton

Category 6 (District Masters & Below)
Jane Brown

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Welcome to Lincolnshire Contract Bridge Association

Welcome to the Lincolnshire Contract Bridge Association web site.

The Association was founded in 1946.  Its aims are to promote and further bridge in Lincolnshire, to organise competitions in the County and to participate in matches with other counties.

Lincolnshire Bridge Clubs

Inter County Bridge
* Northern Bridge League: 1 x Team of 8: 17th August 2019 – at Brierfield (Burnley)
The four pairs who travelled more in hope than expectation to Brierfield near Burnley to represent Lincolnshire in the second round of the Northern Bridge League on Saturday 17th August found the lengthy journey to be more than worthwhile as we emerged triumphant at the end of the day! Lying third at half time, we kept up the good work and knew by the end we had done well, but even so to be declared the winners to the general amazement of all concerned (not least ourselves!) was a very pleasant surprise.  Against strong teams from Yorkshire, Manchester and Lancashire we won four out of six matches, only losing the other two narrowly, for a VP total of 75 out of 120, a comfortable 8 VPs clear of second place. We were also way ahead on imps.  There were solid performances all round, but especially from the scratch partnership of Kiat Huang and Andy Lewis who were top of the cross-imp ranking list out of all 28 pairs, a magnificent achievement, congratulations! Their highlight was being one of only three pairs out of twelve to bid and make the grand slam on board 5 of session 2.  After two rounds Lincolnshire have now moved up to fifth in the cumulative table, let's aim for another strong performance in the next round at Bradford in September.  (Thanks to Mike Llewellyn for this contribution)
* Northern Bridge League: 1 x Team of 8: 13th July 2019 – at Sheffield BC
Lincolnshire joined the 'big boys' after a few years absence- many familiar faces, a few years older! and nice to see Graham Jepson again, as match held at his bridge club in Sheffield. The general standard was higher than last week (John Holland and Brian Senior were there) but one noticeable feature is the pressure exerted by high risk, high pressure bids.  On one hand a 2 Heart opening ("both majors, less than opening strength") was a 4-4 shape 6 count!! One of the main difficulties in our county is the relative inexperience against such tactics and in high pressure situations against strong opposition, which can only be rectified by playing and practicing. Obviously we made quite a few mistakes collectively, but as in tennis there are 'forced' and 'unforced' errors! Despite our drubbings by Yorkshire it was an enjoyable day, winning 2 and losing 2 of our other 4 matches but two 0-20 hammerings, and thanks to Kiat for his enthusiasm and organisation in setting things up for our participating in the event.  (Thanks to Brian Smith for this contribution)
* Midland Counties Challenge Bowl: 2 x Teams of 4: 7th July 2019 - Spondon
With two teams (Brian Smith & Ron Wall, Maureen Parsons & Maurice Ladlow, Kiat Huang & Aaron Hutton, Nick Hunter & Ruby Schnalke) we represented Lincolnshire in the Midlands Counties Bowl in Spondon on Sunday the 7th July. After the first half we were hopeful for more having been situated at 2nd and 4th position.  But in the second half we lost another position and ended up 3rd and 5th in the ranking. An acceptable result of 16 playing teams from 10 counties.  (Thanks to Ruby for this contribution)

Follow this link for the full results

* President's Cup: 1 x Team of 10: 29th-30th June 2019 – at Bradford BC

A team from Lincolnshire accepted an invitation to represent the County, for the first time in many years, at the President' Cup weekend, held in Bradford at the end of June. The President's Cup is a teams of eight event played for by, mainly, Northern Counties. Competing in this event was the first step in a new County initiative, led by Glynn Elwick and Kiat Huang, to build a bigger Lincolnshire squad that can participate in more representative events and, ultimately, help us all play better bridge.  It was a high standard event but the team fought hard coming 8th out of 9 Counties. Our team was welcomed warmly by the other Counties and it proved a very pleasant competition. We hope attendance at the President's Cup will become an annual fixture. Even more important was a spirit of togetherness amongst the six pairs who took part. Many thanks to Kiat especially for ensuring all the arrangements and helping to build a sociable environment in which to play. (Thanks to Chris Phillips for this contribution)
The next event is

* Northern Bridge League: 1 x Team of 8: 3rd of 4 Saturdays, July-Oct 2019 - Yorks/Lancs. Details here.

The following pairs represented the County in the 1st of the 4 fixtures in the Northern Bridge League A Division.
Brian Smith & Ron Wall, Kiat Huang & Aaron Hutton, Nick Hunter & Ruby Schnalke, Paul Wokes & John Brocklehurst
The followiing pairs represented the County in the 2nd of the 4 fixtures at Brierfield on 17th August.
Malcolm Hammond & Mike Waters, Keith Stewart & Andrew Green, Kiat Huang & Andrew Lewis, Mike Llewellyn & Glynn Elwick

We would encourage all County players who are interested in these, or other, competitions to make themselves known to Glynn and Kiat. Through continued participation we can put our County on the bridge map and, hopefully, start to contend.  Selection for the teams are open to all and already we have been in touch with more than 30 of the most experienced and in-form players in the county.  Additionally, if you and your partner wish to be considered please contact either Glynn or Kiat who will add you both to our availability checker (so you can show for which events you are available).  We are also interested in growing opportunities to represent the county at all levels of ability from improvers up to advanced players and this could take the form of inter- or intra-county events between clubs or representative teams. 

Lincs Gold & Lincs League
Entries to the Lincs League and the Lincs Gold are needed by mid September.
These are teams of 4 events, and you may nominate a maximum of six players per team to take part.
Matches can be held in homes, clubs or wherever you wish,  If more than six teams enter the League we can have two divisions. 
Please let Glynn ( or 01652 654872) have the Names of the Captain and the rest of the squad and the contact details of the Captain by the middle of September. 
The Lincs Gold is a knock-out Green Pointed event.  The final must be held soon after Easter 2020.  The winners represent the County in the Pachabo Cup.
Brian Smith (Captain), Ron Wall, Rodney Mitchell, Edward Harris & Alan Brown
Glynn Elwick (Captain), Mike Llewellyn, Pete Stackhouse, Phil Harland, Stuart Knox & Keith Stewart
Andrew Lewis (Captain), Roy Brixton, Margaret McLeod, David Raddish, Simon Hill & Joanne Hill
Mark Wardell (Captain), Kiat Huang, Nick Hunter, Ruby Schnalke
Maureen Parsons (Captain), Maurice Ladlow, Debbie Burton, John Gaunt & Dennis Mellor
Brian Smith (Captain), Ron Wall, Rodney Mitchell, Edward Harris & Alan Brown
Glynn Elwick (Captain), Mike Llewellyn, Pete Stackhouse, Phil Harland, Stuart Knox & Keith Stewart
Andrew Lewis (Captain), Roy Brixton, Margaret McLeod, David Raddish, Simon Hill & Joanne Hill
Maureen Parsons (Captain), Maurice Ladlow, Debbie Burton, John Gaunt & Dennis Mellor
AGM & Herbert Trophy Pairs

The Association's AGM was held at Dunholme on Sunday 2nd June. Turn out was good with more than 30 members attending.  The Officers' reports were generally good, attendance at the County events was stable or improving and plans are afoot for the County to participate in Northern and Midland League events once more.  We also look forward to our Vice-Chair's report following his visit to the EBU meeting at the Chelsea Bridge Club in May. Paul Wokes has stepped down as Secretary and we give him our thanks for all his years of service to the County.  He will be replaced by Sue Barraclough.  All other officers and committee members remain as last year.  Following the AGM, 16 pairs fought for the Bill & Eileen Herbert Trophy.  Congratulations to the winners, Maureen Parsons & Maurice Ladlow, closely pursued by Chris Phillips & Alan Millington.

Thanks to all those who supported this event, and to our Competitions Secretary Glynn Elwick for producing another very enjoyable afternoon of bridge.

The events for next year will be published as soon as the Committee has approved them.

Tollemache Qualifier November 2019

The following pairs will represent the County:
Kiat Huang & Mark Wardell, John Brocklehurst & Paul Wokes, Mike Llewellyn & Glynn Elwick, Nick Hunter & Ruby Schnalke 

The event takes place on November 16/17th at the De Vere Hotel, Staverton, Daventry.

Waitrose Trophy

The Waitrose Trophy is awarded at the AGM to the Pair with highest percentage score above 70% in a club duplicate session of 8 tables or more in the previous 12 months.

Best this year so far:

Reg Loosley & Mary Jo Mangion with 75.60%
Louth Duplicate Bridge Club, Friday 26th July

Winners 2019 Roy Hughes & Dennis Mellor with 74.35%

Please notify Adrian Underwood if you achieve a contending score.

AGM and Herbert Pairs
Director: Glynn Elwick
Scorer: Mike Llewellyn
Gloria's Mid-week All Comers Pairs
Director: Helen Barr
Scorer: Helen Barr
Mens/Ladies Pairs Championship
Director: Helen Barr
Scorer: Helen Barr
13th Oct 2019
Ghost Pairs
Dunholme Village Hall 12:00
Director: Stuart Knox
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3rd Nov 2019
Random Seeded Pairs
Dunholme Village Hall 12:00
Director: Helen Barr
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24th Nov 2019
All Comers Pairs
Dunholme Village Hall 12:00
Director: Helen Barr
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