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A decision has been made to amend the rules for this competition. With immediate effect there will be no requirement for players to qualify via a club heat. Players can simply enter the Bainton Semi - this will be open to all Lincolnshire players (as defined in the Competition Rules). As in previous years the top 10 or so (according to numbers) will qualify for the final. Both the Bainton Semi and Bainton Final will be played in early 2024. Mark Wardell.

Last updated : 27th Sep 2023 11:13 BST
  Blue Book & White Book

Please note that the EBU has published a new Blue Book and a new White Book. Please see under menu option "EBU LAWS"

Last updated : 9th Aug 2023 08:25 BST

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Last updated : 21st Aug 2023 16:51 BST
  Lincolnshire Bridge WhatsApp Group

This social media group is restricted to LCBA Members. For up-to-date news of events, matches, partners, requests for players, etc.
To join, please contact the webmaster.

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  Waitrose Trophy

The Waitrose Trophy is awarded at the AGM to the Pair with highest percentage score above 70% in a club duplicate session of 3 tables or more in the previous 12 months.

Best 2024 so far

Roy Brixton & Brigid Hughes - 77.5% - Scunthorpe BC 18th July 2023

Winners 2023 Nigel & Pat Haslam with 78.5%

Please notify the Vice-Chairman if you achieve a contending score.

Last updated : 25th Jul 2023 18:26 BST
  FOBC Bridge Lessons


The Friendly On-line Bridge Club, FOBC, will once again be conducting free Bridge lessons commencing late September/early October. These lessons are ideal for the beginner or those players wishing to refresh their knowledge of the ACOL system. Following on from the early lessons the teaching moves onto intermediate lessons for the more advanced player. All lessons are recorded to enable players to refresh the information covered in the lessons. Full details can be found on the FOBC website.

Last updated : 31st Jan 2023 08:57 GMT
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Welcome to Lincolnshire Contract Bridge Association

Welcome to the Lincolnshire Contract Bridge Association web site.

The Association was founded in 1946.  Its aims are to promote and further bridge in Lincolnshire, to organise competitions in the County and to participate in matches with other counties.

Lincolnshire Bridge Clubs

Last updated : 8th Jan 2022 23:01 GMT

Forthcoming Events:



Last updated : 26th Sep 2023 21:11 BST



Ghost Pairs


Dunholme Village Hall, Honeyholes Lane, Dunholme, LN2 3SU

Sunday, 8th October 2023, 12:00 noon

Table Money £5.00

This is actually a Teams event.  Pre-set hands are played as teams of four and your score is compared with that of imaginary expert partners.  The result will be a N/S winner and an E/W winner.

here will be a mid-session break for those who wish to bring a packed lunch. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available FOC.

Pre-entry is required please - see below - deadline Saturday 7th October 9:00am

It will be necessary to have an even number of pairs. 

Enquiries to Roy at



Last updated : 12th Sep 2023 10:28 BST

Lincolnshire clubs are offering you the opportunity to learn to play bridge
The following links will take you to the Clubs' web pages, where you will find full details

Bassingham Bridge Club

City of Lincoln Bridge Club

Scunthorpe Bridge Club

Boston Bridge Club

Louth Duplicate Bridge Club

Last updated : 20th May 2023 07:58 BST
County SIM Pairs
Director: Roy Brixton
EBU National Handicap Pairs Championship
Director: Roy Brixton
Eileen & Bill Herbert Trophy
Director: Roy Brixton
8th Oct 2023
Ghost Pairs
Dunholme Village Hall 12:00
A Teams event with N/S & E/W winners.
 More Info
29th Oct 2023
Random Seeded Pairs
Dunholme Village Hall 12:00
Teams with a seeded Pair and an unseeded Pair
 More Info
12th Nov 2023
Garden Cities Qualifier
Dunholme Village Hall 12:00
Club Teams-of-eight
 More Info
  National Handicap Pairs

We only managed to set seven tables for this National heat, but it was still an enjoyable afternoon of bridge for the attendees. Congratulations to Mark and Jackie for their prowess in coming top in our heat and seventh overall in the handicap nationally.

Last updated : 15th Sep 2023 08:39 BST
  Northern Bridge League
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The third of the 4 days of the Northern Bridge League took place on the 2nd September.
The “A” division is made up of the first teams from Yorkshire, Manchester, Lancashire, Scotland, Mersey and Cheshire, and Lincolnshire. Our team was:

Rodney Mitchell and Chris Barnard
Edward Harris and Andy King
Kiat Huang and Aaron Hutton
Jackie Pfister and Mark Wardell

The “C” division has teams from Cumbria, Lancashire, Scotland, Yorkshire, Westmorland, Mersey and Cheshire, Manchester, and Lincolnshire. ..........

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Last updated : 15th Sep 2023 08:40 BST
  Eileen & Bill Herbert Trophy

Twenty Eight members attended the Annual General Meeting of the Association and made up seven tables for "free to enter" pairs starting  at about 3pm. A simple standard Mitchell movement of seven x three board rounds was set. The honours go to Mark Wardell & Aaron Hutton, closely followed by Mike Llewellyn & Jackie Pfister. A fun afternoon of bridge made a fine ending to this annual event.

Last updated : 2nd Jul 2023 20:42 BST
  Veteran's Cup

Sixteen aged pairs turned up for the last event of the season, the Margaret Balch (Veteran's) Cup, to participate in a full Howell (all play all) movement of 15 x 2-board rounds. The winners were Glynn Elwick & Paul Wokes closely followed by Janet Paley & Cos Corry. A fun afternoon for all.

Last updated : 18th Jun 2023 18:07 BST
  Swiss Pairs

The Swiss Pairs for the Gilbert Fry Memorial Cup was held at Dunholme VH on Sunday 21st May. Eighteen pairs had entered and played six 5-board rounds. Congratulations to overall winners Rodney Mitchell & Andrew King, very closely followed by Nick Hunter & Ruby Schnalke.  A smoothly run event enjoyed by all.  A first for the County scoring system which worked faultlessly.

Last updated : 21st May 2023 22:20 BST
  9-High Pairs

The 9-High Pairs was held at Dunholme on Sunday 14th May. Nine pairs had entered and played 24 boards in a full Howell movement. The event started on time after some jiggling around to get the BridgeMate scoring system in working order.  Some of the participants were new operators but picked it up in no time.  The hands were played out in a relaxed atmosphere.  Tea, coffee, biscuits and cake were enjoyed during the interval.  At the end the winners, Sally Hippisley & Louise Mitcham, were suitably impressed with their victory, and closely followed by Claire Rylott & Alison Casswell.  A pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Our thanks to David Minnis and Cos Corry for directing and scoring.

Last updated : 17th May 2023 16:56 BST
  Mixed Pairs

The Mixed Pairs was held at Dunholme VH on Sunday 23rd April. Seventeen pairs had entered and played a 9 table 3/4 Howell of 28 boards. Congratulations to overall winners of the Hannan Challenge Cup, Nick Hunter & Ruby Schnalke, closely followed by Mo Parsons & Keith Stewart and Roy Brixton & Brigid Hughes. A smoothly run event enjoyed by all, despite the emergency alarms at 3pm!

Last updated : 24th Apr 2023 09:26 BST
  Lincoln Gold Plate - Knockout Teams

Many congratulations go to the Bootleg Beagles team of Sally Hippisley, Louise Mitcham, Claire Rylott and Sue Gray for their success in the Lincoln Gold Plate. The team enjoyed a comfortable victory over the Four Tops in the final, and will be presented with the Barbara Maplethorpe Trophy at the AGM. My thanks to all of the teams that took part in the Knock-out teams, and well done to all for making the events such a great success overall.


Last updated : 16th Mar 2023 17:52 GMT
  Championship Teams

The Championship Teams was held at Dunholme on Sunday 12th March. 9 Teams attended and played in a qualifier event. The top 4 teams then went into the final, and the remaining teams into the consolation event. The eventual winner of the Championship Final and the Dutton Challenge Cup was Team Heighington with Nick Hunter, Ruby Schnalke, Mo Parsons & Debbie Burton. Team Heighington was also the winner of the Qualifier and the D & A Brown Trophy. The winner of the Consolation and the Turner Brumpton Trophy was Team Hill Billies with David Williams, Sally Williams, Nigel Haslam & Pat Haslam. Well done to all! 

Last updated : 12th Mar 2023 21:21 GMT
  Lincoln Gold Bowl - Knockout Teams

County Knockout Teams - Lincoln Gold Bowl

Many congratulations to the Rueful Rabbits team, winners of the 2023 Lincoln Gold. The team of Rodney Mitchell, Chris Barnard, Brian Smith, Edward Harris and Ron Wall produced an excellent run of results culminating in an 88 - 36 victory over Alford in the final. They now qualify to represent Lincolnshire in the Pachabo Cup in June (essentially the national teams of four final). We wish them the best of luck.

Last updated : 12th Mar 2023 21:23 GMT
  Winter League

The Winter League September 2022 - February 2023 is now complete and the results are as follows: 
Clear Winners of the First Division with 82 VPs were Rueful Rabbits with Brian Smith, Ron Wall, Chris Barnard, Ed Harris & Rodney Mitchell.
Winners of the Second Division with 62 VPs were Girls on Tour with Sue Gray, Claire Rylott, Lisa Dichmont, Linda Lovell & Steve Bradley closely followed by Motorhead & Nettleham (=2nd) on 57 VPs.
Well Done Everyone! The full results can be seen here: Winter League

Last updated : 5th Mar 2023 17:56 GMT
  Championship Pairs

The Championship Pairs was held at Dunholme on Sunday 19th February. 18 Pairs attended and played in a qualifier event. The top 10 pairs then went into the final, and the remaining pairs into the consolation event. The eventual winning pair of the Championship Final and the Arthur Wilson Trophy was Mike Waters & Rodney Mitchell. Other Trophy winners were Andy Lewis & Margaret McLeod, the Earnest Harrison Trophy for the first placed in the Qualifier; Roy Brixton & David Hall the Bell Trophy for the first placed in the Consolation Pairs; Christine Lidstone & Michael Harrison the Margaret Briggs Trophy for the highest placed pair in the Qualifier both below the rank of Master; Keith Stewart & Brigid Hughes the Lucy Osbourne Trophy for the highest placed pair in the qualifier both over the age of 65. 

Last updated : 27th Feb 2023 08:55 GMT
  Bainton Trophy Final

The Bainton Trophy Final was held at Dunholme VH on Sunday 29th January. Ten pairs had qualified and played a 5 table 9 round X 4 boards full Howell "All Play All" movement. Congratulations to overall winners Alan Millington & Graham Marshall, closely followed by Mo Parsons & Debbie Burton. The top 2 (or 3) pairs qualify to play in the Corwen Trophy on-line on Realbridge on 3rd & 4th June. If any of the top pairs are unable to play on-line, then substitute pairs having scored in excess of 50% will qualify.

Last updated : 29th Jan 2023 18:36 GMT
  Bainton Trophy Semi-final

The Bainton Trophy Semi-final was held at Dunholme VH on Sunday 15th January. Twenty-three pairs had entered, but three unfortunately had to drop out, leaving 20 pairs playing a 10 table 10 round X 3 boards share and relay Mitchell. Congratulations to overall winners Jane Brown and Nicholas Holmes. The top 10 pairs qualify to play in the Bainton Green Point Final at Dunholme VH on Sunday 29th January. 

Last updated : 29th Jan 2023 18:37 GMT
  Garden Cities Qualifier

Six teams of eight from four affiliated clubs participated in this event on Sunday 27th November. Each team was split into two sections and the separate sections played identical stagger movements of 5 x 6 board rounds. The results were combined to provide the overall winner. Congratulations go to the Louth Diamonds team of Edward Harris & Ron Wall, Rodney Mitchell & Glyn Jackson, Mark Wardell & Jacqueline Pfister, Mary Jo Mangion & Janice Troughton having a VP score 83, well ahead of runner up Scunthorpe's 68. Everyone had a very enjoyable afternoon of teams of 8 bridge, which was significantly scored using our computer software for the first time. 

Last updated : 28th Nov 2022 08:57 GMT
  Random Seeded Pairs

The Random Seeded Pairs (Teams event) was held at Dunholme VH on Sunday 30th October. Twelve pairs had entered and so we were able to make up 6 teams by randomly selecting the tables occupied by the seeded and unseeded pairs. All pairs played 30 of the 36 boards in play in a standard stagger movement consisting of two parallel rows of tables sharing boards. Congratulations to the North/South seeded pair Maurice Lynn & John Hill and the East/West unseeded pair Brigid Hughes & Keith Stewart who won convincingly.  Everything seemed to run smoothly with yours truly directing, and it seems that everyone had a very enjoyable afternoon of bridge. Roy Brixton

Last updated : 2nd Nov 2022 16:26 GMT
  Ghost Pairs

Our second event of the season was the Ghost Pairs played at Dunholme on Sunday 16th October. It attracted a reasonably healthy attendance with eight tables. Sadly, one pair failed to inform that they would default, giving the organisers something of a headache. Hearty thanks to Cathy and her partner, Gary, for stepping into the breach to make up our full table complement.  Winners N/S were Mark Wardell & Jacqueline Pfister and E/W were Colin Ryan & David Minnis. Well done both pairs. Our next event is the Random Seeded Pairs on October 30th. The event today was played in a very friendly spirit and we would encourage as many members as possible to play in all our events. There is nothing to fear.

Last updated : 16th Oct 2022 22:54 BST