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Mentoring Program

We outlined the mentor program in the recent newsletter and are introducing a revised mentoring program. The aim of this program is to increase the game skill and satisfaction for the mentees and provide an opportunity for mentors to share their bridge knowledge and the love of the game. We encourage you to become involved either as a mentor or mentee. Click here for the mentoring program's registration form. If you would like to participate in the program and are not already paired up,  please complete the form and return it to Leah Koffski. Hard copies will also be available at the bridge club. We would like to encourage long-term mentorships of at least six games to add value to the learning and partnership a success. We are hoping that many of you will choose to participate in such a worthwhile program to our club.

Mentoring Notes are available to download here.

A couple of comments as a precursor to downloading:
1. The notes are meant as a framework for Mentors and Mentees. They can serve as both a guideline for learning and as reference notes.  It is basic general information in a condensed format.
2. Target audience: Beginners through Intermediate level.
3. Paper copies are available to all members at the club.
4. The notes can be printed in duplex mode (2 sided). The inside margin is 1.25" and the outside margin is 1".