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Yates Cup - NGS 8 High Pairs

Yates Cup NGS 8 High Pairs - Tue 11 Jun 24

📅 2pm, Tuesday 11 June 2024
📌 County Bridge Club
💷 £5 Per player, cash on the day
📃 Rules
🛂 Competition Controller - Richard Rees

This is a 'No Fear' style of competitioon aimed at less experienced players with an NGS of 8 or less.

To enter, please complete the entry form on the Competitions and Seminar Entry Forms Page at this link Here.

26th March 2024

Green Pointed Swiss Pairs

One Day Green Pointed Swiss Pairs

📅 12 Noon, Saturday 22 June 2024
📌 County Bridge Club
💷 £35 Per pair in advance
🛂 Director in Charge - John Wilcox

A total of seven 7-board rounds will be played and the event is expected to finish by 7pm.

The event is licensed by The EBU and pairs may employ any Partnership Understandings that are permitted at Level 2, 3 or 4, or 'Simple Systems', as detailed in the 7th August 2023 issue of the EBU Blue Book.

In addition to Green Point awards for ranking and rounds drawn or won, there will be cash prizes for the top two or three pairs, dependent on the size of the entry field.

To enter, please complete the Entry Form on the Competitions and Seminar Entry Forms Page at this link here.

25th March 2024

Winter League - Rules

The Winter League Rules have now been published to the website. All competition rules can be found under Competition / League / MCL in the menu.

12th October 2023

Eligibility for non-Expert Prizes in LCBA Competitions

The Tournament Sub Committee has revised the definition of non-expert for the purpose of identifying who is eligible to win non-expert prizes in LCBA competitions. In general, players who have represented the County in a Midland Counties League match within the previous three years, or who have an NGS rank of 9 or higher, will be considered ‘Expert’, and thus not be eligible to win a non-expert prize. The full definition is contained in this document here.

7 September 2023

News and Results


Pairs League - After Week 3

Division 1
1st Ian Bruce & Lyn Hilton 342 VPs
3rd Andy Mackriell & Peter Nuttall 324 VPs
2nd Ben Norton & Mike Jim Mason 331 VPs
4th Anne Wright & Steve Wright 289 VPs
5th Simon Stokes & Dick Pathan 261 VPs
6th Brian Stockdale & Sheila Stockdale 230 VPs
7th Lucy Pathan & Duncan Jones 196 VPs
8th Mike Ayers & Mike Gould 187 VPs
Division 2
3rd Alan Lord & Gerry Bucciero 223 VPs
4th Judith Simpson & Mark Wiggins 194 VPs
5th Jim Cooil & Peter Halford 182 VPs
6th Richard Rees & Gail Tillen 180 VPs
=7th Freda Moore & Ken Moore 161 VPs
=7th Bill Barcley & Judy Hulland 161 VPs
9th Dora Hague & Ann Potterton 123 VPs
10th Dick Bell & Caroline Conner 104 VPs

Week 1 Results | Week 2 Results | Week 3 Results

10th April 2024

Josephs Bowl

The Josephs Bowl is Leicestershire's Championship Teams of Four competition. It consists of a Multiple Teams round followed by a knockout phase for the top four teams. Teams that don't make it through to the knockout phase for the Josephs Bowl are entered into the plate competition for the Butterworth-Langley Trophy.

Josephs K/O Qualifiers
Paul Bowyer & Dick Pathan
Jim Mason & Duncan Happer
+55 Imps
Nick Stevens & Colin Dean
Peter Neville & Tim Glover
+28 Imps
Pauline Dignan & Anne Morris
Peter Wells & Philip Harrison
+13 Imps
Peter Halford & Jim Cooil
Andy MAckriell & Peter Nuttall
+2 Imps
Butterworth-Langley K/O Qualifiers
John Bee & Gerry Bucciero
John Thompson & Alan Lord
-4 Imps
Anne Wright & Steve Wright
Linda Stone & Phil Watts
-8 Imps
Raymond Bray & Martin Stone
Graham Kendal & Debbie Pullen
-10 Imps
Joan Gibson & Angela Abbott
Ben Gibson & Geoff Foldys
-30 Imps
Tom Lindop & Duncan Jones
Mike Ayers & Mike Gould
-46 Imps


Round 1 Full Results

Josephs Bowl Knockout Draw

Paul Bowyer & Dick Pathan
Duncan Happer & Ben Norton
Peter Halford & Jim Cooil
Andy Mackriell & Peter Nuttall
      F Mason
    Winner of SF2
SF2 Stokes (16th Apr)  

Butterworth-Langley Trophy Knockout Draw

QF1 Lord  
Alan Lord & John Thompson
John Bee & Gerry Bucciero
Mike Ayers & Mike Gould
Duncan Jones & Lucy Pathan
Ben Gibson & Joan Gibson
Angela Abbott & James Spencer
Lucy Pathan & Duncan Jones
Mike Ayers & Mike Gould
      F Pathan L. (30th May)
QF3 Wright      
Anne Wright & Steve Wright
Phil Watts & Linda Stone
Martin Stone & Raymond Bray
Debbie Pullen & Graham Kendal
QF4 Stone.M  
7th April 2024

Wilde Cup

Four teams contested The Wilde Cup held at the County Bridge Club on Tue 20 Feb 24.

1st Jennie Rea and Joy Hobbs Carol Hulse and Tom Rea +30 IMPs
2nd Noreen Elliott and Sheila Harris Christine Duffy and Ginny Dixon +14 IMPs
3rd James Wilkinson and John Dignan Ray Newman and Penny Hodgson -7 IMPs
4th Anita Bartys and Tom Parry Rob Knight and Ann Walker -37 IMPs

Full Results

20th February 2024

Hyman Crammer Trophy

The Hyman Crammer Trophy was run as a club qualifier heats, followed by an online final (BBO). The various LCBA affiliated clubs were invited to run one heat for each club session, whether face-to-face or online. Pairs who finished in the masterpoints automatically qualifed. There was also a relaxed policy for substitutes where one member of a partnership was either unavailable or qualified multiple times with different partners. In addition we there was a reserve list for any pair that finished above 50%, but outside of the masterpoints.


1st Phil Watts & Linda Stone (Bradgate)
2nd Andy Mackriell & Peter Nuttall (County)
N/E Jim Wilkinson & John Dignan (Bradgate)

Full Results

13th December 2023

Stanley Trophy

The Stanley Trophy was a one session pairs event with Cross-IMP scoring.

1st Peter Neville & Tim Glover
2nd Steve Wright & Tom Lindop
3rd Anne Wright & Duncan Jones

Full Results

15th October 2023

AGM Photos

Please click on the image above to see the photo album for the AGM.

Thanks to Peter Halford, our photographer.

8th October 2023

Welcome to Hoby

The LCBA would like to welcome its newest affiliated club, Hoby Bridge Club, which meets on alternate Thursdays at 7.00 for a 7.30 start. Please contact the club secretary for details of the Thursday evenings on which the club meets, details in the Clubs and Venues page.

9th June 2023

Jersey Congress

Pat Watson and Carolyn Fisher had a successful Jersey Congress. They were runners-up in the Swiss Pairs. Then they teamed up with John Holland and Raymond Semp to win the Swiss Teams.

Swiss Pairs Results | Swiss Team Results

7th May 2023
Pairs League 3
Pairs League 2
Wilde Cup
Midlands League v Warks (H)
Pairs League 1
14th Apr 2024
County Bridge Club Charity Event
Director: Steve Wright
21st Apr 2024
Midlands League v Notts (H)
F2F/RealBridge 2pm
25th Apr 2024
League Forum
Rothley/Zoom (TBA) 7pm
28th Apr 2024
Gimson Final
CBC 2pm (TBC)
Director: Steve Wright
Competition Controller: Steve Wright
 More Info
8th May 2024
Pairs League 4
CBC 7pm
Director: John Wilcox
Competition Controller: Richard Rees
17th May 2024
Josephs/Butterworth-Langley Final (play by)
18th May 2024
Joyce Cup Mixed Pivot Teams of 4
2pm (TBC)
Director: John Wilcox
Competition Controller: Steve Wright
5th Jun 2024
Pairs League 5
CBC 7pm
Director: Dave Pollard
Competition Controller: Richard Rees
11th Jun 2024
Yates Cup
Director: Bill Barclay
Competition Controller: Richard Rees
22nd Jun 2024
CBC 12 noon
Director: John Wilcox & Steve Wright
Competition Controller: Bill Barclay