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Bridge Playing Accessories

If any members require bridge playing accessories ranging from tables to mugs then click on the EBU web site link below. This is accessible for all players, the prices are very reasonable and it helps the EBU finances

EBU Shop



The Bridgemate scoring system is used at all face to face duplicate sessions. Please remember your EBU number or your Player Identification Number

Online Duplicate Bridge Available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Relaxed Duplicate Bridge on Fridays

 Virtual Duplicate Bridge is played at Ashby Bridge Club on Monday and Thursday evenings at 7pm as well as every Wednesday at 2pm. Also starting on Friday 15th January at 10am there is relaxed Duplicate Bridge.To play you need to be a Bridge Base Online member and have informed the club of your username - see below. If you have not signed up already see the details by clicking on the tab 'Bridge Base Online' on the left hand side of this page.  This will tell you how to register and other useful and important information. This is the only way you can play against other Club Members in an Ashby Bridge Club Duplicate session for the forseeable future. You will require a partner and if you find this difficult please contact Robert Killip on 07865 398468 who will endeavour to pair you with another member in a similar situation or use the Find a Partner system in Members Only

Once registered email - with your username

This is how the experts bid to 3NT. Wow! Click on the link below to see how

Not for Mere Mortals

Competitions - updated 13/01/2021

Updates for :

RBL Individual - 25th January – Entries are required by 22nd January
Jubilee Bowl Pairs competition - 22
nd February
KO round 3 – to be complete by 2
nd March

RBL INDIVIDUAL - 25th January

A club email has been sent with all of the details in order to enter, repeated details below

The Royal British Legion INDIVIDUAL Trophy Competition - Monday 25th January - played via BBO

Please follow the steps below in order to participate. These are not onerous but are necessary for our director to run our first BBO based individual competition.

As background, we need to run this competition with all of our tables fully occupied, that is to have a multiple of 4 players participating, (just as in our current pairs BBO sessions).

Hence we need you to follow the requests below and do so no later than the 22nd of January.

  1. Arrange a notional “partnership” with another ABC member

  2. Both players will then need to send me a note of both of your names and both your BBO names please, ( – this ensures we have a multiple of 2 players and know who they are,

    When it comes to the “on the night” registering for the event, please register in good time, no later than 18:45 and both of you will need to register independently, as there is no actual partnership of course, (the normal BBO $3 fee applies).

  3. We will also need a “host” pair to help out, (in case we have an odd number of pairs), please let me know both your names if you are able to offer this and thank you.

Please note

  • If, “on the night”, you or your notional “partner” do not register in time, by 18:45, unfortunately it is likely neither of you will be able to participate.

  • All the boards will be played using the Ashby Bridge Club “Basic Bidding System”.

    You can familiarise yourself with these simple 1 page convention details as follows -
    From our club home page, click on the “Competitions” tab on the left hand side, this will bring up a new set of tabs, now click on the “Basic Bidding System for Individual Events/Scratch Pairs”, this will list the conventions etc you may use.

The JUBILEE BOWL PAIRS Competition Pairs – Forthcoming 22nd February

This is a business as usual pairs club session on the 22nd, no special entry requirements other than a partner.

The KO TROPHY - (October - April) - ROUND 3 – complete by 2nd March

Round 3 matches are now posted and to be completed by 2nd March. As normal, the 1st listed pair to arrange.
The draw schedule found via
From Home page click on “Competitions” then on “Knockout draw 2020/21 & Results”

Please take a look at the rules well ahead of playing please. 
Rules found via
From Home page click on “Competitions” then on “Knockout Rules 2020/21” and remember to score via the "Total points" scoring option, (not IMPS, nor Matchpoints), keep track of your scores via the printable score card provided there if you do not have one to hand.

Please note, for our pairs competitions we cannot orchestrate a single pair winner event via BBO and the results are determined by the highest scoring pairs.


Virtual Annual General Meeting on 27th October

Virtual Annual General Meeting

 held on 27th October 2020


Ashby Bridge Club held a Virtual Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 27th October. The minutes of that meeting are now available together with the Chair's Report and Financial Report and can be found under Members Only>Member Notices




Recent Master Point Promotions

                                December 2020 Promotions

                Advanced Master           Isabel Stanley & Andy Woodward

                District Master               John Baker

                Club Master                   Judy Haywood

                                   Full list of promotions can be found Here

Committee Meeting

Next virtual meeting  - TBA

Minutes of all committee meetings can be found by going to Members Only and clicking on Member Notices. Select the Minutes you require


Mon 25th January 2021
Virtual Individual Competition on BBO
Director: Bob
Host: Carol & Averil
Wed 27th January 2021
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on BBO
Director: Shelagh
Host: Ann & Isabel
Thu 28th January 2021
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on BBO
Director: Steph
Host: Richard & Margaret
Fri 29th January 2021
Virtual Relaxed Duplicate on BBO
Director: Dora
Mon 1st February 2021
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on BBO
Virtual Relaxed Duplicate on BBO
Director: Dora
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on BBO
Director: Steph
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on BBO
Director: Bob
Virtual Duplicate Bridge on BBO
Director: Dora
Virtual Relaxed Duplicate on BBO
Director: Dora