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Sunday 15 October 2023
CHESTER BOWL Further detail at

21st & 22nd October 2023
NORTH WALES CONGRESS 2023 Holiday Inn Hotel, Chester West  
Wed 8th November at 7pm
Email for further details

18/19 November 2023
at Barton Manor Hotel. Further detail on home page.



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SBU Peebles Congress 8/9/10 March 2024 - click HERE for congress brochure


This area of the website is available to bridge organisers, such as clubs and counties to promote events and services they are offering across the region.  If you want to put something on this Noticeboard, please send an email with the information to

Lancashire has a bridge club in most major towns, with many having a host system to ensure visitors can get a game. Contact details, club times, beginners, intermediate classes are on the Clubs page though you should check before attending a new club. This website has details of forthcoming competitions and results. Membership of an affiliated Lancashire club  entitles you to play in Lancashire competitions, be eligible for Lancashire County Teams, and attend all Lancashire Council Meetings. Lancashire CBA has a data protection policy ref LCBA Privacy Notice.pdf

Pls contact the WebMaster for any omissions, corrections for the site.

Welcome to LCBA
LCBA Plate 2023

The LCBA Teams of 4 for 2023 was completed on Tuesday 28th November 2023. The winners were B Alston-C Mitchell, J Smith-J Pye who beat J&J Brearley, D Hilton, D Fazackerley in the Final.

Lancashire Congress 18/19 November 2023

The Lancashire Congress was held on 18/19 November 2023 at the Barton Manor Hotel in Garstang. It was ably run by Oliver Cowan and Jim Edwards. There were 19 tables on Saturday Pairs with the winners Steve Ward & Paul Morrell. Best Lancs pair Andrew Lum & John Brearley in 3rd place. There were 18 tables on Sunday Teams with the winners Eva Turner & Jason Hackett, Suzy Lawson & Steve Turner. 2nd were Jeff Smith & Rhona Goldenfield, John Holland & Jackie Pye.

North East Congress 3-5 Novemeber 2023

There were various LCBA player successes at the North East Congress held over 3rd to 5th November 2023. Jeff & Ann Wilkins won the Congress Pairs. Mike Tomlinson & Linda Smith won the Swiss Pairs. Jeff & Ann, Mike & Linda finished 3rd in the Swiss Teams. Mike & Linda won the Best Overall prize. Keith Stewart & Charlie Colson won the Mens Pairs.Full Detail at Results



LCBA as a charity - Notice of EGM


7pm TUESDAY 21 NOVEMBER 2023 via Google Meet

At this year’s AGM, a resolution from the Executive Committee (EC) to seek charity registration as LCBA(CIO) was approved.

The Executive Committee is now seeking approval that:

1 The proposed draft constitution should be submitted to the Charity Commission as part of that application;

2 Following successful registration as a charity, the current LCBA (an Unincorporated Association) should be wound up and all its assets transferred to LCBA(CIO).

The proposed draft constitution can be found by clicking HERE and a set of Q&A’s regarding the constitution by clicking Charity - EGM Charity QAs.pdf.

If you wish to attend the online AGM, please contact the LCBA secretary, John Brearley at who will send you a link to the meeting.

LCBA Mixed Pairs Championship Sun 10 Dec

Lancashire County Bridge Association

Blue Pointed OPEN F2F Mixed Pairs

Sunday 10 December 2023, Start Time 11am

St Annes Bridge Club,7 Allenby Rd, Lytham, St Annes FY8 2DG Tel 07709 532193

This is a two session F2F Mixed Pairs event open to all EBU members. Entry fee £24 per pair. Play approx 42 boards with respect to numbers. There will be a break of around 40 minutes with the finish time about 5pm. Please bring your own food, but drinks/biscuits will be available all day. Entry Fee payment must be made in advance by Debit or Credit Card using the link at:

Enquiries Contact: Mike Tomlinson, Email: Tel: 07391 468820

LOTL 4th Quarter Fixtures

The LOTL 4th quarter fixtures are now available via the links below.

There are 3 divisions of 7 teams. Fixtures begin on the 5th October 2023.

Div1       Div2     Div3

The league regulations and other information are detailed in the link you will find by clicking LOTL - Info for captains document from Q3_23.pdf

Lancashire Congress 18-19 November 2023

The Lancashire Congress 2023 will be taking place face to face and will be at the Barton Manor Hotel & Spa on the weekend of 18th & 19th November. In addition to the Green Point Swiss Pairs and Green Point Swiss Teams, there will be a Stepping Stones Pairs event aimed at players with NGS of 6 and below for the Des King Trophy. More information is on the flyer which also details options for players who are travelling for the weekend and wish to "Build Your Own Bridge Congress".  Click one of the links below to download a flyer and if you have any questions about the event, please email Oliver Cowan (

LCBA Congress 2023 - details

Des King Trophy.docx

LOP Open
Scorer: Mitch
LOP Open
Scorer: Mitch
LOP Intermediate <= 10
Scorer: Mitch
Fri 1st December 2023
LOP Intermediate <= 10
Fri 1st December 2023
LOP Open
Sat 2nd December 2023
LOP Open
Weekly Schedule (BBO)
LOP Open 7pm
LOP Intermediate <= 10 2pm
LOP Open 7pm
LOP Open 7pm
LCBA Competitions 2023


We have added a further F2F event to the calendar – the LCBA Mixed Pairs Championship at St Anne’s BC.  The full calendar for 2023 is





Club Teams of 8

Sun 26th Feb

F2F - Bury BC

EBU Garden Cities qualifier

Championship Pairs

Thu 30th March and 6 April

Online - BBO

EBU Corwen qualifier

Madeline Berney

Sun 14th May

F2F - Brierfield BC

Swiss pairs

Restricted Pairs (Jack High)

Sun 6th August

F2F - Brierfield BC

NGS J and below

LCBA KO Teams of 4

Nov – May (entries by 31Oct)

Online - BBO

Pachabo qualifier

LCBA Congress

18-19 November

F2F - Barton Manor Hotel

Swiss pairs & Swiss teams

LCBA Mixed pairs

Sun 10th December

St Anne’s BC

Match point pairs

Conditions of Contest and entry details are published on the LCBA website.

NBL Match 4 14th October 2023

The fourth and final round of the Northern Bridge League took place on Sat 14th October 2023 on RealBridge. 
In the A division, Lancashire were 3rd of 6 teams. (M Tomlinson/L Smith, S Woodcock/N Kenyon, M Fay/S Clarke, R Bentley/P Hepworth,). Mike & Linda were best on XImps
In the B division  Lancashire were 6th of 9 teams (J &J Brearley, A Whittam/J Morrell, Judy Brearley/P Meadowcroft, D Hilton/D Fazackerley, S Challinor/D Costich). Dagmar & Don were best on XImps.

In the C Division, Lancashire were 3rd of 8 teams (P Worswick/J Adshead, B Apfel/S Gregson,  L Hichen/D Fairweather, I Edwards/H Dent).Paul & Julie were 3rd, Brian & Steve were 3rd on XImps.

Lancashire are 4th,2nd and 3rd in the A,B,C Divisions respectively.
Full results are at  NBL Results but should appear eventually on the Northern Bridge League site.

LOTL Q3 2003

LOTL season Q3 2023 is now complete with the final leading two teams in each division as below

Division 1
Winners:  John Morrell, Marianne Farr, Mike Nicholson, Rod Greenhalgh, Jeff Smith, Rhona Goldenfield
Runners Up: Sue Woodcock, Nick Woodcock, Stuart Clarke, Michael Fay.

Division 2
Winners: Linda Wilson, Bill Niccol, Paul Evans, Alan Whittam, Clive Henderson.
Runners Up: Dave Thomson, John & Sandra Dootson, Barbara Heaton, Cilla Prescott, Catherine Ashworth, Paul Vose, Ken Wood.

Cumbria/Westmorland Swiss Teams/Pairs 23/24 Sep 2023

Well done to Mike Tomlinson, Bob Loverdge, Stuart Clarke, Michael Faye who won the Cumbria/Westmorland GP Swiss Teams held at Kendal Bridge Club on 23 Sep 2023. Second were Jeff Smith, Rhona Goldenfield, Jackie Pye & John Holland. Full results at Swiss Teams  Well done to Jackie Pye and John Holland who won the Swiss Pairs on 24 Sep 2023. Full results at Swiss Pairs

Cumbria Match 10Sep2023

The annual Lancashire v Cumbria match took place on Sunday 10th September 2023 at Poulton BC. The final score was Lancashire 260 Imps Cumbria 177 Imps so Lancashire won by 83 Imps. Andrew Lum / David Costich and Mike Tomlinson/ Brian Irlam were the top pairs on XImps. The full details are at Lancs v Cumbria Match

NBL Match 3 2nd September 2023

The third round of the Northern Bridge League took place on Sat 2nd September 2023 on RealBridge. 
In the A division, Lancashire were 4th of 6 teams. (J Morrell/M Nicholson, A Petrie/D Hilton, R Bentley/P Hepworth, A & J Wilkins). Rick & Paul were 2nd on XImps
In the B division  Lancashire were 5th of 9 teams (M Fay/S Clarke, Judy Brearley/P Meadowcroft, John Brearley/D Fazackerley, S Challinor/A Kirby). MIke & Stuart were 2nd on XImps.

In the C Division, Lancashire were 5th of 8 teams (B Apfel/G beattie,  L Hichen/D Fairweather, B Irlam/P Holden, S Fanning/B Perrry).Brian & Gwen were 2nd on XImps.

Lancashire are 3rd,2nd and 1st in the A,B,C Divisions respectively.
Full results are at  ADAM NBL  but should appear eventually on the Northern Bridge League site.

Jack High Event Sunday 6th August 2023 11am
Jack High Event Sunday 6th August 2023 11am

Brierfield BC hosted this competition for all players with NGS Jack or below on Sunday 6th August 2023 at 11am. There were 23 pairs taking part. Congratulations to the winners Karen Jones & Barbara Eastabrook, with second place Dave Pendlebury & Marjorie Owen. Full results at Jack High 2023 Results

Scarborough Congress 13-16 July 2023

In the EBU's Northern Summer Congress on 14th July 2023, Jackie Pye playing with John Holland,  Andrew Woodcock and Catherine Draper won the MultipleTeams competition. Second was Jeff & Ann Wilkins, Mike Tomlinson & Linda Smith. In the pairs, best Lancashire were Nick Woodcock & Sue Fjortoft 7th, Jeff & AnnWilkins 13th and Sue Woodcock & Stuart Clarke  14th

Full Results are on the EBU web site.

LCBA Teams of 4 Cup Final 2022-23

Congratulations to Mike Nicholson's team (R Greenhalgh, J Morrell, M Farr) who have won the LCBA 2022-23 Teams of 4 competition. They beat Mike Tomlinson's team (L Smith, J & A Wilkins) in the final by 12 Imps. The winning team (or a combination with runners up players) may represent Lancashire in the EBU Pachabo Cup on June 10/11 on RealBridge.

Madeleine Berney Swiss Pairs Sunday 14 May 2023

There were 9 tables at the Madeleine Berney Swiss pairs held at Brierfield BC on Sunday May 14 2023. Congratulations to the winners B Loveridge & N Sutcliffe with a big winning score (126 out of 140!) 2nd was Jeff Smith & Marianne Farr, 3rd John & Judy Brearley. The event was ably run by Stuart Davies.