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Lancashire has a bridge club in most major towns, with many having a host system to ensure visitors can get a game. Contact details, club times, beginners, intermediate classes are on the Clubs page though you should check before attending a new club. This website has details of forthcoming competitions and results. Membership of an affiliated Lancashire club  entitles you to play in Lancashire competitions, be eligible for Lancashire County Teams, and attend all Lancashire Council Meetings. Lancashire CBA has a data protection policy ref LCBA Privacy Notice.pdf


Pls contact the WebMaster for any omissions, corrections for the site.

Corona Virus

Due to the current Corona Virus, the LCBA Executive has cancelled competitons and meetings for the near future. This includes cancellation of the two competitions Madeline Berney and County Cup Challenge. The Fylde & East Lancs league have been suspended while the Wainwright Cup is cancelled. The Teams of 4 competions have also been suspended till further notice. We will need to reassess any plans for the AGM, Presidents Cup or Northern bridge league at this time as advice and circumstances changes. 

Welcome to Lancashire Contract Bridge Association
LCBA BBO Congress Sat/Sun 30/31 October 2021

The LCBA Congress will be held on BBO on the weekend of 30-31 October
Green-Pointed Swiss Pairs at 11am on Saturday 30th October 2021 at £10 per player
Blue-Pointed Swiss Teams at 11am on Sunday 31st October 2021 at £8 per player

CASH PRIZES will be awarded according to the total number of entries.

To put in your entry click  Congress Entry

NBL 2021 Final Positions - Lancashire win the A Division!
NBL 2021 Final Positions - Lancashire win the A Division!

Congratulations to the Lancashire team who have won the A Division for the first time since its inception in 2006! The pairs representing the team during the season were:

Bill Alston & Colin Mitchell, John Dearing & Jeremy Stanforth, John Morrell & Marianne Farr, Sue Woodcock & Stuart Clarke, Richard Bentley & Paul Hepworth, Jeff Smith & Jackie Pye, Jeff & Ann Wilkins, Don Hilton & Dagmar Fazackerley, Sue Woodcock & Linda Smith, Sue Woodcock & Michael Fay, Mike Tomlinson & Linda Smith, John Brearley & Andrew Lum
The Lancashire B Team finished 6th of 7 teams and the Lancashire C team 3rd of 7 teams.
The annual NBL meeting is on Wed 13 October at 10:30am by Zoom. Pls contact Jeff Smith at if you would like to attend and have not yet been invited!
NBL Match 4 9 Oct 2021

In the final round on Saturday 9th October the A team were 2nd of 6 teams. The team was M Tomlinson & L Smith, J Brearley & A Lum,  P Hepworth & R Bentley, D Hilton & D Fazackerley. J Brearley & A Lum were best on cross imps.

In the B division Lancashire finished 6th of 7 teams. The team was M Nicholson & M Farr, M Faye & S Clarke, S Challinor & A Kirby, J & A Wilkins,.M Farr & M Nicholson were best on cross imps.

In the C division the Lancashire team was 1st of 6 teams.  The team was B & H Winter, S Gregson & G Beattie, V Petrie & I Edwards, Judy Brearley & H Dent. V Petrie & I Edwards were top in the crossimps, with S Gregson & G Beattie in 3rd place.

Results are on the NBL web site with more detailed results on Adam Wiseberg's site.


This area of the website is available for LCBA affiliated clubs and players to promote events and services they are offering across the county and beyond.  If you want to put something on this Noticeboard, please send an email with the information to  To keep the Noticeboard up-to-date, entries will be deleted after 1 month.

FREE online bridge lessons - posted 23 Sept 2021

Every Tuesday from 5th Oct starting at 2pm & repeated at 7.15pm EBUTA qualified bridge teacher Des King will be holding free lessons on zoom.

For more information - click HERE

LCBA Plate Final 2021 8th Sept 2021

Congratulations to Andrew Petries team (V Petrie, A Lum, D Costich) who beat Ken Broadbents team (P Likely, M Blake, S Bentley) in the LCBA Teams of 4 Plate final by 91 to 46 Imps over 24 boards.

LCBA Knockout Teams of 4 Cup competition 2021-22

An online BBO Teams of Four knockout with 20 board rounds and a 24 board final. All players must be EBU members with primary allegiance to the LCBA. Teams losing their first (Cup) match may enter a similar Plate competition. The winning team will be invited to represent the County in the Pachabo Cup (on 11/12 June 2022). Closing date for Entries 31 October 2021. The full draw will be made early November in the EBU League area and sent with rules to captains. Green Points awards for the Cup, Local Points for the Plate.
Please send entries with captains Email and player names to:
Jeff Smith Tel: 0161 702 3773 Email The LCBA Treasurer will handle entry payment once the entries are received.

Entries received thus far (13Oct21) for teams captained by A.Petrie, S Woodcock, R Shine, M Tomlinson, B Irlam, J Brearley,B Alston

Bolton Pairs/North Kerry Teams Sat/Sun 4/5 Sep21

Congratulations to Jeremy Dhondy/Andrew Petrie who won the Bolton Congress Pairs on Saturday 4th September 2021. There were 17 Pairs taking part. Full details on Bolton site. Congratulations to Jackie Pye/Jeff Smith who won the North Kerry Congress Teams with John Holland/Gary Hyett on Sunday 5th September 2021. There were 6 Teams taking part.

Crockfords Plate 21/22 August 2021

Congratulations to Ross Shine & Stuart McPhee who with teammates Paul Spencer & Marc Chawner won the prestigious Crockfords Plate for 2020-21. The final was played over two days (21-22 August 2021) and was very close with only 6 VPs separating the top 5 teams! Full results are available on the EBU site.

Eastbourne EBU Summer Congress 2021

This years EBU Summer Congress Pairs was held at Eastbourne Face to Face on 7/8 August 2021. Well done to Nick & Sue Woodcock who finished 5th in the main first Weekend event - the Swiss Pairs.

LOTL Season 6 Results


Season 6 of the LCBA Online Teams League (LOTL) has now completed. Thank you to all players in the 27 teams which competed in the 3 divisions, and congratulations to the leading teams:

Division 1
Winners - Mike Tomlinson, Linda Smith, Ann Wilkins, Jeff Wilkins
Runners-up - David Bowyer, David Briggs, Brian Irlam, Paul Hepworth, John Spencer

Division 2
Winners - Jeremy Stanforth, John Dearing, Peter Richmond, Bill Wattleworth, Andrew Holborn, Anne Burgess
Runners-up - Kenny Broadbent, Marilyn Blake, Steve Bentley, Paul Likely

Division 3
Winners - Neil Draper, Terry Fleetwood, Archana Garg, Andrew Robert Allen McGrae, Raj Subramaniam, Sirima Subramaniam
Runners-up - Fred Hall, Meg Henderson, Paul Holgate, Colin Liddle, Kate May, Margaret Mitchell, Pamela Shepherd, Lesley Willacy

Season 6 fixtures and tables:  Div 1   Div 2   Div 3.

For a simplified view of the fixtures and results click HERE.

Presidents Cup 17-18 July 2021

Well done to the Lancashire team that finished 2nd of 7 teams in the Presidents Cup this weekend. Best pairs on CrossImps were Sue Woodcock/Stuart Clarke and Mike Tomlinson/Linda Smith. Full details at Presidents Cup Results

LOTL Season 7

Lancashire Online Teams League (LOTL) Season 7

Season 7 will start on Thursday 16th September. 29 teams have entered, so there will be 3 divisions. Division 1 will consist of 9 teams and Divisions 2 and 3 will consist of 10 team.

Season 7 fixtures and tables:  Div 1   Div 2   Div 3.

For a copy of the Information for Captains document click HERE

Captains will automatically be deducted the £22 cost from their personal account with the LCBA.

John Armstrong Swiss Pairs 23May2021

Congratulation to Jackie Pye / John Holland who won the Merseyside & Cheshire annual John Armstrong Trophy held on 23rd May 2021. There were 22 pairs taking part in the Swiss Pairs competition held on RealBridge.

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LCBA Team of 4 Cup Results 2021

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LCBA Online Teams League Sep-Nov 2021
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LOTL Season 7 Thu 16 Sep 21  
LOP Starts Wed 1 Sep 21  
LCBA GP Swiss Pairs BBO Sat 30 Oct 21 £20 per pair
LCBA BP Swiss Teams BBO Sun 31 Oct 21 £16 per pair