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Simple systems and individual tournaments

There is no set system for Simple Systems sessions on BBO but please click here for the club's guidance.

You can use the club's standard system for individual events on BBO which can be downloaded as a word document (click here) or viewed as a web page (click here).

New to the Deva?

For details of our programme of lessons, pairs sessions, teams league, supervised social play, gentle duplicate and rubber bridge click on information in the menu above this message.

Deva Bridge Club Ltd

Deva Bridge Club Ltd is a company limited by guarantee number 8645380 registered in England & Wales, registered office:

Deva Bridge Club
WI Hall
Village Road
CH3 7AS.

The club is affilated to the English Bridge Union and to Merseyside & Cheshire Bridge Association.

Chester Bowl - amended

The Chester Bowl, the Deva Bridge Club's annual charity event, will be held on Sunday 18th October.

The competition is open to any member of the EBU or WBU.  County master points will be issued and all profit raised will be donated to The Cheshire West Citizen’s Advice.

There will be two sessions with a three-quarter hour break in the middle and around 36 boards in total. The competition will commence at 1 pm with the break at about 3.15 pm and the final session commencing at 4 pm. The winners should be announced by 6.20 pm.

The entry fee is £10 per player.   Please click here for the application form and all details.  Please take part,  enjoy a great afternoon of bridge and support a very worthwhile cause.

AGM papers

Papers can now be accessed from the "members only" section of the website.

NGS ladders - the results are in!

With the final results having been posted last night, the winners of the September ladders are as follows:

  • All sessions: Peter Woodhouse
  • Mondays: Janice Mairs and Ron Coulter
  • Tuesdays: Robert Hunt and Graham Campbell
  • Fridays: Jan Brown and Marilyn Halford-Maw

To see the final leader boards look under NGS Ladders on the menu.

Championship Teams Winners 2019/20

The final was held on BBO on September 23rd. Congratulations to the winning team, Brian Crawford, Frank McAleavy, Peter Nickson and Jeff Angove and to Di Knight and Frank Salt who played for the team in the qualification rounds. The final was a close affair, with the lead changing in the last round. Second were Chris Pope, Matt Foster, Andy Prothero and John Hampson (their team also included Paddy Murphy). Results can be seen here.

Monday nights on BBO and arrangements for 2020/2021 Competition

Regular monday night sessions on BBO began on Monday 7th of September, as announced in an email to members on 28th August along with details of competitions for the new club year running from Septmber 2020 to August 2021. Information on the arrangements for 2020/2021 competitions can be found here. Particular points to highlight are that:

  • Pairs playing at least 5 times in the Monday or Tuesday sessions on BBO in the 6 months from September to February will be included in the ladder determining qualification for the Championship Pairs semi-finals and
  • There are to be 12 heats determining qualification for the Fearn Cup final.  

Members who did not receive the email who would like to be included in future emails should contact the club secretary.

Welsh selection for Deva members

Congratulations to Barry Jones, Bob Pitts and Alan Stephenson on being selected to represent Wales in the Senior Camrose and to Andrea Knox who will represent Wales in the Lady Milne Championship.

Both events are to be held on the weekend of 30th Oct-1st Nov. Good luck to all four of you!

Mixed Pairs Championship on Monday 31st August

Congratulations to Maureen Borley and Phil Nuttall on winning the 2019/2020 Mixed Pairs Championship. Caroline and Jerry Hopkins were close behind in 2nd place with Enid and Peter Swarbrick in 3rd place.

The results will be on the results page. Further information on the competition is available here.

Phil's riddles - the answers

If the lockdown is leaving you with too much time on your hands you might like to try Philip Waring's latest quiz:

  1. Where you might find an Elizabethan neck? (9) Answer: Underruff
  2. CBEMBE? How cute. (8,7) Answer: Touching honours
  3. Rigid Henry (5,4) Answer: Stiff king
  4. A play that sees partner get a tap in the back? (4,4) Answer: Bath coup
  5. Flerovium periodically found here. (9) Answer:  Underlead
  6. Seemingly invisible toothpaste! (6) Answer: Signal
  7. Something you might get down from? (4) Answer: Duck
  8. Sounds like the trilby he had for lunch. (8) Answer: Attitude
  9. This lets an Italian in (5,3,4) Answer: Roman key card
  10. Liberal girlfriend (11,7) Answer: Progressive squeeze
  11. Oft stated, sometimes meant. (5,3,7) Answer: Thank you partner
  12. Keeps the twins quiet? (6,5) Answer: Double dummy
  13. Andrew maybe includes river. (7,4) Answer: Exposed card
  14. Losing strategy for him. Just saying. (10) Answer: Hesitation
  15. Ben's hello, unusual! (9) Answer: Lebensohl
  16. kcaJ and lliJ (8,6) Answer: Inverted minors
  17. Putter? (9,4) Answer: Precision club
  18. Caused quite a splash! (6,2) Answer: Thrown in
  19. Small annoyance from a damaged table maybe? (8) Answer: Splinter
  20. Armstrong or Osman's optimum hand? (10) Answer: Yarborough
Fri 2nd October 2020
Friday afternoon pairs
1.30 pm
TD(s): Simon Anderson and Roy Clifford
Mon 5th October 2020
Monday evening pairs
7 pm
TD(s): Phil Nuttall and David Smith
Tue 6th October 2020
EBU Simultaneous Pairs (6BB$ entry)
7 pm
TD(s): Simon Anderson and Daniel Miller
Thu 8th October 2020
Simple systems pairs
10.30 am
TD(s): Mark Thompson and Roy Clifford
Fri 9th October 2020
Friday afternoon pairs
1.30 pm
TD(s): Laurence Stone and Mo Borley
Fri 9th October 2020
Deva AGM (Zoom followed by free bridge)
6.45 pm
TD(s): David Smith
Mon 12th October 2020
Monday evening pairs
7 pm
TD(s): Caterina Gianota and David Smith
Simple systems pairs
TD(s): Philip Waring and Daniel Miller
Scorer: Simon Anderson
Tuesday evening BBO
TD(s): Simon Anderson and Mo Borley
Scorer: Simon Anderson
Monday evening BBO (Fearn Cup heat 2)
TD(s): Roy Clifford and David Smith
Scorer: Simon Anderson
Friday afternoon BBO
TD(s): Laurence Stone and Simon Anderson
Scorer: Simon Anderson
Simple Systems BBO
TD(s): Mo Borley and David Smith
Scorer: Simon Anderson
2019/2020 Championship Teams Final BBO - results before carry forward
TD(s): Graham Campbell & Nick Mayfield
Scorer: Simon Anderson
Championship Teams Final BBO - results with carry forward
TD(s): Graham Campbell & Nick Mayfield