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Individual BBO tournaments

The link below will download the standard convention card to be used in individual events as part of the Deva virtual club:

Click here.

New to the Deva?

For details of our programme of lessons, pairs sessions, teams league, supervised social play, gentle duplicate and rubber bridge click on information in the menu above this message.

Deva Bridge Club Ltd

Deva Bridge Club Ltd is a company limited by guarantee number 8645380 registered in England & Wales, registered office:

Deva Bridge Club
WI Hall
Village Road
CH3 7AS.

The club is affilated to the English Bridge Union and to Merseyside & Cheshire Bridge Association.

Deva Members on BBO

Thursday sees the new challenge of an Individual. Do come along and test your skills, adaptability and patience (only kidding) at 10.30am this Thursday!


Notice to new BBO Members - why not update your Membership Details to include your BBO Username! Your friends can then easily find you online and stay in touch!

Inter-Club Teams Matches

The Deva has so far played four friendly teams matches against other clubs on BBO, winning 2 drawing 1 and losing 1:

  • On April 21st we lost to St Albans BC and
  • On May 7th we beat Berwick-upon-Tweed BC 
  • On May 21st we beat Bath BC by 113-107 VPs
  • On May 23rd we drew with Altrincham BC 40-all


We have a six-club, round-robin tournament scheduled to run through the month of June.


Thanks to Simon Anderson for all his hard work organising this and to all our players for their fine efforts.

Deva Bridge Club on BBO

 We are now running Deva Bridge Club online events on Bridge Base Online (BBO).  

In addition to the regular 18 board, match-pointed pairs events on Tuesday evenings (7 pm) and Friday afternoons (1.30 pm) the club has now started to run some different formats of competition (e.g. Swiss pairs, indivdiual) at 10.30 on Thursday mornings. All Deva online events are restricted to Deva members and prospective members. To get added to the list, email Simon Anderson ( or send a message on BBO to username vebu208347.

All of these events are on the calendar and the results are posted to the website quite quickly after play has completed.

To register for any event:

  • Buy BB$ in advance to pay your table money (3 BB$ per person).
  • You can register on your own or with a partner starting 2 hours before the event is due to start.
  • When you are ready to register, login, click on Competitive then All Tournaments. This will bring up a long list so you can then type Deva in the Search box to find our event.
  • Clicking on the event name will bring up the registration screen and, if you are registering as a pair, you can type in your partner's name to send them an invitation. (They have to be online to accept the invitation.)
  • If you are looking for a partner, click on the Partnership Desk tab and add your name or invite somebody who is already on the list to play with you.

If you need help, you can call Simon (07927 886704) or message one of the Deva TDs on BBO:

  • The Deva virtual club manager (vebu208347)
  • David Smith (wynnstow)
  • Simon Anderson (Simon 1402)
  • Graham Campbell (GFC 1306)
  • Daniel Miller (ToffeeDan) or
  • Laurence Stone (lozzzzzz).
The Post Mortem Arms

Fancy a drink and a chat after the game?

Well, the drink is optional and the chat is virtual but now you can meet up with your buddies after every Deva virtual club session. So why not extend the sociability on Tuesday evenings, Thursday mornings and Friday afternoons by joining up to discuss the hands, what you would like from the club or just life in general!

You're going to need to Zoom, which you can get on your phone, tablet or PC by clicking here. Once you've got that set up you can use this link (The Post Mortem Arms) or the following details:

  • Meeting ID: 786 1091 2521
  • Password: 6g5G29

Don't worry if you're the first one there, wait a minute or two and someone will join you.

P.S. If you're still in your jammies you don't have to turn the video on!

Deva Virtual Club on BBO

As many of you will know, the Deva is now operating as a virtual club with tournaments being played on Bridge Base Online (BBO) every Tuesday evening and Friday afternoon.

Results from these competitions are available on this website with BBO usernames translated into actual names. The format is a bit odd at the moment and you have to click on your score to see the details on the BBO website. We are hoping to improve on this format for the results to make them more like normal club session results in due course.

The club is also running inter-club teams matches. If you would like to be part of the "squad" for these matches please contact Simon Anderson (

Club closed - so why not try playing online

Following the Government's advice released on Monday 16th March the committee has decided to close the club until further notice.

In the meantime you might want to try playing online. The EBU has written an article (click here) about the options and is organising some EBU games on Bridge Base Online (BBO) which you can find out about by clicking here.

Club members are also happy to provide advice for newcomers to Bridge Base Online (BBO) and Bridge Club Live (BCL).

I play on BBO (as Simon 1402) which is free and is mainly populated by players from across the globe who play the American five card majors and strong no trump system. It does however include a "club" specifically for Acol players which has its own homepage here. You can contact me for help in getting started by emailing or calling 07927 886704.

Laurence Stone has indicated that he is happy to help with BCL and you can contact him by emailing or calling 07770 677559.

If you have anything to add please email

President's Day

The annual President's Day festivities were held on Sunday 15th March in favour of The Hospice of The Good Shepherd at Backford.

For results and pictures see the entry under Charitable and social events in the menu.

Masters galore!

The EBU Masters Pairs competition for Masters below Regional Master took place on Sunday 1 March.  22 pairs played in Deva's heat and 227 played nationally.

Congratulations to Avril & Keith Thompson and to Jeremy & Anne Dodd who were the first and second in Deva's heat, and the highest Deva pairs in the national ranking.

Congratulations too to Sally Bray & Judith Dunkerley and John Norman & Vanessa James as the next highest in each of Deva's two sessions. 

Premier Grand Master Liz

Many congratulations are due to Liz Commins on her recent promotion to the EBU's highest rank, that of Premier Grand Master. Achievement of this rank requires the acquisition of 1,500 Green Points and these are only awarded for major county championships and regional or national events of sufficiently high status.

Well done Liz!

More Swiss pairs

We are holding another Swiss Pairs event, this time on Wednesday 25th March, 7pm start time. Although there is no need to enter in advance, it will help the organisers prepare for the evening if you can let us know in-advance, either by emailing David Smith ( or by entering your names in the table in the club entrance hall.

International sim pairs

The Deva's annual simultaneous pairs event with our friends from Sens (France) and Lorrach (Germany) was held on the afternoon of Wednesday 19th February. The combined results can be viewed by clicking here with D signifiying a Deva pair, G Lorrach and F Sens. Congratulations to André Forma and Gérard Laumonier on winning the combined tournament and to Sara Miles and Roy Clifford who finished second overall.

Many thanks to Fred Dixon for putting together the combined result.

Host replacements reminder

If you volunteer to act as host (for which, of course, many thanks!) but find that you are unable to fulfil your commitment please can you:

  1. Attempt find a replacement or do a swap
  2. If you are unable to organise a replacement, contact one of the hosting team (Clare Blake, Susan Haywood, Annie Mead or Sheena Parker).

A copy of the club's hosting procedures is on the wall next to the host list and can also be found on the website under Host Systen Explained in the menu.

Eric Howarth Cup

The Eric Howarth Cup is a green-pointed Swiss teams county event. It will be held at the Deva on Sunday 8th March.

Click here for details or contact Laurence Stone.

It's a clean sweep!

Yes, the 2020 Chester Congress ended in a clean sweep for Deva members.

Barry Jones and Bob Pitts followed up Saturday's pairs win by winning Sunday's teams event in tandem with Colin Humphrey (pictured holding the Latham Knox Trophy) and Daniel Miller - a memorable weekend indeed!

    For full results and more information see the relevant page under Competitions in the menu. 

Deva success in Congress pairs

Congratulations to Barry Jones and Bob Pitts who won Saturday's pairs competition in the 2020 Chester Congress.

Here they are presented with their trophies (The Capel Cup) by Club President Russ Whelan.

The runners up and the winners of the consolation competition were also Deva members.

For full results and more information see the relevant page under Competitions in the menu.

Thu 28th May 2020
Thursday morning BBO (Individual)
10.30 am
Registration opens on BBO 2 hours before the start time.
Fri 29th May 2020
Friday afternoon BBO
1.30 pm
Registration opens on BBO 2 hours before the start time.
Tue 2nd June 2020
Tuesday evening BBO
7 pm
Registration opens on BBO 2 hours before the start time.
Fri 5th June 2020
Friday afternoon BBO
1.30 pm
Registration opens on BBO 2 hours before the start time.
Tue 9th June 2020
Tuesday evening BBO
7 pm
Registration opens on BBO 2 hours before the start time.
Fri 12th June 2020
Friday afternoon BBO
1.30 pm
Registration opens on BBO 2 hours before the start time.
Tue 16th June 2020
Tuesday evening BBO
7 pm
Registration opens on BBO 2 hours before the start time.
Tuesday evening BBO
Friday afternoon BBO
Thursday morning BBO (Swiss pairs)
Tuesday evening BBO
Friday afternoon BBO
Tuesday evening BBO
Friday afternoon BBO