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Good news, and bad news:   

First, the bad news:

Bridge at the club has been cancelled for the near future.  We will definitely update here on our website and via email when we decide to start up again.


But the good news is:


The virtual club games cost $4.00 each and run about two hours and 15 minutes.  Twenty percent of the fee will go to ACBL and to BBO, and the rest will go to our club.    Masterpoints awarded will be 150% of those awarded at a physical club.

Our online games (for the time being and subject to change if not convenient for most) are scheduled for Mondays at 1:10pm and Thursdays at 1:10pm.   We are free to add other days
if attendance warrants. 

Please log in at least 30 minutes before game time and register so that the director can make sure you are allowed to play with our group .  If you need to chat with the director, use VACB129148 to reach him/her.  

If you have not received my two emails about (1) how to register and fund your account at BBO and (2) how to find our games and sign up with a partner, please let Marti know ASAP.   

Carolyn Anderson is still our Partnership Chairman, if you need help finding a partner.   You can reach her at (863) 667-8522 or

Please contact me if you have any questions, and thanks to all of you for supporting our club!
It is much appreciated!

Marti Cowie
(863) 648-2222



We're so happy for Bob and Dianne Halleen.    We wish you many years of happiness (and success at the bridge table)!!


Cute cake courtesy of Pat Black.

June Birthdays

June 2:     Patsy Herring and Marsha Skipper
June 6:     Jimmy Gallman
June 11:   Donna Brigman
June 22:   Sylvia Christian
June 23:   David Seely
June 24:   Maria Moore
June 27:   Marilyn Wiswedel
June 28:   Bob Denton
June 30:   Keith Holtsclaw

Hope you all have a wonderful birthday!   Thanks for being part of our club!


                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

(If we've left your name out, please let us know!)

June Birthdays
News Page

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

MONDAYS 9:15AM SUPERVISED PLAY     $5.00 Improve play and bidding strategies Practice your conventions! Ongoing from 1/6/20.

WEDNESDAYS: 9:15 Indepth lessons on declarer and defender play weekly. Advancing beginner to intermediate levels. Paul Marston Card Play book as text. Start 1/15/20 with DEFENSE! 

CONTACT: Elsa Nail 863-712-0857  call with new beginner lesson needs. 2019 NOVICE GAMES BY FALL 2019 

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