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Here is our new (as of February 1, 2022) schedule for bridge both on BBO and at the club:

BBO online virtual club games:

Mondays:         12:45pm, limited to 0-299 masterpoints
                           1:10pm, Open Game

Fridays:            12:45pm, limited to 0-499 masterpoints
                          1:10pm, Open Game

Additionally, we are all now able to play in Sun City Center's virtual games on BBO:

Thursdays:      12:45pm, limited to 0-299 masterpoints
                         1:10pm, Open Game

Sundays:        11:30am, Open Game (but only the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sundays)

Face-to-face bridge at the Peggy Brown Building:

Tuesdays:       12:30pm

Wednesdays:  12:30pm

Please contact Betty Fortune if you are planning to play but are not yet on her list.  She needs to know in advance how many people will be playing to make sure the games are viable.   So far, we're running about 6-7 tables!
Her number to call or text is:  863 838-9413

March and April Birthdays

March 2:     Judy Elliott
March 3:     Sue Coleman
March 9:     Art Van de Coeuvring
March 10:   Frances Martin
March 16:   Deanna Lewis
March 21:   Roy Bonnacorso
March 24:  Jack Smith
March 25:  Gwen Reynolds
March 26:  Marti Cowie

April 2:      Pat Fedler
April 15:    Laurie McNally
April 19:   Jane Murphy

Hope you all have a wonderful birthday!   Thanks for being part of our club!

                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

(If we've left your name out, please let us know!)

March and April Birthdays
November Bridge Bucks Winners
November Bridge Bucks Winners

Congratulations to MARIAN McCARTY and ROSALIE THORSEN, winners of the November Bridge Bucks Award.

This award is given to the highest-ranking pair in the under-100 masterpoints category on the last Tuesday of the month.
A Bridge Buck is a coupon for one free game at the club.

Many thanks to Mary Lowery for funding these monthly awards!

Welcome to Lakeland Duplicate Bridge Club

Welcome to one of Florida's friendliest bridge clubs!

We play bridge in a city-owned building with one of the best views in town!   

Join us for an afternoon of good bridge, good food, and good friends.

We are located at the Peggy Brown Building, 215 South Lake Avenue, Lakeland, 33801.

All are welcome!

Club games are:  Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 12:30 pm.  
BBO games are:  Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays at 1:10pm. Sundays at 11:30am.

For directions or any other information:

Marti Cowie  
(863) 648-2222

Please note:  Our TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY club games now start at 12:30 PM.



Here are the latest rank changes of our members (according to the September/October "Sunshine Bridge News"):

JUNIOR MASTER:                Jeannette Manning

CLUB MASTER:                   Mary Stiles, Steve McLaughlin

SECTIONAL MASTER:        Candi Packett, Bob Halleen, Josie Womble 

REGIONAL MASTER:          Anne Watkins

NABC MASTER:                  Bennie Jo Murray, Elsa Nail 

ue Coleman 


LIFE MASTER:                      Betty Fortune

BRONZE LIFE MASTER:      Dianne Halleen, Karl Manderscheid

SILVER LIFE MASTER:        Pat Gallman   

RUBY LIFE MASTER:           



DIAMOND LIFE MASTER:   Marti Cowie, Lynne Shah

If you're a seasonal visitor and receive notice of rank change, please let Marti know so it can be included.