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Sun 1st November 2020
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Sun 8th November 2020
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Sun 15th November 2020
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Welcome to Hants & IOW CBA
23/24th October Congratulations

Congratulations to Bill Gardner & Peter Griffin (Kent & Sussex) winners of the Petersfield Bridge Club Swiss Pairs on Saturday 23rd October. Full list of prize winners here & full results here. Then on sunday 24th October, congratulations to Dave Willis & Lesley Lewis (pictured above in Real Romsey) winners of Virtual Romsey 21. Full Results here.
Coming up is the HIWCBA Bloxsom Swiss Teams on 8th November (enter here).

Last updated : 29th Oct 2020 10:21 GMT
Virtual Romsey 20 Congratulations

Congratulations to two pairs on tying in first place at Virtual Romsey 20 on Sunday 18th October. One pair are HIWCBA regulars Mike Burley & Peter Lang the other pair are Dorste / Wiltshore Raiders Royd Laidlow & Catherine Lynn. However, in both cases your webmaster has no access to pictures of the pair in real romsey or elsewhere. If gifted one then the webmaster will post it.
Next weekend sees HIWCBA events on both days - the Petersfield Blue Point Swiss Pairs on Saturday 24th & the next Virtual Romsey on Sunday 25th (as well as the virtual EBU autumn congress). We hope to see see you at at least one of those events. You can also now enter the HIWCBA Bloxsom Swiss Teams coming up in mid November.

Last updated : 21st Oct 2020 17:40 BST
HIWCBA 2020/21 Tollemache Team Announced

The committee has selected the following 5 pairs to ‘send’ a team to the 2020-2021 Tollemache inter-county teams of 8 Championship: Jeremy Dhondy/Andy Hughes, Peter Crouch/Geoff Oldfield, Dave Huggett/Steve Preston, Jeremy Baker/Fred Hotchen, Lilias Lamont/Andrew Doye.  The EBU is running the event online on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November. The committee may, at its discretion, add either another pair or up to 2 additional players to make up the permitted 12 team members.

Last updated : 21st Oct 2020 17:46 BST
Lots of congratulations in the first two weeks of October

Lots happened in the first two weeks of October that give rise to congratulations from HIWCBA.
Wessex Swiss Pairs
The two weeks ended with the second event of the 2020/21 HIWCBA online event season (running in parallel with the Virtual Romsey events) - the Wessex Swiss Pairs. Congraulations to all who turned up online - there were two more tables than turned up to the equivalent 2019/20 face to face event - and special congratulations to the winners Mahmood Nurmohamed & Jane Davis. Full results here. The winners had a pretty solid set; and scored well in the final matches. Also congratulations to the  raiders from Wiltshire, Richard Turner and David Alsford, who took the non-expert prize and were riding very high until the last two rounds.
Season 3 of HIWCBA Leagues
At about the same time, the third season of HIWCBA online inter club leagues completed. In online division 1 it was a return to season 1 with Badger Farm (Jeremy Baker, Nick Craik,Jeremy Dhondy,Fred Hotchen,Dave Huggett,Andy Hughes, Steve Preston) well ahead in first place and Sussex (Peter Burns, Lindsay Geddes, Philip Hunt, Yves Lebrec, Andrew Morris, Chris Phillips, David Telfer)(formally Chichester) in second place. Congratulations to both. Unlike season 1, however, Badger Farm did fail one hurdle losing their last match 8-12  (2-7 in imps) to Petersfield L who finished 3rd. In online division 2 the winners were Basingstoke P (Abha Patel, Marjorie Rowledge, Barbara Thomas, Neil Thomas) with Lymington Lions (Andrew Bingley, Tony Elliott, Paul Londesborough, John Taylor) second and also promoted. Congraulations to them. The fourth season of the leagues has its schedule drawn and is almost underway.
HIWCBA Heat Of National Handicapped Pairs
On Sunday 4th October the regular Virtual Romsey event became longer and morphed into the HIWCBA heat of the National Handicapped Pairs. 16 pairs entered the HIWCBA heat. Charles Nixon & Macushla Stewart  were the top HIWCBA heat pair both locally before handicap and nationally after handicap. They were 8th nationally. Pauline Davis & Steve Davis rose from 3rd place unhandicapped locally to become the 2nd placed HIWCBA pair (33rd nationally) after handicaps were applied nationally. Congratulations to both pairs and all who entered. Full handicapped and non handicapped results here.
HIWCBA & Dorset raid On West Of England Congress
Also on the 4th October a joint Kent, Dorset & HIWCBA team (Ron Davis & Miles Cowling, Steve Preston & David Huggett), travelled virtually to the West Of England Congress and won the Green Point Swiss teams. Congratulations to them.
HIWCBA raid on Virtual Dorset
Finally, on 3rd October, Ted Purvey & Charlie Patrick mounted a successful Isle Of Wight raid on virtual Dorset. Congratulations to them.

Last updated : 15th Oct 2020 08:29 BST
Virtual Romsey 19 Congratulations & Enter October Events Now

Congratualtions to Clare & Ian Fearon (pictured above in Real Romsey / Virtual Romsey 16) winners of Virtual Romsey 19 on 27th September (full results here).
There are two HIWCBA approved events in October on weekends when there will be  no Virtual Romsey on the Sunday. These are the HIWCBA Heat of the National Heat of the National Handicap Pairs on Sunday 4th October (enter here), and the Blue Pointed Wessex Swiss Pairs on Sunday 11th October (enter here). There is also the Blue Pointed Petersfield Swiss Pairs, run by Petersfield Bridge Club, on Saturday 24th October (enter here) and on that day there will be no Virtual Dorset - Virtual Romsey will still take place on Sunday 25th.

Last updated : 1st Oct 2020 07:31 BST
HIWCBA Team Events are back but online - Candover 2020/21 Congratulations

Sunday 20th September saw what some had feared was impossible - an online Swiss Teams event (The Candover Swiss Teams) of the length of a face to face event running perfectly to time without becoming an intense isolated bridge experience that challenges your concentration. In this case the intensity that sometimes  haunts online bridge was lessened by playing at a scheduled 6 boards an hour that gave participants time to refresh and chat (at home or online) between rounds.It was also good to be able to see the current positions at the end of each round online on this website. Extreme congratulations to Mark Hooper, Robin Wright and Mike Kinsey for achieving this. HIWCBA will now schedule in their complete 2020/21 pairs and teams county fixture list as well as continuing to run virtual romsey in between. Full details coming soon. Congratulations to the overall winners (Full results here) Andy Hughes & Jeremy Dhondy, Fred Hotchen & Jeremy Baker (pictured above 4,2,3,1 in Real Romsey) and also to Martin Bevan, Keith Terrell, Neil & Barbara Thomas winners of the b flight/non expert catagory.
Next weekend you have plenty of choice: Join us again on sunday for the next virtual romsey, join Dorset on saturday for the next virtual dorset, or maybe play in surrey's  green point weekend events, or (not much further afield especially in the virtual world) the west of england online bridge congress.


Last updated : 23rd Sep 2020 11:29 BST
Virtual Romsey 18 Congratulations, HIWCBA success in Dorset, Candover Swiss Teams soon

Congratulations to Dorset raiders Ray Mardon & Tim Dunsby (Tim pictured above in Real Romsey - Ray elsewhere), winners of virtual Romsey 18 on 13th September - full results here.  Congratulations also to the successfull HIWCBA raiders at the Dorset Chope Salver competition the previous weekend (Fred Hotchen & Andy Hughes overall winners with Margaret & Bud Abbott winning the B Stratification) - full results here. Next weekend the 20th September sees Virtual Romsey replaced with the Candover Swiss Teams which needs a little more advance organisation so has a closing date of midnight 18th September - enter here now.

Last updated : 20th Sep 2020 13:31 BST
Virtual Romsey 17 Congratulations and the coming weekends

Congratulations to John Gardner & Janet Smith (pictured above in real dorset) on winning Virtual Romsey 17 on 30th August - full results here. They are now well ahead in the virtual romsey victor ludorum (see here) as we enter a period where there are fewer Virtual Romsey events. No virtual romsey on 6th Spetmber - please enter the Dorset Chope Salver event instead (entries via this link). Then Virtual Romsey 18 on 13th September (enter via this link). Then the HIWCBA candover teams starts the new HIWCBA season on 20th September (enter via this link) before Virtual Romsey returns for the next few weeks.

Last updated : 11th Sep 2020 07:10 BST
Virtual Romsey 16 Congratulations and the 2020/2021 Season Approaches

Congratulations to Clare & Ian Fearon  (pictured above in Real Romsey) winners of Virtual Romsey 16 on Sunday 24th August - full results here.
With face to face bridge competitions remaining only a remote possibility, county bridge associations, including HIWCBA and Dorset are gearing up to hold their regular annual county events online. For HIWCBA and Dorset this means starting with the Dorset Chope Salver on Sunday 6th September (enter here) and the HIWCBA Candover Swiss Teams (Enter here)  on Sunday 20th September. Entries in advance from NOW please. And also please continue to enter Virtual Dorset and Virtual Romsey on the weekends in between.

Last updated : 25th Aug 2020 10:35 BST
Self Alerting & Virtual Romsey 14 & 15 Congratulations

Congratulations to camera-shy Judi Coady & Ian Lewis on winning Virtual Romsey 14 - full results here.

Then also congratulations to Karen Dewar & Adrian Fontes (pictured above in Real Romsey) on winning Virtual Romsey 15 - full results here.
Please be sure to enter virtual Romsey and virtual Dorset next saturady and Sunday. Also watch out for some changes in the set of weekend HIWCBA & Dorset weekend events as the new season approaches. It looks like both counties will be looking to maintain a calendar of longer virtual matches for real trophies that will replace the virtual romsey and virtual dorset events on those weekends - full details to follow.
Plus, between Virtual Romsey 14 & Virtual Romsey 15, your hard working county Tournament Director Mike Kinsey has found it necessary to remind people of the self alerting procedure on BBO:
Self alerting is still causing some issues.
The principles are outlined in the EBU Sky-Blue Book, shown below. I have added a few extra notes and highlighted some sections.

What to alert
A player should alert any call that would be alerted or announced (by partner), as defined in BB 4 – so that includes NT opening ranges, transfers, Stayman and opening two-bids, as well as more obviously conventional calls. Opening bids which are unexpected are alerted – including (potential) canapé and ‘always unbalanced’.  Players must alert even if the pair have a system card uploaded.  If you don’t have a convention card it is a good idea to type a brief description of your system and copy to your clipboard. Then you can paste at each new table.

 How to alert/explain
Players should provide an explanation with the alert – they should type the explanation before making the call, and then when the call is made the explanation will be visible to the opponents. The partner does not see the alert, so there is no harm in alerting too much.

 Asking questions
Whether or not a call was alerted, and whether or not an explanation was provided, an opponent can request a (fuller) explanation by clicking on the call. The opponents can also ask (further) questions by chatting to the player making the call – when answering a question, a player should send the answer to both opponents (using ‘chat’ to ‘Opponents’); and not send a message to the ‘Table’, which partner would be able to see.   Provide meaningful explanations ie not just Halmic but say what it means. If you want to see good examples play with a robot!

Asking questions of both players
It should not be necessary to ask the partner of the player making a call to explain the call. The opponents are not allowed to try and establish if the other side are having a misunderstanding. If the opponents ask such a question, in the first instance, the partner should (politely) point out that the original player should answer the question. If the opponents insist that the partner answer questions, then the TD should be called. If there is no TD (e.g. in a match ‘played privately’), the players will have to achieve a resolution that allows the hand to continue, by open discussion (via ‘Table’ chat), and reserve their rights 

Last updated : 17th Aug 2020 08:08 BST
Virtual Romsey 13 Congratulations

Congratulations to Alan Wilson & Jeremy Baker (pictured in real Hampshire) winners of virtual Romsey 13 on Sunday 2nd August (full results here). Join HIWCBA in Virtual Romsey again next Sunday and/or Dorset next Saturday.


Last updated : 4th Aug 2020 23:35 BST
Virtual Romsey 12 Congratulations

Congratulations to John Gardner & Janet Smith (pictured in real Dorset)  winners of Virtual Romsey 12 on sunday 26th July and 3rd time winners of Virtual Romsey (Full results here).  Congratulations also to Adrian Fontes & Karen Dewar on their successful raid on virtual Dorset on Saturday 25th July. HIWCBA hope all flock to join Virtual Romsey  & Virtual Dorset again this weekend.

Last updated : 28th Jul 2020 14:40 BST
Virtual Romsey 11 Congratulations

Congratulations to Mike Fithyan & Mike Kinsey, Andrew Doye & Steve Preston (all genuinely pictured in Real Romsey), winners of Virtual Romsey 11 on 19th July - full results here. Especially well done to Mike F since HIWCBA members Mike Fithyan & Judi Coady successfully raided virtual Dorset on Saturday 18th. HIWCBA hope all join Virtual Romsey again next Sunday (or virtual Dorset next Saturday).

Last updated : 19th Jul 2020 18:02 BST
Online League Season 2 Congratulations

Congratulations to Petersfield (Stuart Burnett,James Clark,Andrew Doye,Lilias Lamont,Stephen Lee,Tony Truluck) and Basingstoke K (Tracey Adams, Andrew Bennett,Martin Bevan, Helen Kinloch,Graham Ledger,Lindsay McDougall) winners of the second season of the HIWCBA online leagues. Having been unbeaten in season 1, Badger Farm(Jeremy Baker,Nick Craik,Jeremy Dhondy, Fred Hotchen,Dave Huggett, Andy Hughes and Steve Preston) lost 2 of their first three matches in Division 1 and ended up a remote second to Petersfield.  In Division 2 Basingstoke K won by less than the margin of their head to head victory over second place Titchfield J (Mike Gwilliam,Dick Heasman,Roger Johnson,Michael Kempster and John Wilson). Entries are now being taken for season 3 which will be just one 16 board match a week.

Last updated : 14th Jul 2020 21:25 BST
Virtual Romsey 10 Congratulations

Congratulations to Liz Senior & BBO Bot A (pictured above neither in the real Romsey), winners of the one winner Virtual Romsey 10 on 12 July. Full results here. Hope to see you with us again next Sunday  (or Dorset next Saturday).

Last updated : 12th Jul 2020 19:46 BST
Virtual Romsey 9 Congratulations

Congratulations to Stuart Burnett & Tony Truluck and Alan Wilson & Jeremy Baker (pictured above the latter three in real Romsey) winners of Virtual Romsey 9 on 5th July (Full results here). This was the second week in a row that Alan & Jeremy triumphed but it is regular Dorset raiders Janet Smith & John Gardner (One of the 2nd placed pairs on the 5th July) who have now wrested 1st place in the Virtual Romsey Victor Ludorum (see here) from Lilias Lamont and Andrew Doye who did not have a good day. Join us all again next Sunday or Dorset next Saturday.

Last updated : 5th Jul 2020 20:10 BST
Virtual Romsey 8 Congratulations

Congratulations to Alan Wilson & Jeremy Baker (pictured in real romsey for Virtual Romsey 9 above) and Sally Miller & Charles Nixon winners of Virtual Romsey 8 (full results here) on 28th June. 

Last updated : 5th Jul 2020 19:59 BST
Virtual Romsey 7 Congratulations

The Dorset raids continue. Virtual Romsey 7 was a one winner movement (full results here) and congratulations go to Mark Hooper & Robin Wright (Mark pictured in Real Romsey - Robin not). Join us again next Sunday or Dorset next Saturday.

Last updated : 21st Jun 2020 21:59 BST
Virtual Romsey 6 Congratulations

Virtual Romsey 6 (full results here) saw Dorset players crossing the virtual border into virtual Romsey and winning. Congratulations to  John Gardner & Janet Smith  and David Berwitz & Robin Wright (pictured above - none in real Romsey). Join us again next Sunday (or Dorset next Saturday) and see who wins next time.

Last updated : 18th Jun 2020 11:20 BST
Virtual Romsey 5 Congratulations

Congratulations to Fran Alexander & Lesley Lewis and Lilias Lamont & Andrew Doye  (All pictured above - Latter 3 in Real Romsey) winners of Virtual Romsey 5 on Sunday 7th June.This keeps Liliias & Andrew well ahead in the Virtual Romsey Victor Ludorum. Join us again next sunday and be one of the increasing number of pairs attending Virtual Romsey, and/or join Dorset next saturday. Enter via the links above. Well done to Mike Kinsey for doing a stirling job as HIWCBA online tournament director.  

Last updated : 9th Jun 2020 18:59 BST
Virtual Romsey 4 Congratulations

Congratulations to Karen Dewar & Adrain Fontes and Dorset raiders John Gardner & Janet Smith (Pictured above in real Romsey and real Dorset respectively) winning Virtual Romsey 4 on 31st May - full results here.. Congratulations also to Stephen Martin & Gill Weeks for for a succesful raid (in their direction) on virtual Dorset on  the previous day. Both counties look forward to seeing you and more again next weekend (click above to enter)

Last updated : 31st May 2020 17:24 BST
Online League Congratulations

Congratulations to Badger Farm (Jeremy Baker, Nick Craik, Jeremy Dhondy, Fred Hotchen, Dave Huggett, Andy Hughes) and Island M (Chris Brayford, Peter Marchant, David McCulloch, Christine Naughton) winners of the first season of the HIWCBA Online league competition. Badger Farm won all 7 of their league 1 matches and finished well ahead of second place Chichester (Peter Burns, Philip Hunt, Yves Lebrec & David Telfer).  Division 2 had more teams and was much closer with Island M finishing just 3 VPs ahead of Petersfield N (Dennis Adams, Jenny Ashby, Richard Assad & Nicholas Silk) in second place. Entries are now being taken for season 2 in June. Also dont forget to enter the regular sunday online virtual romsey event - next on on BBO on Sunday 31st May at 2pm - enter here.

Last updated : 28th May 2020 23:41 BST
Virtual Romsey 3 Congratulations

Congratulations to Andrew Doye & Lilias Lamont (Pictured above in the real Romsey) and Gill Weeks & Stephen Martin (just stars in the real Romsey's eyes) winners of virtual Romsey 3 on 24th May - full results here. This puts Lilias & Andrew well ahead in the virtual romsey victor ludorum (see here). And virtual bridge must go on. Enter for virtual Romsey 4 next sunday 31st May here.

Last updated : 25th May 2020 10:27 BST
Virtual Romsey 2 Congratulations - and lets make it regular

Congratulations to Phil Norman & Derek Maggs plus Karen Dewar & Adrian Fontes (3 of them pictured above in the real Romsey winning the 2019 & 2018 Yuletide events. Derek, native turned overseas raider, at least now knows the time this side of the world but he hasn’t visited Romsey anytime recently.). They were winners of their sections of the Virtual Romsey pairs on BBO on Sunday 17th May (results here). The director, Mike Kinsey again said it went so well that there will be another virtual Romsey (3) next Sunday -same time same place - enter here.
Note: There are still gremlins affecting the display of master points on this site for BBO events. They are shown in the virtual "Virtual Romsey Victor Ludorum" event here, which shows that Lilias Lamont & Andrew Doye (2nd both times) currently have the most Virtual Romsey master points.

Last updated : 17th May 2020 21:01 BST
Virtual Romsey Congratulations And Try Again Next Week

Congratulations to Ian & Clare Fearon & Fred Hotchen & Jeremy Baker (pictured above in the real Romsey!) winners of their sections of the virtual romsey pairs on BBO on Sunday 10th May (results here). The director, Mike Kinsey said it went so well that there will be a virtual Romsey 2 next sunday - same time same place - enter here. Hopefully all will try again and maybe next time it will be a harder search for archive photos of the winners.
Note: There are gremlins affecting the display of master points on this site for BBO events. They are shown in the virtual "Virtual Romsey Victor Ludorum" event here. Note (eg Chairman & Webmaster) that the motto of this virtual victor ludorum is "Its only for fun. If at first you dont succeed try, try again."

Last updated : 11th May 2020 07:12 BST
Romsey is virtually back!

In reality Romsey hasn't been anywhere, but now you can enjoy most of the thrill of an afternoon in the Crosfield Hall from the comfort of your own home. HIWCBA have successfully trialled running a Pairs Tournament on BBO.  Now we are setting up a regular event. And when better than the traditional 14:00 on Sunday. The first event will be on May 10th. Please enter here The entry form requires your BBO aliases. The page with the entry form on it also provides general  instructions  on playing on BBO and instructions about playing in HIWCBA OnLine Pairs. We said 'most'? Unfortunately we have not found a way of providing Ann's plated teas on-line. Also for now the event will be a little shorter (18 boards).

Last updated : 5th May 2020 07:34 BST
Pottage Cup Congratulations

The Pottage Cup (HIWCBA Pairs championship) concluded on Sunday 15th March with 16 pairs competing in the final at Romsey. Congratulations to the winners : James Clark & Owen Leigh.(pictured above). With over 4.5% between 1st and 2nd (Jeremy Dhondy & Andy Hughes), over 2 percent between 2nd and 3rd (Tim Smith & Gabriel Hearst), and almost 7 percent between 3rd and 4th (Lilias Lamont & Andrew Doye), an event that one would expect to be close somehow seemed not to be - although 5th place (Stuart Strachen & Eleanor Rice) were looking to sneak into 4th right up to the end. If national events were being held, the top four pairs would qualify for the Corwen Trophy national event for the top pairs in county pairs championships.

Last updated : 16th Mar 2020 08:55 GMT
Valentine, IBM and out of county congratulations

Sunday 16th February saw a select few brave the weather conditions and enter the HIWCBA Valentine Teams in Romsey. Congratulations to the winners Mike Fithyan, Mike Kinsey, Richard Ray & Christine Ray who led throughout and finished 21 vps ahead of the second place team of Steve Preston, Fred Hotchen, Nick Craik & Dave Huggett in an event that was well directed by Tim Anderson.

This continues Mike Fithyans fine run of form. He has just returned from the EBU Overseas Congress in Rome where Mike Fithyan & Adian Fontes were part of the team that won that congress's swiss teams. Well done to them.

Also, the IBM cup HIWCBA simultaeneous took place during the week beginning 10th february and with all the results in (here) it looks like lots of money will have been raised for Hampshire Air Ambulance (The field was larger than last years) and that the HIWCBA committee are in good bridge form with HIWCBA committee members in each of the top three pairs. Congratulations to Andy Hughes & Fred Hotchen for winning the event.

All who have qualified should not forget to turn up to the Pottage Cup semi final in Romsey at 2pm on Sunday 23rd February and those of you interested in improving their bridge should look to attend the next Dave Huggett Seminar on 1st March.

Last updated : 17th Feb 2020 18:03 GMT
Candlestick Pairs : Congratulations & Credit

The candlestick 'swiss' pairs on 2nd february became an unusual event when the director (Mike Kinsey) left the bridgemates at home. Well done to the director for not panicing and enabling the event to complete albeit with some manual post event checking and some less than perfect round assignments on the way - final results and explanation/apologies from the director here
Congratulations to everyone for helping the event to complete successfully - you will all receive a £10 credit for a future HIWCBA event for this.
And congratulations also to the winners Steve Preston and Andy Hughes with Mike Fithyan and Stuart Burnett second. Unusually, these pairs played 12 different pairs between them (noone in common) and did not play each other. These leaves Steve well ahead in the Derek Gibbins victor ludorum and Andy second with several people just behind him.
The next HIWCBA event in romsey is the Valentine teams on the 16th february. There is still time to enter this event - free for those with credit from the candlesticks!

Last updated : 11th Feb 2020 07:20 GMT
Invitation Pairs
On Sunday 19th January HIWCBA welcomed more than fifty players to the inaugural Chairman's Invitation Pairs. Nobody was entirely sure how the event would turn out, but the aim was to play some bridge and also discuss how clubs and the County could be better aligned. The bridge was won by Mark Witham and Bob Jubb from Portchester (well, Andy Hughes  was top scorer but he can hardly win his own prize, can he!)
From a broad list of topics, the discussion over an extended tea-break focused on membership development. Principally how clubs and HIWCBA could facilitate the progression of bridge players from beginners, through social bridge, to club and county players.  A more detailed report and recommendations will be prepared shortly. We really appreciated the contributions, and it was a good to see new faces at Romsey: just sorry that the reception should have been more professional! We hope the attendees found it both enjoyable and useful. We look forward to lots of entries to future events such as the Candlestick Swiss Pairs and the Valentine Teams
Last updated : 21st Jan 2020 07:22 GMT
Mid Winter Teams Congratulations

Congratulations to Steve Preston, Dave Huggett, Christine Ray & Richard Ray (pictured above),  winners of the Mid Winter Teams in Romsey on the 12th January. No late entries meant that the 11 team event was run as a 4 board per match multiple teams, with Team Preston running out winners 24 imps ahead of the second place team of Bob McRobert & Fred Hotchen, Geoff Oldfield & Peter Crouch - helped by an 11 imp gain in their head to head match where underbidding allowed Richard to successfully declare 2D on board 42 and  misdefending allowed Christine to successfully make 4S on  board 44. This gives Steve Preston a healthy lead in the Derek Gibbins Victor Ludorum. The event was enjoyed by all so please now enter the next Romsey event - the Blue Pointed Candlestick Pairs on the 2nd February.

Last updated : 13th Jan 2020 07:46 GMT
Happy New Year & Chidwick Congratulations

Happy New year, and time to enter those anagramed competitions as follows:

PEACE TO GUT :  Pottage cup. Many heats have been held but there is still time to enter here.
EAT DIMMER TWINS : Mid winter teams - enter here.
CAKE RIP CLASS DINT : Candlestick Pairs - enter here
HO ARRESTING PREENING CHOP MESS : Green Point Hampshire Congress - enter here.
WIC HAM BAG : HIWCBA AGM. Thats some time in the future and cant be 'entered yet'
HARMED VAGUE SETTINGS : Dave Huggett Seminars - enter here.
DIM PANDA, EXAM MISS (LADDER RISEN), IRE : Pairs (Mixed, Married, Mens and Ladies) - enter here.
LATEST NAÏVE MEN : Valentine teams - enter here.

Also, the final standing for the december HIWCBA simultaeneous - the chidwick cup - are confirmed (here) - and congratulations to the winners Marian Grasso & Carol Parkes of the Island Bridge club and also to all who entered for supporting the HIWCBA charity of the year (Hampshire Air Ambulance). The next HIWCBA simultaeneous is the IBM cup in february (details here): Clubs and pairs please make it one of your new years resolutions to  take part in that.

Last updated : 2nd Jan 2020 16:21 GMT
Yuletide Congratulations

Merriment, mince pies, raffle (in aid of Hampshire Air Ambulance), spot prizes and the Yuletide Mini Swiss Teams (results here) were the order of the day at Romsey on 15th December. Congratulations to the victors Karen Dewar, Adrian Fontes, Julian Sykes & Phil Downham (pictured above) who won despite only tieing their last round match against the second place team of Robin Khan, Nick Craik, Steve Preston & Dave Huggett. Board 31, where the winning strategy for the vulnerable NS pairs was to keep as low as possible rather than go for game (Karen & Adrian stopped in 3S off 1) and the winning strategy for EW was to get the contract off as much as possible (Julian & Phil took 4S off 4), gave the Dewar team its share of the spoils and a 13vp victory in the final table.
We hope to see you puzzling at the anagrams above and, perhaps as a result, entering more HIWCBA events in the new year.
Its now almost half way through the season and so our eyes turn to the Derek Gibbins Victor Ludorum standings where Steve Preston's second place at the Yuletide has given him a slender lead over Tim Smith

Last updated : 16th Dec 2019 07:19 GMT
Bloxsom Congratulations

The start of Advent saw a late entry for the Bloxsom Teams (results here) that meant that there were 12 teams and the event could be run in the director's favorite Australian Swiss Danish format. At the start of the last round when the Danish (ie potential repeat match) element kicked in, Team Clark (James Clark, Owen Leigh, Tony Truluck, Tim Smith) and Team Hughes (Andy Hughes, Fred Hotchen, Dave Huggett, Steve Preston) knew they were going to be first and second, with Team Clark taking a 2vp lead into the final match. Tim & Tony started with a failing 6D (two top spades missing) and also played in 5C which didnt have a hope, so expected to be second. But Dave & Steve also bid the 6D and Andy & Fred got it wrong in the slam region on another board (6H-1) and also missed a game that was bid by James & Owen. So in the end Team Clark were convincing 16-4 winners and Bloxsom champions (pictured above). As is now the norm, the event was well directed by Mike Kinsey and enjoyed by all.  HIWCBA hope to see you and others again in HIWCBA events later in the season - eg. the Yule Tide Mini Swiss teams on the 15th December (where mulled wine, mince pies and a raffle will be available)  and the Mid Winter Teams in January.

Last updated : 2nd Dec 2019 18:34 GMT
Solent Trophy, Jubilee Cup, Simple System & Other Congratulations

Sunday 10th November was a well attended (10 teams) Teams of 8 day in Romsey - too many people to corral for a  photograh and difficult to judge how one is doing but at the end Petersfield United - The Reds (Steve Preston & Mike Fithyan, Owen Leigh & James Clark, Lilias Lamont & Tony Truluck, Tim Smith & Gabriel Hearst) triumphed to win the Solent Trophy and qualify to represent HIWCBA in the Garden Cities Trophy next april. 2nd were Badger Farm (Jeremy Dhondy & Andy Hughes, Fred Hotchen & Jeremy Baker, John Folkes & Tony Page, Clare & Ian Fearon) who therefore retain the Jubilee cup that they    won last year. Full results here or here.

Rather simpler(!) was the simple systems simultaeneous held in clubs between the 28th october and the 1st November. Congratulations to the winners Georgina Boase & Jennifer Privett from Meon Bridge Club and to all who took part (full results here)- the event (especially meon bridge club - well done!) raised lots of money for Hampshire Air Ambulance.

In recent national events congratulations to Jeremy Dhondy for winning both the pairs event and the teams event at the Seniors Congress, and also to Team Lamont (Lilias Lamont, Andrew Doye, Liz Senior & Stephen Scott) for almost making the 2018-2019 Nicko Plate final - initially tying their semi-final but losing the extra boards.

With such a large turn out for the teams of 8 lets hope all are encouraged to enter the next HIWCBA events - the Bloxsom Teams and YuleTide during december. 

Last updated : 11th Nov 2019 12:43 GMT
Inaugural Wessex Swiss Pairs Congratulations

Sunday 13th October saw the inaugural running of the Wessex Swiss Pairs. 11 tables of pairs enjoyed 6 rounds of 7 boards well directed by Mike Kinsey. At tea, with catering as excellent as ever, Andy Hughes and Steve Preston had only dropped 3 vps and this proved enough to win - even though they lost the fourth round to the eventual 2nd place pair of Bob McRobert & Chris Kinloch and followed this with only a draw against Tim Smith & Tony Truluck.  Although Lelsey Lewis & Tim Dunsby (potential Dorset raiders) started well in the final round, they only finished 3rd when Andy & Steve recovered to 17-3, which was plenty. Congratulations to all.

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HIWCBA Tollemache Cup Team Selection

The Tollemache Cup is the EBU's inter-county championship for teams of eight. The following team has been selected to represent HIWCBA at the Tollemache qualifier in Daventry on the 16th/17th November: Andy Hughes/Jeremy Dhondy, Peter Crouch/Geoff Oldfield, Dave Huggett/Steve Preston, Bob McRobert/Chris Kinloch, Sonia Zakrzewski/Gareth Birdsall. No reserve pair has been selected. Well done on your selection and good luck in the qualifier.

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Candover and Earlier Congratulations

Congratulations to Lilias Lamont, Tim Smith, Philip Mitchell & Mike Kinsey (pictured above) winners of the first event of the HIWCBA 2019-2020 season - the Candover Swiss Teams. The event attracted 15 teams (2 more than the previous year) and was well directed by Tim Anderson. With one round to go only 1 vp separated the top three teams and, in Danish style, top played 2nd, and 3rd played 4th etc in the final round. That saw Team Ray, who were 4th at the end of round 5 beating Team McRobert 16-4 to rise to second place meaning that Team Lamont's 13-7 victory over Team Dhondy was enough to secure them victory.

The candover teams was enjoyed by all; We hope to see all (and more) back for later HIWCBA events - starting with the Wessex swiss pairs on the 13th October. Also, if by chance you found it hard to decide if bids were forcing or not or penalty or take out then you may choose to attend the popular Dave Huggett seminar on 6th October

At tea, those 2018-2109 season trophies that had not previously been presented were presented (pictured below): View the County Competitions page to see what they won. 
Also, the Dorset 2019-2020 season started earlier than the HIWCBA one and saw a successful raid by HIWCBA members John Jones and Celia Parsons winning the Chope Salver (final picture below)
Congratulations to all.


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