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Mid Winter Swiss Teams
Crosfield Hall Romsey
Yuletide Mini Swiss Teams
Crosfield Hall Romsey
Chidwick Cup HIWCBA simultaeneous
In clubs 2nd-6th
Blue Point Bloxsom Teams
Crosfield Hall Romsey
Jubilee Cup Teams of 8
Crosfield Hall Romsey
Jubilee Cup / Solent Trophy Overall
Sun 19th January 2020
Invitation pairs
Crosfield Hall Romsey 2pm
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Sun 2nd February 2020
Blue Point Candlestick Swiss Pairs
Crosfield Hall Romsey 2pm
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Mon 10th February 2020
IBM Cup HIWCBA Simultaeneous
In clubs 10th-14th
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Sun 16th February 2020
Valentine Teams
Crosfield Hall Romsey 2pm
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Sun 23rd February 2020
Pottage cup Semi Finals
Crosfield Hall Romsey 2pm
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Sun 1st March 2020
Dave Huggett Seminar
Crosfield Hall Romsey
Welcome to Hants & IOW CBA

HIWCBA Event On The Day Contact Number : 07305 077991.
Having trouble getting to today's/tomorrow's HIWCBA event? (eg traffic or illness)? Then please phone us on 07305 077991. Thank you.

Green Point Hampshire Congress 21st/22nd March 2020 Competition Entry - Enter Here Now!

Pottage Cup 
The Pottage Cup is the HIWCBA major pairs championship - plan your participation now.

Next HIWCBA Events - Enter Now

Sunday 19th January Invitation pairs (Invitations have been sent via clubs)
Sunday 2nd February Blue Point HIWCBA Candlestick Swiss Pairs Competition Entry

Sunday 16th February HIWCBA Valentine Teams Competition Entry

Other HIWCBA and Nearby Events
You may also wish to enter events as follows:
10th to 14th February in clubs IBM Cup HIWCBA Simultaeneous Competition Entry
Sunday 5th April HIWCBA Pairs (Mixed Married, Mens & Ladies) Competition Entry
Coming soon :: later HIWCBA 2019-2020 season county events competition entry.

If you are looking for a partner or teammates for any of the HIWCBA events above then please use Contact Us and we will endeavour to help.
Alternatively are you interested in teaching and/or learning bridge? - then try Seminars / Learn / Teach Bridge
If you are new and nervous about entering tournaments then try one of the HIWCBA events in Romsey - we are always friendly.

Mid Winter Teams Congratulations

Congratulations to Steve Preston, Dave Huggett, Christine Ray & Richard Ray (pictured above),  winners of the Mid Winter Teams in Romsey on the 12th January. No late entries meant that the 11 team event was run as a 4 board per match multiple teams, with Team Preston running out winners 24 imps ahead of the second place team of Bob McRobert & Fred Hotchen, Geoff Oldfield & Peter Crouch - helped by an 11 imp gain in their head to head match where underbidding allowed Richard to successfully declare 2D on board 42 and  misdefending allowed Christine to successfully make 4S on  board 44. This gives Steve Preston a healthy lead in the Derek Gibbins Victor Ludorum. The event was enjoyed by all so please now enter the next Romsey event - the Blue Pointed Candlestick Pairs on the 2nd February.

Last updated : 13th Jan 2020 07:46 GMT
Happy New Year & Chidwick Congratulations

Happy New year, and time to enter those anagramed competitions as follows:

PEACE TO GUT :  Pottage cup. Many heats have been held but there is still time to enter here.
EAT DIMMER TWINS : Mid winter teams - enter here.
CAKE RIP CLASS DINT : Candlestick Pairs - enter here
HO ARRESTING PREENING CHOP MESS : Green Point Hampshire Congress - enter here.
WIC HAM BAG : HIWCBA AGM. Thats some time in the future and cant be 'entered yet'
HARMED VAGUE SETTINGS : Dave Huggett Seminars - enter here.
DIM PANDA, EXAM MISS (LADDER RISEN), IRE : Pairs (Mixed, Married, Mens and Ladies) - enter here.
LATEST NAÏVE MEN : Valentine teams - enter here.

Also, the final standing for the december HIWCBA simultaeneous - the chidwick cup - are confirmed (here) - and congratulations to the winners Marian Grasso & Carol Parkes of the Island Bridge club and also to all who entered for supporting the HIWCBA charity of the year (Hampshire Air Ambulance). The next HIWCBA simultaeneous is the IBM cup in february (details here): Clubs and pairs please make it one of your new years resolutions to  take part in that.

Last updated : 2nd Jan 2020 16:21 GMT
Yuletide Congratulations

Merriment, mince pies, raffle (in aid of Hampshire Air Ambulance), spot prizes and the Yuletide Mini Swiss Teams (results here) were the order of the day at Romsey on 15th December. Congratulations to the victors Karen Dewar, Adrian Fontes, Julian Sykes & Phil Downham (pictured above) who won despite only tieing their last round match against the second place team of Robin Khan, Nick Craik, Steve Preston & Dave Huggett. Board 31, where the winning strategy for the vulnerable NS pairs was to keep as low as possible rather than go for game (Karen & Adrian stopped in 3S off 1) and the winning strategy for EW was to get the contract off as much as possible (Julian & Phil took 4S off 4), gave the Dewar team its share of the spoils and a 13vp victory in the final table.
We hope to see you puzzling at the anagrams above and, perhaps as a result, entering more HIWCBA events in the new year.
Its now almost half way through the season and so our eyes turn to the Derek Gibbins Victor Ludorum standings where Steve Preston's second place at the Yuletide has given him a slender lead over Tim Smith

Last updated : 16th Dec 2019 07:19 GMT
Bloxsom Congratulations

The start of Advent saw a late entry for the Bloxsom Teams (results here) that meant that there were 12 teams and the event could be run in the director's favorite Australian Swiss Danish format. At the start of the last round when the Danish (ie potential repeat match) element kicked in, Team Clark (James Clark, Owen Leigh, Tony Truluck, Tim Smith) and Team Hughes (Andy Hughes, Fred Hotchen, Dave Huggett, Steve Preston) knew they were going to be first and second, with Team Clark taking a 2vp lead into the final match. Tim & Tony started with a failing 6D (two top spades missing) and also played in 5C which didnt have a hope, so expected to be second. But Dave & Steve also bid the 6D and Andy & Fred got it wrong in the slam region on another board (6H-1) and also missed a game that was bid by James & Owen. So in the end Team Clark were convincing 16-4 winners and Bloxsom champions (pictured above). As is now the norm, the event was well directed by Mike Kinsey and enjoyed by all.  HIWCBA hope to see you and others again in HIWCBA events later in the season - eg. the Yule Tide Mini Swiss teams on the 15th December (where mulled wine, mince pies and a raffle will be available)  and the Mid Winter Teams in January.

Last updated : 2nd Dec 2019 18:34 GMT
Solent Trophy, Jubilee Cup, Simple System & Other Congratulations

Sunday 10th November was a well attended (10 teams) Teams of 8 day in Romsey - too many people to corral for a  photograh and difficult to judge how one is doing but at the end Petersfield United - The Reds (Steve Preston & Mike Fithyan, Owen Leigh & James Clark, Lilias Lamont & Tony Truluck, Tim Smith & Gabriel Hearst) triumphed to win the Solent Trophy and qualify to represent HIWCBA in the Garden Cities Trophy next april. 2nd were Badger Farm (Jeremy Dhondy & Andy Hughes, Fred Hotchen & Jeremy Baker, John Folkes & Tony Page, Clare & Ian Fearon) who therefore retain the Jubilee cup that they    won last year. Full results here or here.

Rather simpler(!) was the simple systems simultaeneous held in clubs between the 28th october and the 1st November. Congratulations to the winners Georgina Boase & Jennifer Privett from Meon Bridge Club and to all who took part (full results here)- the event (especially meon bridge club - well done!) raised lots of money for Hampshire Air Ambulance.

In recent national events congratulations to Jeremy Dhondy for winning both the pairs event and the teams event at the Seniors Congress, and also to Team Lamont (Lilias Lamont, Andrew Doye, Liz Senior & Stephen Scott) for almost making the 2018-2019 Nicko Plate final - initially tying their semi-final but losing the extra boards.

With such a large turn out for the teams of 8 lets hope all are encouraged to enter the next HIWCBA events - the Bloxsom Teams and YuleTide during december. 

Last updated : 11th Nov 2019 12:43 GMT
Inaugural Wessex Swiss Pairs Congratulations

Sunday 13th October saw the inaugural running of the Wessex Swiss Pairs. 11 tables of pairs enjoyed 6 rounds of 7 boards well directed by Mike Kinsey. At tea, with catering as excellent as ever, Andy Hughes and Steve Preston had only dropped 3 vps and this proved enough to win - even though they lost the fourth round to the eventual 2nd place pair of Bob McRobert & Chris Kinloch and followed this with only a draw against Tim Smith & Tony Truluck.  Although Lelsey Lewis & Tim Dunsby (potential Dorset raiders) started well in the final round, they only finished 3rd when Andy & Steve recovered to 17-3, which was plenty. Congratulations to all.

Last updated : 13th Oct 2019 21:22 BST
HIWCBA Tollemache Cup Team Selection

The Tollemache Cup is the EBU's inter-county championship for teams of eight. The following team has been selected to represent HIWCBA at the Tollemache qualifier in Daventry on the 16th/17th November: Andy Hughes/Jeremy Dhondy, Peter Crouch/Geoff Oldfield, Dave Huggett/Steve Preston, Bob McRobert/Chris Kinloch, Sonia Zakrzewski/Gareth Birdsall. No reserve pair has been selected. Well done on your selection and good luck in the qualifier.

Last updated : 11th Oct 2019 13:23 BST
Candover and Earlier Congratulations

Congratulations to Lilias Lamont, Tim Smith, Philip Mitchell & Mike Kinsey (pictured above) winners of the first event of the HIWCBA 2019-2020 season - the Candover Swiss Teams. The event attracted 15 teams (2 more than the previous year) and was well directed by Tim Anderson. With one round to go only 1 vp separated the top three teams and, in Danish style, top played 2nd, and 3rd played 4th etc in the final round. That saw Team Ray, who were 4th at the end of round 5 beating Team McRobert 16-4 to rise to second place meaning that Team Lamont's 13-7 victory over Team Dhondy was enough to secure them victory.

The candover teams was enjoyed by all; We hope to see all (and more) back for later HIWCBA events - starting with the Wessex swiss pairs on the 13th October. Also, if by chance you found it hard to decide if bids were forcing or not or penalty or take out then you may choose to attend the popular Dave Huggett seminar on 6th October

At tea, those 2018-2109 season trophies that had not previously been presented were presented (pictured below): View the County Competitions page to see what they won. 
Also, the Dorset 2019-2020 season started earlier than the HIWCBA one and saw a successful raid by HIWCBA members John Jones and Celia Parsons winning the Chope Salver (final picture below)
Congratulations to all.


Last updated : 12th Oct 2019 18:51 BST
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