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Congratulations on their Promotion

Congratulations to the following on their Promotion up the ladder.

James Clark - Premier Life Master

Neil and Barbara Thomas    -    Premier Master


Are your details correct?

We note that many members have the boxes in their membership details ticked to "No" for items such as receiving emails, publish their details etc.

This may be what you required but it may also be that you did not realise what was ticked or not when the system was first set up. If you ticked No to receiving emails, we can not communicate with you when we have urgent information to send to you.

Check your details now (by going into your membership) and see that it is what you want.


Competitions and Congratulations

Your Committee have recently reviewed all the Competitions that were on hold due to Covid and those that will be run this year.

It was decided that for 2019/20 the winners would be those in the lead when Lockdown started.

Therefore Congratulations to

Pairs Cup - John Clayton and Neil Goulding

Global Cup - Stuart Burnett

Pam Furze-Roberts Cup - Neil Goulding

Oliver Turnbull Trophy - Dave Hinkin, Andrew Bennett, Owen Leigh and James Clarke.

Petersfield Ladder - Dave Hinkin and Liz Senior for Expert and Ava Stuart and Jan Currill for Non Expert.

Well Done All.

To see what Competitions we run and past winners, click on the menu on LHS (Competitions)

Field pairs
Director: Mike
Gentle Duplicate
Director: Mike Kinsey
Field pairs
Director: Mike
Gentle Duplicate
Director: Mike Kinsey
Field pairs
Director: Mike
28th Jun 2021
Gentle Duplicate
Director: Mike Kinsey
30th Jun 2021
Field pairs
Director: Mike
7th Jul 2021
Field pairs
Director: Mike


When will the Club reopen for F2F Bridge?

The Committee have been discussing when will we be able to return to the Community centre and under what conditions.

At the moment we have decided we shall wait and see when the Government decides we can return to "normal" life and what conditions the Community Centre lay down.

It is likely that we shall have a mixture of F2F Bridge on one day/week (probably Tuesdays) and online Bridge. Members will then be able to choose what they feel happier with.

However, we shall let you all know what is decided by writing to all those who have ticked the box allowing emails. (See note on LHS about your details).

Watch this space.


Welcome - Bridge for all players

Petersfield Bridge Club, inaugurated in 1969, is a friendly club, affiliated to the EBU, and welcomes all bridge players, from complete beginner to expert.

In normal times we play at Petersfield Community Centre in Love Lane providing duplicate events twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and various Beginner & Improver Teaching sessions.

However, our current focus is supporting online play -  see below for more information. 

If you would like to know more about our club, assistance in playing online, then contact Mike Kinsey, our Chairman on 01730 265496  or email

New members and visitors are most welcome. We do not have a "host" system, but our partnership Secretary will find partners if requested in advance. Please contact Mrs Maureen Rubra on 01730 263396


Terri Blackmore Ladies Pairs and Gordon Clarke Men's Pairs

The Terri Blackmore Ladies Pairs and Gordon Clarke Men's Pairs will be held on the 7th July which is a Field Pairs night.

Anybody can play that night but only a member of the Club will be eligble to win the trophies.

Put the date in your diary now.

Latest Summer Season League position.

Simon and the Bandits have taken the lead with 3 wins and  are the current leaders but the situation changes weekly, so all to play for.

To view results 

click here

Petersfield win Solent Cup

Petersfield recently won the Solent Trophy, the final match in a three way competition.

It was a tight match and competition. We were a bit down to Basingstoke at half time but in the end prevailed by 9 IMPs. Which was enough for 12-8.

So both Petersfield & Basingstoke finished on 21 VPs and Newbury 18VPs.

But by the split tie procedure Petersfield retaind the Solent Trophy, having won the head to head.

Congratulations to Christine Ray and Steve Preston, Andrew Doye and Lilias, Mike and Gabriel Hurst and Tony Truluck and Stewart Burnett.

One amusing hand of the night.

Tony is dealt A72, AJ3, 6, AQJ863

While considering his bid, he notices his computer has decided to pass!

LHO has passed and partner has opened 1NT (13-15). Too late to ask for an undo.

So to make up for his unintentional underbid he now transfers into C and punts slam!

It makes, everyone else is in 3NT, +10IMPs!

Congratulations on winning HIOW on line league Division 2

Congratulations to Petersfield N who won the HIOW on-line league division 2, which means three Petersfield teams in division 1 next time!

A slow start meant defeat in round one, but four wins followed. This put the team of Nick, Dennis, Rick and John in third place with two to play against the two Basingstoke teams lying first and second!

Two more wins made worthy champions, six wins to one.

Well Done.

Petersfield win HICKO

Congrtulations to Lilias Lamont, Phil Asquith, Neil Cripps and Abigail Rowe on winning the County HICKO Competition agaginst Winchester.

That is the seventh time we have won this trophy in the last 13 years.

Well Done All.