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See the Virtual Noticeboard on the Home Page for announcements.



If you are seeking a partner(s) for pairs or teams either post a message on the 'Bookings/Find a Partner?' page or contact Alex Buchan (see Contact Us)

On Wednesday afternoon and evening  a host system is in operation, so you can turn up without a partner and get a game.


 Any comments or suggestions about this website are most welcome. Stuart Barker

Welcome to Eastbourne Bridge Club
Urgent Notices

Coronavirus Pandemic.

Eastbourne Bridge club is  now closed. We hope that you all will keep safe and well during the weeks ahead.  We will reopen when it is safe to do so.

We recommend that that use online opportunities. See our on-line page for details. Other members contact details can be found in the Members Section.

We send out emails to all members to inform them about what is happening in the club. If you are not receiving these, it is because you have clicked unsubscribe or junk (either deliberately or inadvertently). The club does not have the power to change that, only you have the power to change that status. See Re-subscribe

The Virtual Noticeboard
The Virtual Noticeboard


The arrangements below are suspended for now


 Calendar corrections:The AGM is on Thursday 18th June 2020.

   The date of next Mini Swiss pairs and  Random Teams will be announced when the club reopens Please sign up in the club for these events (just first names may not be enough unless yours is unique).  

  The second Monday afternoon of the month is now Simple Systems (EBU level 2), but unlike Tuesday a partner is needed.

  ♣   The Thursday supervised play session is intended for players who are new to the game and are learning, so that help is available. The Friday supervised play session is open to all players at 2pm, and again help is available and no master points are awarded, with a minimum of 21 boards played.  No partner is needed for any of these sessions or the Tuesday Afternoon Simple Systems Session at 1.30pm, which only allows a basic system (EBU level 2) and awards masterpoints (See Tuesday Afternoon Points in Competitions).

See the Links page for Vu-Bridge Hand of the Week and Beginner's Corner. You can play the hands - they are interactive.                     

The Fast Track Bridge Group

About Us

Eastbourne Bridge Club has one of the largest memberships in Sussex enabling us to run events to suit all levels of play – see CALENDAR. 

Visitors are welcome and many sessions are hosted so you can attend those without a partner – see CALENDAR. 

If you are seeking a partner(s) for yourself, pairs or teams you can either post a message on the BOOKINGS/FIND A PARTNER section, or contact Alex Buchan via the CONTACT US tab. No partner is required for events showing a HOST is available. 

As an English Bridge Union member their best behaviour at Bridge guidelines are adhered to - see details in the BEST BEHAVIOUR SECTIONEtiquette and Eastbourne Bridge Club Procedure.pdf

The CALENDAR gives the current program of events and start times. All events use randomly pre-dealt hands and results are available within minutes of the end of play. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of play to allow the movement to be set and avoid delays. Thursday and Friday afternoon improver sessions are designed with help available for inexperienced players, (see the LESSONS page for more details), and therefore no master points are awarded. Otherwise all our events issue EBU master points. 


Our Location

We have two large comfortable air conditioned rooms that are set up for bridge. The Club is located on the first floor of the Royal Air Forces Association, 11 Wish Road, Eastbourne, BN21 4NX, see the map below for details.  A chair lift is available for those who need it. If using a satnav, check that you have 11 Wish Road.

For directions click on map

Learn Bridge


We offer courses for beginners and improvers during the week and a fast-track course on Saturday mornings. See the LESSONS page for more details. Pre-dealt hands are used in all lessons meaning the learning is mainly through playing.   


Contact the Club

The best way to contact the club is via the Contact Us page and choose the appropriate person. For lessons contact the person running the lessons directly or Stuart Barker.

To contact individual members of the committee go to the 'Committee & Officers' page under the Information menu.

The club telephone is often on answerphone, and messages may not get answered, so it should not be used for general enquiries.

Director: Roger Poulter
Scorer: Roger Poulter
Director: Winnie Perry
Scorer: Martin Butcher
Director: Roger Poulter
Scorer: Roger Poulter
Host: Crombie McNeil
Afternoon Improvers
Director: John Garrini
Scorer: Philip Hill
Host: Provided. No Partner required as host available
Mini Swiss Pairs
Director: Roger Poulter
Scorer: Roger Poulter
Afternoon Improvers
Director: Chimi Notenboom
Scorer: Frans Notenboom
Host: Provided. No Partner required as host available