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Looking for a partner or play as a visitor?

If you are looking for a partner, both members and visitors, please contact Jane Robertson on 07456 184784 or by e-mail


Committee members 2021-22

The new committee members for 2021/22 are: -

President - Jane Carnegie

Vice President - 

Secretary - Fiona McElhinney

Treasurer - Nicola Dean

Committee members -  John Allen, Sue Smith, Margaret Innes, David Dunn and Jane Robertson.

Thank you to all past committee members for your contributions for the benefit of the club and its members.  

Suggestions Wanted

We are seeking suggestions to improve the content of this site.  Thank you to all of you who have already provided suggestions.  They are very constructive and will be taken on board over the next few weeks.  Please continue to submit your ideas, they are most welcome.

Please send suggestions to Jane Carnegie by clicking this link.

Welcome to Dunfermline Bridge Club
Monday afternoon bridge at the club from 20 June 2022
Monday afternoon bridge at the club from 20 June 2022

Monday afternoon bridge has been back at the club since Monday 20 June 2022.  You don't need a partner as there will always be someone available.  We hope to see you back at the club on Monday afternoon. The start time is 1.00 pm but arrive a bit earlier so we can be ready to start playing by then.

Last updated : 21st Jul 2022 00:55 BST
Returning to the club on Tuesday evening

The club restarted playing in person on a Tuesday evening from 24 May. Congratulations to Sandy Greenhill and Sheila Pitcairn for coming top on the first evening back for some two years.

Last updated : 30th May 2022 17:24 BST
Online Monday evening bridge

There will be bridge on Monday evenings on RealBridge from November until the Spring.  There is insufficient take up for playing at the club at the moment.  We will look at this again next March.


Last updated : 25th Nov 2021 11:55 GMT
Bronze League 11 Results

Bronze League 11 Results 

Dunfermline Bridge Club teams are shown first and whether they won, drew or lost

(There is a backlog of matches to be played)

Acuity v BidenNT - Won by 47 IMPs
Acuity v LithgaePlayers - Lost by 5 IMPs
Acuity v BassRockers - Lost by 8 IMPs
Acuity v KestrelBlues - Match Drawn
Acuity v Over70's - Won by 15 IMP's

FifeAces v Amisfield - Lost by 1 IMP
FifeAces v RoyalNorthern - Lost by 1 IMP
FifeAces v Traprain - Lost by 1 IMP
FifeAces v HighSchoolofGlasgow - Lost by 6 IMPs

AberdourHarbour v LargsVikings - Lost by 28 IMPs
AberdourHarbour v TheDabHands - Lost by 5 IMPs
AberdourHarbour v Malarky - Won by 36 IMPs
Aberdour Harbour v NotSoGood - Won by 14 IMPs
AberdourHarbour v Wixtrix - Won by 19 IMPs


Last updated : 4th Aug 2022 09:18 BST

The committee wishes to thank those members who have given donations already towards the refurbishment of the club.  The refurbishment is going ahead but any donations will help us to buy more and/or better things for us to have for the benefit of all members.  Donations can be made in cash, by cheque or bank transfer.  Unwanted foreign currency notes will also be gratefully received.  We have this opportunity to make the club a much nicer place for everyone, let's make the most of it.

Last updated : 24th Jun 2019 17:06 BST
Online RealBridge every Monday & Thursday evenings
Online RealBridge every Monday & Thursday evenings

There will be online bridge on RealBridge on Monday and Thursday evenings at 7pm for the foreseeable future.  Master Points will be issued and there will be some competition nights.  The cost will be £2.00 per session for club members £3.00 for non-members.  New or returning members are welcome.  Please email Jane at if you are interested.  Only current members will be able to access the online club via this website.  To access the online club, click on the Membership link on the left hand side of this screen, then click on Real Bridge.  You will be asked to enter your password.  Ask to reset your password if necessary.  Once in Real Bridge, click on the date you wish to play.  You can then log in as normal. Contact Jane if you have any problems.  Non-members will be sent a link on request.

Last updated : 3rd Jul 2022 14:41 BST
Grand Slam Rollover

At the 2017 AGM it was agreed that we would trial a Grand Slam Rollover competition.  The latest winners are Helen Todd & Sandy Greenhill with 7H on Tuesday 14 June 2022.

Last updated : 15th Jun 2022 11:01 BST
Sad News

Many of you have been asking about Catherine Graham over the past few months. I am sorry to have to tell you now that Catherine died peacefully in her sleep on Saturday 30 July. Catherine had been ill for some time but, in true Catherine style, as she was a very private person, she didn't want any fuss.

Catherine had been a club member for many many years and had at one time been a committee member. Catherine was a straight talker and told it as she saw it. That's why when she paid a compliment you knew that she meant it and wasn't just saying it for the sake of it. Catherine was also a big supporter of the club and enjoyed her many years playing there. Clearly, from the number of enquiries I have had about Catherine, she will be greatly missed.

The funeral will be on Thursday 25 August at 11.30am at Dunfermline Crematorium.

Club fees due 1 April 2022
Club fees due 1 April 2022

The subscriptions for the new season are due on 1 April 2022. The club membership fee is £25.00 and SBU fees will be £8.00. You can pay by cheque, in cash or preferably by bank transfer. Please note that your membership will lapse if it is not renewed by 31 May 2022.


SBU Online Bronze League 11

SBU Bronze League 11

The SBU Bronze League 11 runs from 15 June to 27 July.

There are three teams from Dunfermline Bridge Club that are playing in the tournament.

  • Acuity, captained by John Allen are playing in Division 2 
  • Fife Aces, captained by Nicola Dean are playing in Division 3
  • Aberdour Harbour, captained by Tony Hasler are playing in Division 5

The results will be posted on the website.

Club Mixed Pairs & Bill King Handicap Tropies

Club Mixed Pairs - Congratulations to Andrew & Jane Carnegie on winning the Club Mixed Pairs.  Well done to Betty Bielska & John Bielski on coming 2nd and Jan Hill & Sandy Greenhill on coming 3rd.

Bill King Handicap Trophy - Congratulations to Betty Bielska & John Bielski on winning the Bill King Handicap Trophy.  Well done to Chris Osborne & Irene Marshall on coming 2nd and Fiona McElhinney & Nicola Dean on coming 3rd.

Aardvark & Finlay Stalker Trophy winners

Aardvark - Congratulations to Fiona McElhinney & Nicola Dean on winning the Aardvark Trophy.  Well done to Bob Robertson & Jane Carnegie on coming 2nd and Dave Dunn & Derek Burns on coming 3rd.  

Finlay Stalker - Congratulations to David & Gill Simmons on winning the Finlay Stalker Trophy.  Well done to Fiona McElhinney & Nicola Dean on coming 2nd and Betty Bielska & John Bielski on coming 3rd.

Special occasions
Special occasions

Do you know a club member who will be celebrating his or her 80th or 90th birthday soon?  Although we are not able to meet at the club at the moment the committee would like to celebration the occasion with the member.  If you know someone, or it might even be you, please let Jane Robertson know the details.



The club's Master Points are now uploaded directly to the MEMPAD.  There are some paper Master Points in the cupboard for some players.  You should now submit your paper Master Points, after checking that there are no more in the cupboard, to the address on the MEMPAD webpage. You can find this by going to the SBU website and clicking on MEMPAD in the top right hand corner.  See the details below if you haven't already accessed MEMPAD.

You will need to register to be able to access your personal details.  The MEMPAD system can be accessed at or at  You can request a login to MEMPAD by clicking on the Contact SBU button and it will generate an email to the Master Point Secretary.  Complete the details required and ask for a login.
Director: Andrew Carnegie
Scorer: Jane Carnegie
Director: Andrew Carnegie
Scorer: Jane Carnegie