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28th Sep 2023 08:57 BST
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Michael McFaul.
Hon. Secretary  
Northern Ireland Bridge Union 
Ph: 028 93 361496 
Mob:: 07754492405

Calendar 2023-2024
Calendar 2023-2024

Please note 'Charity Night' to be rescheduled. 

Welcome to Devenish Bridge Club

Last updated : 20th Mar 2018 22:40 GMT


♣️  ♠️ NT



AT 7:15pm Sharp


@ Mahons Hotel, IRVINESTOWN


This decision will be kept under review and revisited regularly if there are any new developments.

Keep safe.

Hoping to see you all in Mahons Hotel!

Other Face to Face bridge in Fermanagh

St Michaels BC, Fermanagh House, Enniskillen, Monday nights at 7pm sharp.

Dromore BC, Dromore,Tuesday nights.

Lisnaskea BC runs on Thursday evenings. 

Afternoon bridge sessions run on Mondays and Fridays in the Castle Park Leisure Centre, Lisnaskea

Beginners Bridge Lessons on Wednesdays in the Lakeland Forum, Enniskillen.


😊  Dromore, Omagh, Donegal & IOM players welcome 🙂

Please be online and registered at least 5 minutes before start !



Last updated : 21st Sep 2023 08:01 BST
How to purchase Bridge Base Dollars BB$.

News updates will appear here when they become available. 


if you are having withdrawal symptoms from the lack of playing bridge. There are apps available for android and ios.

To play in tournaments you need to purchase Bridge Base Dollars  

Here is the best way to do it:----

1. Log in to BBO


2. On the Home page near the top right hand side beside your own username click on BB$  


3. In the box that appears Click on Purchase BB$


4. You have the option to pay with a Credit Card or by Paypal (I use Credit Card), click Continue on preferred method and follow the instructions.  It is set to take $20 so if you want to put on a different amount change it.  Presently the dollar is equivalent to about 80p str


Some people got caught out by buying their BBO dollars directly through the app, the rate is much higher.

i.e. £13.60 if bought directly, £8.61 if purchased as explained above.  As at 9th July 2020.



Last updated : 17th Dec 2020 16:02 GMT

For attention of all SWBA players of BBO online bridge on Monday evenings.

Dear Bridge Player

Cheating in online bridge with BBO

Because of the prevalence of unethical and dishonest behaviour by a small minority of online bridge players, the NIBU has asked the club to remind you about requirements for ethical behaviour at all times.  There are daily reports of people perceived to be deliberately CHEATING when playing online.  All members should be in no doubt that the NIBU is taking this issue extremely seriously and there will be consequences for anyone found to be cheating.

Club TDs or Online Managers should endeavour to ensure that all players are aware of what actions as acceptable and which are definitely not – e.g. providing explanations in the chat area for partner to see as well as opponents is NOT acceptable, the alert area only should be used.

Clubs playing on the NIBU platform are required to note the following:

1.  All players must enter their real names in their user profile. Preferably enter both names but First name only is acceptable

2. If visitors are playing in a club, the club must have the visitors’ NIBU Membership number

3. No unaffiliated players may play on the NIBU BBO platform

4. Local Master Points will be awarded in accordance with the NIBU Master Point Scheme for all events


All those wishing to play on the NIBU BBO platform must

a)     Confirm to their club that they have read this document.

b)     Ensure that the club has their NIBU Membership number

c)     Enter their REAL NAME in their bridge profile on BBO – First name is acceptable if you don’t want to give your full name.

d)     Ensure that they always play according to the rules of our game


Those who have concerns about the actions of another NIBU member should raise them with your TD or Online Club Manager and should not make public accusations or insinuations on social media.


Please read the attached for full details and as asked above confirm that you have read the document from NIBU.


Yours in Bridge


Robbie & Pauline

For full details please click title or here ---> NIBU Notice.

Last updated : 18th Feb 2021 09:15 GMT
28th February 2024
Club Night
Mahons Hotel 7:15
Director: E McGarrity
Scorer: A Reihill
6th March 2024
Club Night
Mahons Hotel 7:15
Director: E McRoe
Scorer: A Curran
13th March 2024
Conway Cup
Mahons Hotel 7:15
Director: E McRoe
Scorer: A Curran
Jim Valentine Cup
Director: E McGarrity
Scorer: Gerry Hegarty
Club Night
Director: E McGarrity
Scorer: Gerry Hegarty
Club Night
Director: E McGarrity
Scorer: Gerry Hegarty
Useful Tips for playing BBO Virtual Bridge


It has been suggested that players who choose robots as partners on BBO have an advantage when it comes to the robot playing a hand as declarer.

This can easily be overcome by changing the default setting in tournaments so that the ‘human’ always declares the hand when their side wins the contract.

The link can be found below and should be circulated to all online TDs.

Michael McFaul

Hon. Secretary

Northern Ireland Bridge Union


Ph: 028 93 361496

Mob: 07754492405

There are some useful tips on how to play Bridge online at


Go to this website or scroll down to the links below!


Playing Bridge Online Guides

If you are thinking of having a try at playing online, Adam Wiseberg of Manchester County Bridge Association has produced some really helpful short YouTube videos.

How to Register at BBO                                             

How to Self-Alert

How to Play in the ACOL Players' Club on BBO        

How to direct chat to people on BBO

Adding Your Name to Your Profile                             

How to ask for Undo in Bidding

How to Change Your Settings                                   

How to Claim on BBO 

How to Add Your Basic System to Your Profile         

How to Create a Teams Match

How to Start a Table on BBO                                    

How to Kibitz (Watch a Game/match)      

How to use Chat Manager for Regular Messages     

How to Register to Play in one of our Tournaments    NEW!


There are also some excellent videos on these and more BBO topics (for example, setting up your convention card) at Berwick Bridge Club

Using BBO’s Chat Manager

Follow this link for text with pictures:-

Using BBO’s Chat Manager


Chat Manager is a way of saving stock phrases that you regularly use when playing online. It can save you time as you will not need to be constantly typing phrases, particularly greetings and simple system descriptions, when you move from table to table.

To access the Chat Manager


1) Left click your mouse (or tap on a tablet) in the large white Chat area.


2) Click on Chat Manager in the pop-up window that appears. This is a small box with a section for a message.  If you have not used Chat Manager before, it will be blank


3) Start typing on the message line in the Chat Manager box e.g. Hi Opps! We bid 5 card majors, weak NT, weak 2’s, (keep it simple as long messages can be overlooked, all other explanations such as Short Club, Transfer, Stayman can be made by Alerting before the bid is made)


4) Click the ‘Add’ button. You can edit and save or delete your message at any stage.  You can have a number of different messages which is useful if you play different conventions with different partners.


5) To send a message that you have previously prepared in Chat Manager, click on the message itself and another box headed CHAT will appear with the message ready to send to the selected Channel.  Make sure that the channel is set for Table before you press the ‘Chat’ button. The message will appear in the large white chat box, all 4 players will see the message


6) Each time you log in to a Tournament you should find your message and follow step 5 above.


Avoid sending a message to Tournament as this facility is used by the TD to send a message to all players. If used, the sender may forget to change the Channel back to Table therefore all subsequent messages go to Tournament where all the players see it.  This can be very distracting.


If you do need to message the Director including your ‘thank you message’, click on the Private channel in Chat or Chat Manager rather than to Tournament and enter vnibu140, type in your message and send, only the TD will see this message. Remember to return both channels to Table i.e. the channel in the main Chat box and the channel in the Chat Manager Chat box.